Question: What art software do people like to use?

Just wondering what art software people are using to make the fluffy pictures. Thinking about trying my hand at art one day to better convey my stories - trying to work out where to start!


I personally use my sketchbook to start then transfer to Ibis Paint X on my phone, my tablet stopped charging to I’m restricted to the smaller screen.


I use Medibang Paint with a Wacom Intuos tablet.

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Damn, i was going to make a joke about microsoft word but you specified art.

GNU Image Manipulation Program, because it’s free, and a cheap huion drawing tablet. Have to do it on and old MacBook, though, since it has a hold to right click feature on Windows which makes it unusable. The tablet, that is. That’s part of why my images are such low resolution, too, since I don’t bother making it bigger than the screen.


I started on paint 3d and I’m now working with paint .net. just mouse and desk top, but maybe I’ll get a tablet for Christmas. It’s fun already, has layers I can play with, but it does take ages to manage detail.


I use Emacs for all my writing, but I think the humor might be a bit niche on that one.

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mostly Sai, but sometimes I might switch it up and use Corel, and either Wacom Intuos 480 or Huion tablet

Gimp for drawing, Abiword for stories.

Paint Tool Sai 2 and touchscreen notebook, or ibis Paint X on my phone

I’ve done all my art on my Android phone using Autodesk Sketchbook. The Sketchbook app is completely free and is fully featured enough to do most things I need. For editing I use the free version of Picsart. I’ve bought a number of inexpensive stylus over the years and it does it job well.

The only investment is a few dollars for a stylus to start drawing, it really is a great entry point.