Quien quiere jugar? Patre 9 (4/13) (Bad_Roomie)


Translation puh-leeeeeeeeeeez?


How anyone could stand listening to that infantile babble and chirping from these things is beyond me. Hopefully mumma’s amma doesn’t matter.

Me gusta mucho.


Wow, talk about a bitch mare. Something should happen to her.

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-Panel 1-
Greenie: Babbeh am sowwy! Nu mow huwties! Hewp! HUUUhuuuuu Poopy pwace hab su many huwties!!

-Panel 2-
Bluey: Gween bwuddah hab owies? Nu mow saddies, babbeh gib huggies!

Greenie: Wai nu one hewp babbeh? huuu Mummah nu wub babbeh! huuuu Nu sabe babbeh!
Nee’ huggies an’ wub huuhuu

-Panel 3-
Greenie: Bwuddah wub babbeh?

Bluey: It am otay! Bwuey gib wub!

Greenie: Fank yu bwuddah! Babbeh hab heawt happies!

-Panel 4-
Mummah: Huuu mummah hab ugwy enfies fwom ugwy fwuffy huuuu
Mummah wan gud babbehs, nu dummeh ugwy babbehs huuu
Mummah desewbe smawty babbehs!! Wif pwetty pointy pwaces an’ wingies!
Buh… mummah su tiwed, nee’ sweepies…

-Panel 5-
Purple: Mummah! Mummah! Mummah! Miwkies pwease! Babbeh wub yu! Nee’ huggies an’ miwkies!

-Panel 6-
Mummah: Huuu nu wike babbehs…

Purple: Mummah! Babbeh wan huggies!

Bluey: Babbehs wub mummah! Gib miwkies?

Greenie: MUMMAH! Babbeh hab wowstest huwties! Nee’ huggies an’ miwkies pwease!

-Panel 7-
Mummah: Mummah nu wub dummeh howibwe babbehs! Nao wan’ sweepies! Nu mow wub! Nu mow huggies an’ NU MOW MIWKIES!!

Purple: Buh… babbeh wub mummah!

Greenie: Nuuuu! Babbeh hab huwties! Hewp!

Bluey: Screeeee! Nu weave babbehs!! MUMMAHH!

-Panel 8-
Mummah: Mummah… am bestest mummah… Wan… Gud babbehs… zzzzzz

Bluey: Huuuuhuuuu!! MUMMAH!

Greenie: Wowstest heawt huwties!!

Purple: Mummah nu wub babbeh huuhuu

-Panel 9-
Owner: They trully didn’t let me rest today…
Damn it! Your legs are already rotting!

-Panel 10-
Bluey: Daddeh? Whewe take babbehs?

Greenie: Nu mow huwties! Am gud fwuffy! Babbeh pwomise!

Purple: Nu wike! Nee’ mummah!

Owner: Chill down, it’s for your own good.


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