Questions for topic (lightbulb)

(THIS IS ALL FOR A TOPIC I’LL BE MAKING SOON) Some questions i have,

When do foals start to develop their mane and tail?
How many days until a foal opens its eyes and when will it start talking?
what do smarty herds usually do if their herd is settled in an alley way or smth?
does a smarty work with toughies to intimidate? and does a mare ever do anything to help the herd or do they just give milk to their foals?
do humans in the fluffy world like ferals? (prob not but just askin)
can fluffies actually kill something to defend a herd or are their hooves not strong enough? i heard they’re made of leather or smth.
what sorce of entertainment does an alleyway have for fluffies?
do fluffies like other kinds of music besides when they’re a foal and listen to their mom singing?
are fluffies afraid of lightning?
at what age do most fluffies die at? (not of age btw.)
can a unicorn fluffy use its horn as a weapon?
what does a fluffy pony do to get rid of a dead fluffy? (like from a diff herd)
i might be asking more questions later on but i have 1 more question,

have you ever imagined what it’s like to live as a fluffy?

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The canon is very malleable but from what I’ve read, it’s agreed upon by most people that:

Eyes open for chirpies in about ten or so days and the talking begins usually on the same day.

Most smarty herds in alleys would probably dole out space for designated fluffies by rank.

Smarties would absolutely use one or two toughies as muscle and a personal guard.

Mares roles are typically dependant on how much of a tyrant the smarty is and if she’s a poopie. If the smarty is a psychopathic little dictator (like most), a brown mare is usually the communal rape toy, but if shes got nice colours and is obedient then when not pregnant or lightly pregnant she would probably be designated as a “nummie finda”.

Fluffy hooves are made of a soft leathery skin and their strength is pitiful at best, that being said they could probably throw their weight down and stomp something as big as another fluffy to death, if they put all of their weight behind it.

Humans are a wild card for fluffies due to the fact that the world is populated with abusers, neutrals and hugboxers. And most ferals have figured out that it is safer to typically avoid humans, as they tend to be less naive than the domestic counterpart.

Fluffies in an alleyway would be able to play with trash, play huggy tag and of course fornicate for entertainment.

You know I actually don’t think there is much of an answer for the music question.

Fluffy’s are most definitely afraid of lightning and thunder.

Most feral fluffies tend to die quite young, due to the fact that they have the entire world stacked against them, they’re limited and quite idiotic understanding of the world makes them easy prey, the endless army of human abuser is who reveal in torturing the creatures and most importantly the cruelty of their own kind.

In some stories it is stated that their horns are soft and slightly bendy, while in other writer’s stories we’ve seen the horns be able to damage and kill other fluffy’s and even in a few instances hurt humans.

I hope I have answered your questions in a way that you are satisfied with, but at the end of the day, canon is totally malleable to what you want it to be and I wouldn’t stress too much. It’s your story and you’re totally within your right to do whatever you want with the little goblins. And I can’t wait to read it.


All of this depends on your head canon, although you can find some generally agreed on elements in the wiki.

Foal mane and tails start to develop in the first two weeks after birth; their eyes open somewhere around the 2 week mark and their speech is much the same.

Smarty herds do whatever herds of wild animals do - so socialise, gather food, play, etc, but it depends very much on the personality of the smartie in charge of the herd. Some are benevolent dictators, others are brutal tyrants that force the other herd members to look after the smartie’s special friend and children.

Human behaviours is even more unpredictable - destructive herds generally get the boot, but abusers will quite happily slaughter an entire herd for shits and giggles.

Entertainment isn’t too hard to generate - blocks, balls and huggy tag is hard coded behaviour, although socialisation (either hugging each other or giving wickie-cweans) is an important part of a healthy social structure.

All fluffies are afraid of lightning (I can’t think of a single wild animal that isn’t) and unicorns can use their horn as a weapon.
Dead fluffies just get dragged off somewhere and dumped, normally to their latrine if they’re conquering territory or just left to rot where they lay.

Lifespan depends very much on whether they’re feral or domestic and who’s got hold of them. It can last from a couple seconds (pregnant fluffies and abusers) to a couple years (purely ferals in a good herd with an oral culture of survival and training).
Generally speaking, most feral fluffies don’t make it past their first winter, whereas domestics can live up to 9-12 years. I’d place industrials at a couple years, depending on purpose and living conditions.


As far as life expectancy. Fluffies die within a year or two or live to old age. Squirrels are very similar and their high mortality is due to lacking life experience. If they survive the things most likely to kill them (winter/animal control/ect), they will survive the next encounter.

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@Poopiest_of_bebbehs i just started it but what i lack is good grammar (basically how i word things) and then in need a better imagination, and more research about fluffies, considering it’ll be my first story. I’m probably going to scrap what i have rn and make a new story.

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I only started a week ago in this community and I, myself, am still trying to get a hold on the ropes. the only advice I can give to better understand this bizarre hive canon the community has is to read a lot of the stories, as things shift between the writer’s individual canons.

It’s a little like if we were all given an identical bucket of Legos. We share the same building blocks but the variations that we can make are borderline unlimited and therefore, there really isn’t a wrong way to play. Just make sure you have fun.

I am sure that whatever you come up with will be an excellent read.

Alr, will do! I do plan on reading and learning from stories so i know what to add, i know quite a bit but all i’ve really done when i first discovered this site was watch comics and stuff, but reading stories teaches me how i can write my stuff. Other than that, i use a phone so i’m not going to be drawing anything anytime soon.

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Cool,we’re both in the phone writers gang.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to draw for my thumbnails to… limited success lmao. But at the end of the day it’s art and the expression behind it is 70% of what makes it special. You’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.