Quien quiere jugar? Patre 9 (13/13) (Bad_Roomie)


B-but he promissed a punishment :((


-Panel 1-
Mummah: TAKE WOWSTEST STOMPIE WOWSTEST BABBEH!!! Mummah haechu! Hacheu dummeh babbehs!! Nu am pwetty fow mummah! Bestest mummah wiww hab bestest babbehs an wiww gib fowebbah sweepies to stoopi daddeh an’ stoopi babbehs!


Bluey: Nuuuu!! Nu gib bwuddah owies! Nu huwt babbehs!!!

-Panel 3-
Greenie: Bueeeheeehee!! Mummah gib wowstest huwties!! Feew wowse!!! Nu wike! Nu wike!!

Bluey: Nu cwy bwuddah! Babbeh wub yu!!

Mummah: Mummah am su smawt!!! Gib wowstest stompie!! Feew vewy gud!!

-Panel 4-
Bluey: HUUHUU!! Nu mow ugwy boobos! Huwties weave bwuddah!
WAAAA! Babbeh nu can gib huggies! Babbeh am sowwy!!!

Greenie: Wai mummah nu wub? Wai gib babbeh stompies? Nu faiw! Babbeh wub mummah! Wai mummah nu wub babbeh nu mow?? Feew wowstest huwties! Chirp!

-Panel 5-
Greenie: Juice nu taste pwetty! Babbeh nu wan fowebbah sweepies! Nu wan! Wan mow miwkies! Pway an’ be wif bwuddah!

Bluey: Bwuddah wiww be bettew! Daddeh will hew babbeh!!
Pwease daddeh! Come back to babbehs! Nee’ huggies an babbeh nu hab weggies!!

Greenie: N-nu… nu feew… pwetty… Mummah? H-hewp?

-Panel 6-


-Panel 7-
A few hours later…

-Panel 8-
Owner: Hello? What a night! It was totally worth it! But… What’s up, little one?

Bluey: Daddeh! Chirp! Hewp babbeh! Bwuddah nu feew pwetty!!

-Panel 9-
Owner: Goddamnit! It must’ve been dead for a few hours already.

Bluey: Nuuuu! Bwuddah hab fowebbah sweepies?? Babbeh am sowwy!!! Huuhuuhuu! Nu hab weggies fow huggies!!! Wai mummah gib stompies??? Huuhuu Nuuuuu!! Wakies bwuddah!! Huuuhuu!!

-Panel 10-
Owner: Ah, so your mom crushed you? That stupid dumbass! Although it would probably be dead without stomping it. It was already very severe.

Bluey: Daddeh! Nu weabe babbeh awone! Cheep! Cheep! Mummah wiww gib babbeh stompies! Hewp!

Owner: This leaves me with the mother and one survivor… Maybe it’s better to remain with only one.

-Panel 11-
Owner: But for now I’ll respect the game we agreed on… Eight days, she better enjoy them.

Mummah: Teehee Mummah wub bwockies! Mummah teach babbehs to pway bwockies an’ cwayons!! Make bestest picshuwes fow mummah!!


The death agony scene of the green foal is pure metal

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I love how she even drew a picture of the green baby dead on the drawing sheet in the last panel, fuckin’ evil little abomination that “”“mummah”“” is.

God there’s something downright delicious about the third image, where Blue wants to hug Green, and genuinely thinks that’d make everything okay… but can’t because he has no limbs left to hug with, so Blue just has to sit there and feel useless while his brother suffers constantly, and can’t even turn away to look at something else.

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