Psychology question

Im gonna go out on a limb here and say that torturing things that have vaguely human intelligence but look like animals probably isn’t good for mental health (in universe of course)
The whole “they’re biotoys” argument only works for so much. Thoughts?


Outside of blind rage or the like, there is definitely a lot of rationalization and dissonance going on for most people. At least in my headcanon.


My headcanon is that fluffies are so fucking annoying that, for some people, they’ll eventually drive them insane and turn them into abusers. Haven’t put too much thought into rationalising it really :shrug:


You really like starting debates, do you? Keep it up. You are really good at it


Considering how many people are killers in the universe of all those crime shows, I have no hard time just applying that for abusers in my headcanon.
I also imagine that, after a generation or two, some people grow up with the view that Fluffies are indeed only toys.
Maybe even growing up under a campaign that Fluffies are a cheap equivalent of therapy (like anger managment therapy etc.).
But yeah, mostly just “As many abusers as there are killers in all of Law and Order”.


I like to hear other peoples viewpoints, and doing it here is a trillion times more likely to give me interesting results when compared to the SHITHOLE subreddit


In my headcanon, abuse is frowned apon and ignored for the most part. At first, abuse was accidental but slowly became done on purpose as people discovered that fluffy tears and blood produce a harmless chemical reaction in humans that calms them.


Hmm, well in the world of fluffies it’s clear that there usually isn’t a legal reason not to abuse fluffies. Have you ever read Aristotle’s Ring of Gyges? It’s all about how we would act morally if not bound by the consequences of our actions.

Since there are no repercussions (usually) for torturing or killing fluffies, they certainly become a “vice” if nothing else. I kinda view it as one views the catharsis of going on a murder spree in a video game; they’re not real people and the consequences don’t matter so who cares!

I think this obviously depends on the headcanon in question.


Drawing them is great because this concept works as a nuclear engine to my creativity, but if I ever met a real fluffy I wouldn’t be able to do anything to it. I had to throw out a package of wax worms because they had gone off (turned into moths) and I felt so sorry for them, I felt like a monster throwing them away. Like I had taken there chance at life away. So yeah I don’t imagine that people in general would be ok with killing fluffies, at least I wouldn’t. Those moths couldn’t do anything but flutter and I was crushed to kill them, but I’d rather walk into the sea if they fucking talked to me while I did it!

And if they talked like toddlers and begged for there lives, I’d be ruined.


Is this the great secret behind your moth oc?

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I don’t think I’d be able to abuse them in real life! I think I’d immediately fall in love and want to cuddle them forever.

But… some dark part of my psychology has always enjoyed that catharsis of killing something and having it beg.

Call it a product of childhood trauma, or a sick fantasy from a diseased mind, but there are inherent problems trying to rationalize how fantasy characters in an inherently irrational story behave.


I would as far as I know I would be a hugboxer in real life, but maybe I would snap at some point and mutilate one. I don’t think I was in a good headspace during the month incident, but I still feel disgusting when I think about it.


We’re an interesting species. I like to think that instead of “snapping” most abusers (the real ones, with basements and tools, not kids burning fluffies in alleyways) would experience it one day and just go “Oh no I like this…” and have a realization.

Kind of the same way we all did when we first interacted with the community.


I think your right, it’s hard to imagine ourselves changing in such way. I can promise myself I won’t but who knows.


Answering OP:

Indeed, it’s not. When enjoying abuse, we’re dipping into the same catharsis that a pent up angry teenager would get by taking rage out on a punching bag. Sure it could encrouage and reinforce our aggresive tendencies.

Same with sadbox. It’s also sometimes cathartic to depress yourself with a miserable story. Makes us feel.

Is the answer, moderation? That seems to be just fine in other walks. Alcohol is a deadly awful phsycologically adictive poision, yet when we drink just a bit of it for fun at parties, its totally okay! So, is enjoying the catharsis of abuse every so often, just as okay?

Idk the answer, I’m split but learning towards yes on that question.


I shared a hospital room with a mentaly retarded kid for a mounth once. I was this :pinching_hand: close from becoming a psychological abuser. Years pass and I am still very ashamed of it :(. I guess tuberculosis did more harm to my mental health than to my lungs
My verdict: man under big pressure + a source of infinite anoyenes he can’t get rid of (in fluffies case because they are everywhere) = abuser


I know it’s not the norm, but fluffies in my headcannon aren’t seen as blameless. They caused (accidently) major economic and ecological harm. Because of that, humans have excused their existence away as “oh, they are just toys”. And most people see harming fluffies the same as deleting your Sim’s pool ladder - a way to work out stress. People who torture would be look at like those people who like going on rampages in GTA a little too much. A raised eyebrow, but not really anything to judge.

Without the instigating event, abuse would be highly frowned upon. Because of it, humans have disguised their hatred for fluffies as a simple rationalization of “they’re nothing more than toys”. Cognitive dissonance plays a role in a few of my comics.

But In my headcannon, abuse and torture are not detrimental to one’s psyche. Fluffies were designed to be over-the-top squee and cute. There are gonna be a lot of people who are gonna have the Cute-Aggression trigger and have more fun breaking their toys than playing with it. And Hasbio saw that as a viable market to sell to (really, who hasn’t bought a Barbie just to blow it up with a firecracker?)

Mainly it comes down to humans rationalizing it. When people rationalize things, they can justify just about anything. So thank goodness for PETA, otherwise sadbox and abuse may have never become a thing.


There are over seven billion people on earth. It’s a given that some are going to be fucked in the head.
My in universe explanation is hard fluffy abuse is the equivalent to some really fucked up porn. You do it alone in your own home and you sure as hell don’t tell anyone you’re into it. But in my honest opinion creative abuse, that is to say abuse that is done purely for enjoyment and not for instance culling by government officials, would be far less common than its usually depicted in many stories.


We’re all human at the end of the day and we all have our limits when it comes to annoyances, couldn’t agree with you more! As long as you don’t act on it, its completely understandable


As someone who either goes very realistic or full batshit insane I still go for the idea that the average dedicated abuser (Someone who does it as a hobby) is both and a Sadist and a cowardly little bitch. The biotoys idea if not treated as “lol at how fucked up this is” but as an actual justification is really, really, really stupid, and really obnoxious. Just say you find the suffering of cartoon characters funny and satisfying don’t bend over backwards trying to explain how if they existed it wouldn’t be animal abuse because of artificial origins. No the reason a sane person should get schadenfraude from their suffering is due to their sapience it’s how human they are. On the other hand I can Imagine people having strong Uncanny valley reactions to them.
To me fluffies at their best are gonna be like a gory newgrounds flash cartoon about cute things killing each other, or a Tim and Eric skit that goes on for way too long. They work as a way to point out real problems in the most ridiculous and amusing way possible and the contrast between cute designs and stuff that would make Fulci queasy makes it even funnier.