PufFluff Breeding Experiment Chapter 2 (By NotimPortant)

More PufFluff goodness! I’ll be honest, I had a bit of trouble with this one. Considering changing the format to document day-by-day progress rather than all the events of a single day. I would also be happy to look at any suggestions for what direction this story could go in.

Spencer was good and ready to jot down onto his clipboard “Experiment terminated due to irreconcilable differences between subjects.” Subjects who were on projects with this kind of outcome would then be downgraded and used for some of the more…unsavory projects within the laboratories. Smoky seemed so very well-behaved. It was a real shame. Just as he wrote ‘Experiment’, his ears pricked up. Instead of the gurgling and crying he expected, he simply heard a scream. “EEEEEEEEEE!” the PufFluff screamed as it tucked into itself, and went rolling away towards the enclosure window, facing Spencer. “Whuh?!” Smoky chirped as he curiously followed the screaming ball. “Wut? Wut?!” he asked, deeply concerned. He looked up from the PufFluff, up to Spencer, and back down to the PufFluff. “D-Daddeh! Hewp! Hewp! Da baww tawked! Smoky nu wike dis!” he cried, as he fearfully stepped away.

“Smoky…that’s not a ball. That’s the other fluffy in this experiment.”

The PufFluff uncurled itself, looking fearfully at both Spencer and Smoky. “Huuhuu…wai Smoky twy an’ huwt fwuffy?” it moaned, as tears began to flow. Or at least Spencer thought they did. He could see the mare’s engorged cheeks darken with moisture. Spencer sighed. Smoky was even more confused now. “D-Daddeh? Wai fwuffy baww?” he asked, as he tried to approach the still nameless fluffy. The PufFluff waddled backwards, soiling herself. She had put herself into a corner now. “Huuuhuuu!” she howled, feeling her back sink into the corner of the enclosure. “Fwuffy jus’ wan fwens! Buh…buh daddeh am meanie, an’ so am Smoky!” she continued. This was off to a remarkably bad start. He had seen many experiments go from seemingly good to tits up in minutes. As much as Spencer could simply try and smooth things over between the two, it would taint the experiment.

But fortunately, there were some things that he was allowed to do.

If it seemed like an experiment was going nowhere or just in circles, he had the authority to step in. But this required a significant writeup of why it was necessary and hope his supervisors would see things his way. Spencer walked up to the enclosure; his tired eyes focused on Smoky. “It’s okay, Smoky. You didn’t know that she was a ball. Why don’t you go back to your enclosure and let this little gal settle down?” he said, pointing towards the still open door. Smoky’s muzzle contorted into a frown, his head held low. “Otay…Smoky am sowwy, daddeh…an’ Smoky am sowwy tu yu awso, fwuffy…” he said, walking back to his enclosure. There, the sullen little stallion laid down and curled into himself, wrapping his tail around the front of himself. “We’ll make this alright, Smoky. Don’t worry.” Spencer said, his lips curling into a small smile. “Huu…Smoky am bad fwuffy…gib mummah heawt huwties…” he sniffled. Oh jesus. Now he’d have to deal with two upset fluffies.

“I’ll leave you be for a moment. Chin up, fella.”

Spencer stepped back to the micro enclosure, where he began to observe the nameless PufFluff. She was curled into a ball, softly crying. There was a streak of shit that curled around from her rear to the base of her neck. Her body looked almost like a mint-green marble. Spencer almost started giggling, but he steeled himself. “Hello? Little PufFluff?” Spencer said, crouching down to get a closer look. The PufFluff animated and began rocking back and forth. She did not respond. “Little fluffy, how about I give you a name?” he said softly. “N-Nu wan name fwom meanie daddeh!” she whined, trying to roll away. She didn’t seem quite aware of where she was facing, and only rolled herself into the enclosure’s window. “Oof!” she whined. “I’m sorry for hurting you. I really am.” Spencer said, in the most soothing tone he could manage. The sniffling and crying stopped. “…Fwuffy am just su scawed…” she replied.

“Fwuffy weawwy miss udda puffwuffs…miss pwayin’ wowwie baww wace…”

That gave Spencer an idea. “Is there anything I could get for you that would make your stay here more comfortable or relaxing?” he asked, turning a page. For certain experiments or for especially well behaved and good fluffies, they would be afforded certain luxuries. A new toy, extra time out of their enclosures, that kind of thing. This got the PufFluff excited. “Can…can fwuffy hab wamp? An’ udda puffwuffs tup way wowwie baww wace wit?” she squeaked, unfurling out of her ball. She was looking up at Spencer now, her eyes full of hope. Spencer nodded, jotting down the requisition. “While I can’t bring any other PufFluffs into the enclosure, I could definitely see about having a little ramp installed into your enclosure.” The PufFluff frowned. “Buh…buh fwuffy nu hab fwens tu wace wif…” she said, frowning. Spencer shook his head slowly. “Sorry. But there’s only so much I can do for you.” he said, standing back up.

