Punishing (InfraredTurbine)

Sup folks!

Sorry, I’ve been missing in the last days :d everything has been kinda hectic as fuck till the end of this month, but I do wanna post more, don’t wanna keep you guys waiting :v

Finally after a lot of Labor (sig) I was able to put my hands on a tablet with one of those stylus pen.
I’m planning to work on drawings whenever I get some breaks at work, and here’s something I was able to do. Still trying to learn how to properly use it, but I guess I’ll get there ^^

There are some comics to be posted next week, that I hope you’ll all like :V (Another reason I’ve been kinda busy xD)

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me!


and so we begin the mushy kibble blues


Love sketchbook app. Really great lil program.


Lookin’ good!

some creatures just don’t want to learn

And if they do learn, tough! :gotsketties: unlearn or your no fun and im taking you back to the shelter (alleyway… garbage… death.)


gets feral from back alley and brings it home

Feral: tank ou daddeh fwuffy be kwiet nao and wet ou do wowk awound da housie. wiww onwy get up fow mak gud poopies and peepees in da wittah bawks.

Daddeh: WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD! Beats fluffy


then they get boo boo juice on your clothes and dont even thank you for the owwies and… sigh

They are just so mean to us :disappointed:

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such selfish creatures!

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