Quien quiere jugar? Patre 8 (1/5) (Bad_Roomie)


If I eat all my vegetables, will someone please translate this?


show proof



Good job! Here’s the best I can do
Panel 1
Purple: Mummah! Mummah! Peep! Hewp bestest babbeh!! Skreee!!
Mom: Sowwy babbehs! Mummah nu wan gib sowwy hoofies!
Mummah gib mow miwkies fow pwetty babbehs!
Blue: Peep! Mummah nu wub babbeh!
Green: Skree! Mummah gib sowwy hoofies tu babbeh!

Panel 2
Mom: Pwetty babbehs desewb aww da miwkies!
Mummah gib huggies an’ wub fow gud babbehs
Green: Mummah wub babbeh? Coo
Mom: Mummah gib bestest huggies!
Green: Babbeh wub mummah!
Blue: Fwuffy babbeh hab bestest miwkies!
Su fuww of bestest miwkies ebah!

Panel 3
Owner: That’s enough you lovey dumbasses! Back to your box!
Mom: Nuuuu!!! Mummah nee’ babbehs!! Nu take babbehs 'way!!!
Blue: Peep! Babbeh wan be wif mummah!!!
Green: Nuu daddeh!! Babbeh wub mummah!!

Panel 4
Owner: Done! Your babies are full and they don’t need you anymore, so now everything’s back to normal.
Mom: huuu Mummah wan babbehs huuu
Owner: Silence… I already had to stand they all day, this way you won’t bother me anymore.

Panel 5
Mom: Dummeh daddeh nu wet mummah wif babbehs! Nu faiw!
Mummah am bestest mummah ebah! Stoopi daddeh nu kno’ anyfin!
Mummah desewb nummies! Desewb babbehs an’ speciaw fwend!
Stoopi daddeh am dummeh! DUMMEH!

Panel 6
Purple: Daddeh? Gib see pwace back to fwuffy pwease?
Fwuffy wub daddeh! Fwuffy nee’ see pwace fow be bestest babbeh 'gain an hab bestest miwkies ebah!!
Owner: Hahaha if you behave maybe I’ll give them back.

Panel 7
Owner: I’ll be busy, I’ll be back in the morning. If you behave and make no messes in your boxes maybe I’ll give you a prize… Now sleep.
Mom: Nuuu nu wan boxie!! Outsies pwease!!
Owner: Agh! I’ll just let it pass this time.

Panel 8
Purple: Can bestest babbeh have sweepies wif bwuddahs? Fwuffy nee’ huggies!
Green: NU! Dummeh bwuddah gib huwties to babbehs! Nao gu ‘way!!
Purple: B-buh bestest babbeh nee’ wawmies an’ huggies!! Huggies make ebewyfin’ bettah!
Green: Puwpwe fwuffy nu am bestest babbeh anymoh!! Wet pwetty bebbehs go sweepies!!!

Panel 9
Purple: huuu Fwuffy am onwy babbeh!
Miss mummah huuu
Miss huggies fwom mummah huuu

Green: zzzz gween wan be bestest babbeh zzzz

Panel 10
Mom: Huuu Mummah miss hab babbehs wif aww see pwaces an’ heaw pwaces
Mummah nu hab bestest babbeh anymoh… Wan nyu babbehs *yawn su sweepies…
Mummah nee’ moh babbehs… zzz… babbehs wif wingies… wif ponty pwace!
Miss speciaw fwend… zzzz


You’re a fuckin saint.


I mean, you ate all your veggies so