Quien quiere jugar? Patre 9 (9/13) (Bad_Roomie)


I learn more Spanish from these than I ever did in school.


Howcome roomie only posts in spanish now? Was someone translating their old stuff


I’m pretty sure he isn’t the one posting these, it’s another user posting his stuff from reddit or something. But yeah, his content was always in spanish but translated.

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-Panel 1-
Mummah: Daddeh! Mummah wan sketties! Nu wike game!

Owner: You know how this works, speed up! I need to work!

-Panel 2-
Owner: Ha! You lost! Only one chance left.

Mummah: NUUUUU! Stoop bwockies! Gib mummah sketties!
Mummah hate dummeh daddeh’s stoopi gamesie!! Wan sketties nao!

-Panel 3-
Mummah: Dummeh dicie am stoopi! Just wike dummeh nu-weggie babbehs an dummeh daddeh!

-Panel 4-
Owner: How lucky! I suppose that in the end you’ll have your spaghetti.

Mummah: Gasp! Am gud dicie! Mummah hab nummy sketties!

Owner: However you are being very rude and spoiled, if you insult me again I’ll beat you with the sorry stick, understoo?

Mummah: Dummeh daddeh! Mummah wub bestest daddeh ebbah!
Gib sketties nao pwease?

-Panel 5-
Mummah: Fast daddeh! Mummah wan sketties! Am bestest nummies ebbah!! Bestest sketties make bestest miwkies fow pwetty babbehs!

-Panel 6-
Mummah: Fank yu daddeh! Mummah wub nummy sketties! Sketties taste su pwetty!

Owner: At least you are in a better mood, I’ll bring your babies so you can feed them.

-Panel 7-
Bluey: Daddeh! Hewp bwuddah pwease! Fwuffy gib huggies wif wastest weggie buh nu feew bettew!

Greenie: Chirp! Chirp! Screeee! Babbeh hab wowstest huwties! Screee!! Babbeh hab wowstest huwties! Screeeee!!

-Panel 8-
Owner: Hell! This seems serious. Internal hemorrage maybe?

Greenie: Nu feew pwetty! Wowstest huwties!!

-Panel 9-
Owner: It did seem weird that you withstood being fucked by that grey fluffy without any repercussions… You surely got all internal organs squished and twisted.

Fwuffy am gud babbeh!! Nu wan mow huwties! Chirp! Chiiirp!!! Huuuhuuuhuuu nee’ mummah! Huggies an’ miwkies fwom mummah!

-Panel 10-

Greenie: Daddeh! Hewp babbeh! Nu feew pwetty! Booboo juice nu taste pwetty!


I like how the tags tell the tale perfectly lol

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Translation Intake

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Correct. Badroomie rage quit a while ago.

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That’s a shame. I like their work.

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Well you can find them on Reddit. Just make sure you wear a condom lol. :man_shrugging:

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No kidding. That place is infectious.

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What happened exactly? I don’t remember a grand exodus. But the term “rage quit” does imply something transpired …


According to the lore that I’ve learned from the mods, they were offended by a racial slur that was said by @ThatWelc (who is awesome and was just making a joke). And it unraveled from there. They basically sperged out and went on a social justice warrior tirade, declaring FC as a hive of scum and villainy while purging Reddit of everything they didn’t like. But I’m probably getting the details wrong. Ask @Za he’s my sith lord. :f_martini:


I get the hatred for racism, but it’s possible to discuss or comment on the matter without losing one’s shit. This is an edgy community. It’s going to be edgy.


Thank you

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And let’s be honest here … Bad Roomie themselves were no stranger to edgie or controversional content.


Copy/pasted directly from my Discord server (join my fucking Discord server btw)

Lore dump

I get tired of telling this story so I’m gonna retell it here and pin it.

GAYROOMMATE was a prominent voice actor in the early days of the FC site (2021-2022ish). They’d record voiceovers for comics and such.

They were known to be very sensitive, going so far as to censor words like “retard” to avoid offending people.

One day, ThatWelc (God rest his soul) posted a comic using the slur “gook.” GayRoommate went fucking ballistic and tore into him, complaining constantly to the mods because it was soooo offensive. If at this point you find yourself sympathizing with GayRoommate, remind yourself that we are a community dedicated to cartoon blood and gore, as well as the horrific mistreatment of cartoon animals.

Ultimately, GayRoommate would be banned as the whole site pointed and laughed. The official reason cited was “too combative.” The real reason is that they’re a pussy with no place in our community.


Thank you. I had heard of this … but did not realize Gayroommate and Bad Roomie were the same person.

And … wait … “God rests his soul”? Did ThatWelc pass away!?

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GayRoommate and BadRoomie are not the same person. I was told to answer a question about someone who shit themselves over a slur and left, that’s GayRoommate. BadRoomie is still active to the best of my knowledge.

And Welc isn’t dead, he just left.

@BloodyBoots You fucking retard they’re not the same person


Ok, that makes a lot more sense.

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