Pwetty Pagean' (by fluffysomething)

Dahlia is a fluffy!

Dahlia is a very pretty fluffy, with different colors on her mane and little heart shapes!

Mummah says she’s the prettiest fluffy in the whole world!

Mummah even signed her up for… for a…

“Wha am pagean’?”

Very confuse. Big human words!

“You’ll… get to see other pretty fluffies like you. If you’re the prettiest, you get a prize!”

A prize? Like toysies? Or sketties? Or even babies? Babies are becoming one of Dahlia’s favorite bestest things.

“Dahwia be bestesh pwetty fwuffy fo’ Mummah!”

Yes! You can win this pretty pageant and be the prettiest fluffy for a special prize! Mummah will give you extra special hugs and love!

So many pretty fluffies!

Ones with both wingies and pointies, and shiny tails, and manes with many pretty colors!

The judge-humans look at all of you and say big words like ‘coloration’ and ‘temperment’.

They talk quietly while you make good sitties on stage, and then they say it!

You win!

You’re the prettiest fluffy!

You simply go offstage to play…

“Dummeh! Wady Beww 'posedtuh be pwettest fwuffy, nu yoo!

What? This fluffy is a meanie!

“Wha? Dahwia fink Wady Beww am pwe-”

“Shuddup! Dummeh ugwy fwuffy nu pwetty, nu shud win! Git sowwy-poopies!”

You’re covered in yicky poopies! Only bad fluffies give sorry-poopies!

“Das wy Wady Beww nu win pagean’, am bad fwuffy. Maek bad poopies.”

Oh. She looks mad.

“YOO CAWW WADY BEWW BAD FWUFFY? Wady Beww am bestesh fwuffy! Git huwties!”

She starts giving you sorry-hoofsies.



“Stahp! Dahwia sowwy!”

Worstest hurties! Head hurts bad!

“PWEASE! Nu like, am- HURK

Quiet. You cannot tell, but you have forever-sleepies.

“Wady Beww 'posedtuh be pwettiest fwuffy, dummeh poopie fwuffy am ugwy…”

[A/N: Based off of @FluffyChimera 's character Lady Bell from their (very good) series Bad Mummah :)]


well…if we needed an origin story for Lady Bell this makes sense and I can picture in the aftermath were after killing the competitor she is disqualified and then later abandoned by her owner.


This certainly explains why she ended up in an alley. Poor Dahlia. She just wanted to play.

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This was a very entertaining read! Definitely feels like a dream Lady Bell would have about a fellow competitor! :sparkling_heart: