Quick doodle with the Wacom (By: GreaverBlade)

Trying out the Wacom in Affinity Photo. Also tried different eyes and a shorter muzzle.

I’m happy. These will be fun for simple comic strips.


Might wanna give them a bit of a neck, but looks good otherwise .
Glad to see you gave em ears, fluffies with no ears look weird to me.

The first on technically had ears. They were, apparently, not very good. But I agree. Ears are important.

Eh those are hanging ears\lop ears like with a rabbit, those are fine.
I just prefer straight up standing ears on my fluffies. Another Satisfied Customer (AMDk7) Twick Ow Tweat (AMDk7)
I may over do those ears a bit at times.
But fluffies should have ears.

In fact I don’t think I ever saw a lop eared fluffy.