R&D Funding Proposal: Hoofsie-Pals (TG-89)

I was originally going to make something a bit less mean-spirited, but then I played about two hours of SF6 and needed a way to vent my searing gamer rage.

I’m certain this idea’s probably been done before in some form, but I haven’t seen it - apologies in advance if it has. Whilst this wasn’t directly inspired by anything, I’d like to give credit to ChungusMyBungus’ ‘Baby’ story for putting morbidly obese fluffies into my head.

Who knew drawing scissors from a frontal perspective would be such a pain in the ass?

Red-ink wasn’t feeling as witty as last time whilst working on this, so apologies for that.
If I do another of these I’ll probably finally get around to the parasitoid wasps that were meant to be the first part, before I got side-tracked by cuttlefluffs. Or I might end up doing something entirely unrelated, who knows.

As always, feedback and/or critique is both welcomed and invited.


One of the issues that made it harder on you was drawing the scissors parallel to each other like this ||… should look this /


Love these!

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I absolutely love the Red Ink guy and all the comments he keeps making, and how he tears down what a horrible idea it is. I also really love the depiction of the business side of fluffies from a corporate level. Great work


Same. ‘Mr Red’ is the best part of these comics.

I like the idea that some proposals will be a miss. After all, for a regular company, we never get to see the stuff that doesn’t make it.


So what was the purpose of this project specifically for a consumer? Its function snd reasoning behind why someone want to buy it?

I ask in a business dragon’s den pov

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Is this becoming a series? Because I think R&D Funding Proposal could be my favorite series if so.


Think of it like a litterpal, but for fluffy fitness instead of hygiene.


Sounds about right for a bad idea from Hasbio i love it.

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Id probably buy a kit to make one expecially if encountering a feral invader herd in my garden.

I would prefer a harness over a treadmill that I could “forget” to turn off if the fluffy was being bad.

By being bad I mean just because.

Love Red Ink’s sarcasm! They’re totally right, this is nor research, nor development! HOWEVER…

You could, but then you’d have you fluffy complaining that his hoofsie-pal broke after a few sessions.

Would work as an outdoor toy since it both gives your fluffy something to do and serves as a warning for other ferals.

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The annotator engages in negative phrasing, & is out of touch with the demands of the target demographic.
Not all of us Abusers want to commit to a long-term training & surgery project, or have garages, for that matter :unamused:
Do think the tube down the throat could be configured differently, pathetic pleading degenerating into mumbling madness is one of the pleasures of Abuse!


Yes, thats why I’d buy the kit… it can still do plenty of those things you mentioned especially the last part and if a feral mare has foals or is a soon mummah then thats where it will definitely shine. The devil is in the details after all :smiling_imp:

Yeah, just like the red guy said “Why would i waste money on that when i can make it for free with ferals?”

Glad someone had a brain on this.

(Oh, and TG? Hope you get your witt back my bruh)

Same tbh