Punching in a Dream (TG_89)

In which I finally decided to try and learn how to draw humans (to an extent), to variable results.

Just a brief clarification at the start - I personally subscribe to the headcanon that ‘poopie’ encompasses the browns, dark/vomit greens and piss yellows.

Well wouldn’t you know, it was only a bad dream! What a twist!

(As usual, skip everything below this point if you don’t want to read my rambling about inside-baseball stuff)

Well, this was, at times, laborious, but I’m glad I got this finished. Feels like I learned a lot from doing this, but at the same time I’m not doing anything near this long again for a good long while. I started this shit in like…November, but I’m one of the slowest and least motivated people in the world, so it took a bloody age. Still, it was worth doing, certainly.

If this seems tonally confused, then well spotted. This was originally meant to be a 6-page or so jaunt about a poopie foal getting fed into a garbage disposal (something which I don’t think I’ve actually seen before, although if I’m wrong please drop a link below), which realistically could have been a two-panel Pastry Knight-style comic, but then I got one panel in and remembered I’m a dirty hugboxer at heart - hence why it veers into ham-fisted emotions at the end. Plus, I wanted to take a pot-shot at my least favourite overdone trope - Guy gets into fluffies, meets cute girl at local fluffmart who’s into him, she eventually catches him torturing fluffies but surprise! She’s literally fluffy Satan, so they totally make out and bang and stuff.

Now that this is done, I’m thinking I might bring back R&D funding proposals for a couple of ideas - although I’ve seen some of the thoughts people have about subspecies lately, so I’ll have a think on it. Might just take a break and work privately on improving, like, everything, who knows.

As always, feedback and critique is both welcomed and invited.

(Quick shoutout to PlushkinnOwO, who’s fluffies I started referencing a bit towards the end for certain things like facial expressions. Their stuff looks really good.)


I’m really glad this went beyond a standard oh geez one of the foals is a certain color, now the other ones treat it like shit, now it’s dead/saved and we’re outta here story. It’s still pretty familiar territory but it was about something.


ohhhhh i like this, showing past trauma through dreams, and dream seption. ohhhh i like i like!


Aghhh this is soooo cute

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This dude is a fucking idiot.

Even if he manages to clean every scrap of Fluff and blood from the garbage disposal, he has no way of stopping either mum from proudly telling her owner that ‘daddeh git wid of poopie babbeh’ or the siblings from crying about their missing sister.

Hell, he could’ve used the abuse to tell his girlfriend that their Fluffy is a piece of shit and got rid of her, or say he got rid of her and abuse her instead. Instead he chooses the most retarded option because all abusers are only a couple IQ points above Fluffies.

I’m glad to see Alder’s siblings still care for her regardless, it’s fucking painful being disabled AND racially abused, but having some love can make it a little more bearable.


Very nice Art and Story. Also does anyone know about a Story where a Poopie gets dyed.
Just curious about that.


I had several questions, 1 what relationship do they have? 2 Who owns the shitrats? 3 if they both lived in the same house or live separately?

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Boyfriend and girlfriend, living separately. Boyfriend owns the fluffies because she likes them, but was unable for whatever reason to own them herself at the time


Have to wonder what happened with the mummah fluff- did she get left behind with ‘daddeh’ for her poor behavior? Or did she try to take her along only to find out she never would accept her ‘poopie’ babbeh? I’m inclined to think its the first one because neither of the other babies seem to have accepted their mom’s version of reality, but OTOH poopie appears to believe even now that its very existence causes suffering to others, which is something I would imagine the mummah fluff would come up with.

Its probably for the best that the human’s relationship didn’t work out- I mean come on, what sort of reasonable, normal person comes over to spontaneously visit at 9 in the morning???


This is colorism, not racism.

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It’s familiar with a twist which is brilliant. The mother is awful but the siblings do care and are scared of their mother instead of cheering her on like most “Poopie babbeh” trope stories. And the man deciding “You know what, you are a poopie babbeh. Fuck you, I’m going to kill you now” is a brilliant 180 on the “Poopie Babbeh Savior” trope.

I do not like the “Poopie babbeh” trope at all since it undermines the concept of fluffies themselves. But I can very much appreciate when someone tries to do something new with it and especially when it’s well done like this.


Yeah, I’m so sick of poopie baby stories I don’t even click on a lot of that shit anymore. Glad I looked at this one more.

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Amazing artwork! Imma watch you with great interest

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Hell, the fact that one of the babies would obviously be gone would raise her suspicions, even if there was no obvious clue to what happened to it.


I was -really- hoping the ugly foal would have gotten shred to bits :face_exhaling:

You win this time, shit stain.

I mean… if you stop reading after page 8… :dizzy_face:

Seriously, is a lot of work and a GREAT story. Well done @TG_89 :+1:

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Alder’s reasoning as to why he’s a “bad fluffy” breaks my heart.

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There aren’t many fluffy stories with a turn to the better, and this is one of the best.

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