Princess and Poopy, Part 3 (Nebby)

As the days turned into weeks, the little family began to notice a change in the workers’ behavior. They would often whisper and point towards them, their eyes practically changing to dollar signs. Princess and Poopy didn’t know what was happening, but they could sense that something was about to change.

At 4 weeks old, Princess was a sight to behold. Her hot pink mane had fully come in now. Her tiny wings would flutter with excitement as she pranced around the stall.

Poopy, with her earthy brown coat and pink mane, was also a sight to behold, but for the opposite reason. Though her mane was the same shade as her sister’s, it clashed horribly with her coat, making her look like a poorly designed children’s toy.

The two babbehs would spend hours exploring every inch of their cramped stall, their tiny hooves clicking against the concrete floor as they nudged and sniffed everything they could reach. Mummah watched them with a soft smile on her face, her heart swelling with love for her two babbehs.

Mummah could see the bond between Princess and Poopy growing stronger. They would often cuddle up together, their tiny bodies pressed close for warmth and comfort. They would chirp and coo to each other, their baby talk a sweet and comforting sound in the otherwise harsh and cruel world of the fluffy mill.

But even as she watched her babies grow and thrive, Mummah couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that hung over her. She knew that their time together was limited, and she feared for what the future held for her precious babbehs. Would they be loved and cared for by their new mummahs or daddehs?

One day, the sound of heavy footsteps echoed through the maternity ward. Mummah’s heart clenched with fear as she recognized the voice of Sammy, the cruel worker who had threatened her babbeh before.

“Do they know how to use the litter box properly?” Sammy asked, her eyes flicking over to the near-full hay pile that served as a makeshift bathroom.

Mummah looked wary at the question, but Princess answered with a proud “Yesh, we does!”

Sammy looked skeptical. “Alright, Poopy. Show me.”

Mummah’s eyes widened in horror as she realized what Sammy was implying. “Nu, pwease, she onwy widdwe babbeh!” she begged, but Sammy ignored her, instead grabbing a stick and using it to stir the hay pile.

The stench of waste filled the air, causing the fluffies to recoil in disgust. “N-nu wike,” Princess whimpered, her eyes filling with tears.

Mummah was powerless to stop what was happening. She could only watch as Sammy forced Poopy’s head into the pile, using the stick to push the filth into her mouth.

Poopy immediately spat it back out, retching and gagging.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Sammy shouted, grabbing Poopy by the scruff of her neck and forcing her mouth back onto the hay pile. “This is your birthright. You should be proud to be a litter pal to such a beautiful alicorn.”

Poopy struggled and cried, but Sammy’s grip was too strong. She was forced to eat the waste, her body convulsing with every bite. And when she couldn’t hold it in any longer, she vomited, the bile and barely-digested waste mixing with the hay.

Sammy laughed cruelly. “Look at you, making even more of a mess. Clean it up.”

Mummah’s heart ached as she watched her babbeh suffer. She knew that she couldn’t do anything to stop Sammy, but she also couldn’t bear to see Poopy like this. She whimpered softly, her body trembling with fear and sadness.

Princess, who had been watching the scene unfold with wide eyes, finally found her courage. She stepped forward and bit Sammy’s leg, though it didn’t do any damage. “Stahp it, 'ou meanie! Weabe fwuffy’s sissy awone!” she cried.

Sammy yelped in surprise and stumbled back, dropping her hold on Poopy. The young filly quickly scrambled towards her mother, seeking comfort and safety in her presence.

Mummah, despite her own pain and fear, did her best to soothe her baby. She nuzzled Poopy gently, licking away the mess and tears on her face and whispering soft words of love and comfort.

Princess, seeing her mother’s actions, joined in and began to lick her sister’s coat, trying to clean off the remnants of the waste.

Sammy regained her composure and sneered at the three of them. “You’re all worthless,” she spat, before turning on her heel and storming out of the stall.

Sammy came back the next day with a bucket in one hand and a catch pole in the other. (A long stick with a noose on the end.)

“Alright, it’s time,” Sammy said, her voice cold and harsh.

“Time for what?" Princess asked, her voice trembling with fear.

“Time for you to find your forever home," the worker replied, her eyes gleaming with greed.

Mummah’s eyes widened with terror as she looked at her two babbehs. They were still so little. She knew what was coming, and she couldn’t bear the thought of it.