“Huu…otay daddeh…”

Spencer walked towards the wall and began documenting what unfolded between the two fluffies. “Smoky seemed extremely remorseful over seemingly hurting and upsetting PufFluff. PufFluff’s demeanor towards observer seemed to improve when offered requisition. In interest of continuing experiment, observer will provide Smoky with means of mending relationship with PufFluff.” He dug around in his jacket pocket and found yet two more little pieces of candy. He walked back to the micro-enclosure and slid the top open. “Hello down there…” Spencer said, and the PufFluff soon waddled over towards the open hatch. “Hewwo daddeh…” the PufFluff sighed. “Your back is dirty. I need to pick you up so I can clean you, okay?” Spencer said, before slowly lowering his hand into the enclosure. “Whuh? Diwty? Wut mean?” she asked, as she was both slowly and gently whisked away in equal measure.

“You rolled over your own feces. It’s on your back.”

This alarmed the PufFluff, causing her to curl into a ball again. “Eep! Fwuffy nu notice make bad poopies…” she sighed, as Spencer produced a cleaning wipe from one of his other coat pockets. He gently ran it across her back and cleaned the shit right off. “There. All done.” He said, before slowly placing her back down inside. “Fank yu daddeh…” she said, before waddling away. “Oh, before I’m done here, I have something for you…” he said, reaching into his pocket to retrieve the piece of candy. “Wut?” she asked, as he put the candy down for her. “Wut…ooh! Sweetie nummie! Fow fwuffy?” she asked, licking her lips. Spencer simply nodded, as she inhaled the candy piece. While she was occupied with that, Spencer walked back to Smoky’s enclosure. Rather than face out to the outside, Smoky was curled up and facing a wall.

“Smoky? Buddy?”

Smoky slowly lifted his head and turned towards Spencer. “Hewwo daddeh…” he huffed, standing up. “I have something that’ll cheer you right up.” He said, retrieving the other candy piece. He squatted down and held it in front of the enclosure window. Smoky’s eyes lit up. “TWO sweetie nummies?!” he said, eagerly licking his lips. “Yes. That’s right.” Spencer said, placing it in his palm. “But…maybe you could give it to the other fluffy? Tell her you’re sorry.” Smoky’s eyes were lidded, looking sadly at the piece of candy. He so desperately wanted it, to feel its sweetness dance across his tongue before it dissolved. “…Otay…” he sighed. “You’ll make your mother proud, Smoky. I’ll tell her myself about what a good fluffy you are.” Spencer said, jotting down more notes. “Subject Smoky demonstrates deep capacity for altruism for fluffies born by his mother and presumably outside of immediate family unit but requires motivation for altruistic behavior to extend it to strangers.”

Spencer slid the top hatch open, and gave Smoky a quick pat on the head, before moving to the middle enclosure. There, he slid the top-hatch open and deposited the candy piece onto the middle of the floor. Smoky skipped towards it, and closed his eyes for a moment, as if in deep thought. Afterwards, he tapped on the wall separating the middle from the PufFluff’s enclosure. “Hewwo? Widdew fwuffy?” he asked and got no response. Spencer took a step back to properly observe the two at the same time. The PufFluff had just finished eating its piece of candy, rolling to sit on its rump to give its tummy a satisfied pat. Just then, she jumped slightly as she heard the tap-tap-tap of the wall. She rolled closer to it. “Gu ‘way, Smoky! Nu wan’ be fwens wif meanie fwuffy!” she said, her little face curling in annoyance. Smoky looked as though he were going to start crying. “Buh…Buh…Smoky am sowwy! Smoky wan’ gib widdew fwuffy sumting…” he said, holding back the tears.

Today, it seems, was the first time Smoky had ever truly experienced “heart hurties”.

Then there was silence. “Wat Smoky hab fow fwuffy?” she asked, her expression and voice both relaxing. It appeared Smoky was beginning to calm, his voice also relaxing. “Smoky hab sweetie nummie fow yu!” he said, giving a smile that she would be unable to see. The PufFluff licked her lips. She couldn’t say no to another sweetie nummie! There was more silence, before Smoky spoke again. “…Maybe gib widdew fwuffy huggies too?” he asked, before the PufFluff too gave a smile the other would be unable to see. “Otay! Fwuffy nu hab huggies in foweba!” she squeaked, rolling towards the door. Spencer clicked it open, allowing her to access the adjoining enclosure. She unfurled herself, and slowly waddled over to where Smoky sat, unable to resist the candy’s siren song. Smoky laid himself down beside her, watching her begin the long process of eating.

