Purely Hugbox Collection part 1 (Artist: SqueakyFriend)

Second art dump from my Fluffybooru days! (Edit: Split into two parts by request)



tiny fluffs

street rat

(This one got a request for a follow-up!)

totally a dog
totally a dog bonus


Hmm… I actually would have preffered some of these uploads spreaded out. Would definitely like some background on some of these

this post is under construction


I think I can do that. I have a hard time sorting them out from each other because there’s so many, so I just divided them into categories. (Edit: And done! Split off the ones that were focused on a single fluffy or two.)


Wait a minute.

That’s not a dog.

You know insulin is expensive in the US. Posting these sugary sweet fluffies, I say.

I say adorable that is.


Squeakyfriend is one of the best! I am happy Squeakyfriend came back


That dog seems legit. Checks out.

Gives me all the heart happies.

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Each and every one of these is amazingly cute! Good God, your fluffys are so adorable!

…I just invision a spiral Shellder just off to the left in the first one slowly inching toward the fluffies tail with the Jaws theme lightly strumming in the background… :rofl:

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These are ADORABLE! I already had most of these saved because they’re some of the cutest hugbox I’ve ever seen! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Beyond adorable :heart:

This is my favorite :heart: :heart: :heart:

Fluffshep_47. You did this picture for him when he was having depression and feeling rather bad.

I really liked the gesture because, for me, it represents what hugbox should be about - more than just fluffies being happy, but also people who fluffies being happy, and fluffies bringing about the best in us.

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