“No, pwease, Mummah’s babbehs too wittle!” Mummah begged, her voice trembling.

Sammy sneered at her. “Shut up, you stupid bitch. You’ve done your job, now it’s time for us to do ours.”

She roughly grabbed Princess and Poopy, ignoring their frightened chirps and Mummah’s desperate pleas.

“Mummah, hewp! Mummah, nu wike!” Princess cried, her tiny body shaking with fear. Poopy was scared as well, but she kept her mouth shut.

Mummah could only watch as Sammy took her babbehs away, her heart shattering into a million pieces. Princess and Poopy were dropped unceremoniously into a bucket, newspapers under their feet catching their scaredy peepees. It was too tall to see over, but that didn’t stop Poopy from trying.

Sammy left the room, leaving Mummah alone and heartbroken. The sound of her babbehs’ cries echoed in her ears, and she couldn’t help but feel like she had failed them.

Meanwhile, Princess and Poopy huddled together in the bucket, their bodies shaking with fear. They had no idea where they were being taken or what was going to happen to them. All they knew was that they were no longer with their Mummah, and that was terrifying.

When Sammy finally set the bucket down, she roughly grabbed each foal by the scruff of their necks and tossed them into the small cage.

Princess and Poopy landed with a thump on the dirty newspaper that lined the bottom of the cage. The two foals surrounded by other cages filled with fluffies of all shapes and sizes. The air was thick with the smell of waste and fear, and the sound of crying and whimpering was almost deafening.

Princess and Poopy clung to each other, their hearts heavy with sadness and despair. They had no idea what was going to happen to them, but they knew that they had each other, and that was something.

As the days went by, the two foals became more and more withdrawn. They barely ate or drank, and they spent most of their time huddled together in the corner of their cage. The other fluffies around them seemed to be in the same state of despair, and there was no comfort or warmth to be found.

A few days later, the mill was bustling with activity. A group of potential buyers had come to the mill, eager to find their perfect fluffy companion. The workers rushed around, preparing the fluffies for their big moment.

Princess and Poopy were brought out of their cage, their tiny bodies trembling with fear and anxiety. They had no idea what was happening, but they clung to each other for comfort.

As the potential buyers walked by, one young girl caught sight of Princess. Lucy, an 11 year old with curly brown hair and bright green eyes, was immediately smitten with the tiny alicorn. She approached the worker, her eyes shining with excitement. “Can I hold her?” she asked.

The worker hesitated for a moment before handing Princess over to Lucy. The little alicorn snuggled into the girl’s arms, her tiny wings fluttering happily.

Lucy’s parents, however, were not as enthusiastic. “Lucy, we can’t afford an alicorn,” her mother said gently. “They’re very expensive.”

The little girl’s face fell, and she looked down at Princess with a sad expression. “But she’s so cute,” she whispered.

Seeing their daughter’s disappointment, her parents suggested they get Poopy instead. “She’s an earthie fluffy, so she’ll be much cheaper,” her father explained.

The mill workers, however, had other plans. They saw an opportunity to make a bigger profit and quickly stepped in. “I’m sorry, but those two are a bonded pair,” one of them said, a sly smile on her face. "We can’t separate them. You’ll have to buy them both.”

Lucy’s parents were skeptical, but the little girl was insistent. “Please, mom, dad,” she begged. “I promise I’ll take good care of them.”

After some negotiation, the family agreed to buy both Poopy and Princess. The mill workers were thrilled, and they quickly processed the sale.

Meanwhile, Mummah was still in her stall, unaware of the fact that her babies had been sold. She paced back and forth, her body aching with worry and sadness. She had no idea what the future held for her or her babies, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that it was going to be bad.


The poop-eating scene was very hard for me to write; it’s always been my least favorite part of fluffy lore, haha.


I loved this part so much. I honestly hate poopy justice second to only sensitive baby retard hugbox so this chapter was really nice for me especially.

I have to say, out of the many writers out there you captured how fluffies should act, and this makes any potential abuse that much more impactful compared to slapping a dumb smarty. I shall hope that Poopies fate though becomes bleaker!

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Poopy, I’m going to hold your hand when I say this

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I just remembered that Mummah was pillowed; idk how she’s pacing. sorry for the plot hole