“Mmmmm! Fank yu, Smoky! Yu nice fwuffy!”

Smoky giggled, but Spencer could see his eyes glimmer most covetously. He wanted that candy so bad. Another note was added to the clipboard. He would also describe the way in which the PufFluff would eat the candy. It was too large for her mouth, so, she would lift it up and cram it in her mouth and slowly begin to dissolve it. Fortunately, Smoky did little else but stare, occasionally looking up to Spencer and giving him a smile. Eventually, the candy had been fully devoured, and the PufFluff let out a long, contented sigh. “S…Su…Fwuffy be fwens wif’ Smoky?” he asked, watching her carefully. She looked too much like a ball. He so desperately wanted to play with her like one but found the strength to resist. The PufFluff glanced up at him, as if sizing him up. “Hmmm…otay! Smoky am nice fwuffy!” she squeaked, waddling closer to embrace him. His leg, at least. “W-Weawwy?!” Smoky squealed excitedly.

That was a remarkably short turnaround.

“Can gib babbeh upsies fow huggies?” Smoky asked, his tail swishing in a deeply satisfied arc. Spencer stepped towards the enclosure and spoke. “Be very careful, Smoky. The PufFluff is not a baby and may be heavier than you expect.” he said. “Das wite!” the PufFluff chimed in. “Fwuffy nu am babbeh! Fwuffy am just smaww fwuffy!” she continued, giving him a smile. It was the standard programmed response for a microfluff when it addressed a standard one. “Oh! Das wite…” Smoky said, trailing off. “Daddeh say fwuffy am mycow…micow…mycow fwuffy!” he said, sitting himself on his hind legs. “Su…gib wittew mycow fwuffy upsies fow huggies?” he asked again. “Yesh! Fwuffy wan’ huggies!” she cooed, as Smoky acquiesced. He first began by leaning over and placing his hooves at her sides, and gently pressed them together to lift her up. “Oof! Dis mycow fwuffy am heaby!” he chirped, until he was able to bring her to his chest. There, the PufFluff outstretched her little legs and tried her best to give Smoky a hug.

But what started out as a hug, soon took a turn.

After about a minute of having her face pressed into his chest, Spencer noticed the PufFluff struggling in his grasp. Spencer quickly tapped his knuckle against the enclosure window. “Smoky, I think the PufFluff has had enough. Please put her down. Slowly.” he said. He was prepared to reach in and cause Smoky to fall on his back, which would hopefully release her. Smoky’s eyes became lidded. “Buh…Smoky wub gibbin’ huggies tu fwuffy!” he whined. “I understand that. But you’re making it difficult for her to breathe.” Spencer replied, sliding the hatch of the middle enclosure open. “…HEWP! FWUFFY NU CAN BWEAVE!” The PufFluff attempted to scream, but it was muffled. Spencer sighed. “Please be a good fluffy and put her down, Smoky.” Spencer said. “Huu…” Smoky sighed, as he gently placed the struggling PufFluff back on the ground.

She was flipped on her back, and in her panic, began desperately kicking her legs every which way.

“Eee! Su sowwy wittow fwuffy! Smoky am suuu sowwy!” he said, gently prodding her with his hoof. It was just enough for her to roll back onto her belly, where she finally caught her breath. Fortunately, she did not seem to be worse for wear. “Smoky gib bestest huggies!” she squeaked and scrambled to give his leg another hug. For his part, Smoky seemed quite relieved that he hadn’t hurt her; Spencer gave him an approving nod before stepping back again. This too would be documented in his notes. “Wat wun’ do nao?” Smoky asked, as he went back down on all fours. “Fwuffy wan’ pway, but dewe nu toysies anywewe…” she said, looking around. This was intentional; Due to the nature of the experiment, Spencer would be furnishing them with toys as per their request. With that, Spencer strode back up to the enclosure. “Smoky. You are aware of the requisition system, yes?” Spencer asked, flipping to the requisition page. Smoky stood at attention and walked over to the window. “Oh! Das wite! Nee’ tu ask daddeh fow toysies…” he said, his eyes focused.

“Is dewe anyting fwuffy nu can hab?”

