PSA on Christmas/Holiday Fluffies! By Researcher7201

From the Greater Chicago Land area Fluffy Facebook Group

Wow it’s hard to believe that another year is coming to an end! As we wave goodbye November and Thanksgiving, and welcome December and all the joy it will bring it’s important that I take a moment to share some wisdom you all. For many of you this holiday season will be punctuated with the giving of gifts, and like each yeah before this Fluffies will likely top the list of given gifts however their are a few important things to consider when giving a Fluffy as a gift.

#1 Does the person your planing to give a fluffy to have the time, desire, resources, and abilities to care for a fluffy? Each yeah in the post holiday season millions of fluffies are released, or abandoned at shelters and street corners around the nation. People assume their granddaughter would love a fluffy but fail to consider their granddaughters parents may not, or may simply not have the budget to feed another mouth. They don’t consider how expensive fluffy tech bills can be, or how much time a fluffy needs from an owner each day. A fluffy is not a doll your gifting more then a cute fluffy ball for “Huggies” and “Wuv” your gifting sorry poopehs, temper tantrums, food and vet bills, and much more. Many people not expecting a fluffy will not thank you for the “gift” of unexpected enormous responsibility.

#2 If you believe all of number one is in order, then you need to consider where to get a fluffy. Breeders are of course the first choice for many. However, the better and far more ethical choice would be to adopt from any of the nearly 100 fluffy shelters in the City (see our list of A+ Shelters/Rescues) by adopting from shelters you help reduce the load on our cities over taxed Fluffy Control efforts, and can be helping to open space for other feral fluffies to be brought in and sheltered until they find their forever homes. To be even more of life saver ask a shelter to show you only fluffies approaching their euthanasia date. These fluffies are generally in better shape having had more time to recover from the harsh outside world in the confines of the shelter. While their colors may have turned others away their greatfulness at being saved will nearly always make for a kind and loving fluff!

Keep in mind that a fluffy is not a gift it’s a responsibility. Kids tier of them once the work of owners out weighs the novelty of the new. It’s best not to give a responsibility as a gift, and only rarely will someone thank you in the long run for it. Best to get them a new toy or game, and wait till January / February when abandoned premium fluffs start filling shelters, and are given away for a song compared to their purchase price! Better still to wait untill the desire for a fluffy is real, and not a holiday season trope.


I think they posted it a little early in the season but I guess they track the trends so I’m sure theirs a reason. I always knew you could get a good fluff cheap from a shelter but for some reason never thought that they would be more prevalent in the months after Christmas though it makes obvious sense in hindsight.


I’ve said this a few times:

A pet is for life, not just for Christmas.

So this is actually good real life advice.