Spencer nodded. “Yes. No extra fluffies. No incoming or outgoing visits meaning that at this time I cannot permit any visits from other fluffies to this enclosure, or for either of you to leave. If you want TV access, you may have one hour per day of TV time.” His vision turned to the PufFluff, who waddled beside him. “The PufFluff…” Spencer said, as if in thought. “Is in need of a name.” This elicited a somewhat excited response from her. “Tell me what you would like, Smoky, and then I shall give her a name.” Spencer said. All it would take is a quick addendum in the day’s logs. “Hmmm…otay!” Smoky replied. He seemed to be focusing hard, at least. The PufFluff did its best to clap its hooves together in satisfaction. “Yaaay! Wub new namesie!” she said, looking expectantly at Smoky. Would he ask for a ball? Or perhaps the ring stacks? Or go for the TV?

“Smoky kno wat wan’ nao!”

Spencer kept his pen close to the page. “Smoky wan…bwockies! Bestest toysie!” he squeaked rather eagerly. “Excellent choice.” he said, jotting it down. “Fwuffy get namsie nao? Pweeaaase?” the PufFluff begged, pressing its face up against the window. “Of course.” Spencer quickly jotted an addendum at the top of report; “Observer has chosen to name Subject PufFluff as Pinball and shall be referred to as such in all future observations.” “I shall call you…Pinball.” The Pufluff sat on her rear and began to hum and vibrate with joy. “Fwuffy nyu namesie ish Pinbaww? Pinbaww wub nyu namesie! Fank yu, daddeh!” she squealed, and curled into a ball. She began to gleefully roll around in a circle, much to the amusement of Smoky. Pinball’s exuberance began to wane, and eventually the rolling came to a dead stop. Spencer did a double take, approaching as Smoky looked on. “Did…did something happen?” he asked, looking over at the curious stallion.

“Smoky see dis befowe! Wittew babbehs wike tu pway, buh hab su much fun dat dey gu sweepies!”

It brought him a small measure of relief. “Well. Be a good fluffy and return her to her enclosure. It’s almost the end of the day.” Spencer said, glancing at his phone. He’d have to write a quick summary of the day’s events before finishing. “Otay!” Smoky said, as he craned his neck to gently lift the snoozing Pinball onto his back. “Be very careful, now. She might fall off if you aren’t careful.” He performed his task carefully and dutifully, something that Spencer would of course document. “When you’re done, return to your enclosure.” He said, without even looking up from his clipboard. Soon after, he would see that Smoky had returned to his enclosure without much of a fuss. There, he plopped down beside his food bowl where he began eating. The standard was an in-house blend of kibble, made with more grains and had dried raisins and cranberries mixed in. The micro kibble was more of the same, except with a different formula to account for their caloric needs.

“Owing to Subject Smoky’s saccharine personality and good nature, Subject Pinball forgave him for previous transgression (mistakenly swatted her like a ball). Will need to keep two separated overnight for foreseeable future, however. Observer Dremmons opines that friendship and development of bonds to soon follow. Neither fluffy has expressed any desire for mating currently, nor have either of them vocalized desire for starting own family. Observer Dremmons opines further that intervention may be necessary, for it is possible that Subject Smoky may perceive Subject Pinball as being a non-viable breeding partner and may not proceed due to referring to referring to aforementioned subject as ‘babbeh’ despite being told otherwise. For this reason, if no progress is made by next week, a requisition for mare pheromones will be placed.

Spencer then moved onto the next section, where he would document anything else he’d considered noteworthy.

“Subject Smoky demonstrated playing skill today, confusing Subject Pinball for a ball. Subject Pinball has requisitioned a ramp for use in what she called “rollie ball race”. Presumably an activity for PufFluffs to engage in races with each other. While Subject Smoky may not be able to participate directly, Observer Dremmons opines that this might be a way for friendship to develop more during playtime. Subject Smoky has also requisitioned a set of toy blocks for him to play with. May cause slight issues further down the line, as the blocks will likely not be sized appropriately for Subject Pinball to partake in. Observer Dremmons opines that this may require a degree of intervention to prevent any erosion of friendship or bonds. Subject Pinball has not demonstrated any outward separation anxiety or depression typically associated with fluffies removed from their family and or friends.”

With that, Spencer took a step towards Smoky’s enclosure.

“Good night, Smoky. If you need anything, or if you feel sick, or experience any issues, please let me know tomorrow morning.” Spencer said, reaching into the still open enclosure. He gave Smoky’s head a few gentle scratches, before closing it for the final time of the day. “Ootay…” Smoky yawned, pressing his head against Spencer’s hand. Afterwards, he waddled back over to his bedding, where he curled his tail around himself. “Smoky suuu ‘cited…gun hab bwockies an’ pway wif new fwe…n….” With that, he nodded off and peacefully drifted to sleep.