R&D lab video files smarty herd torture by shadowraiden23

Alright time to check the security videos and see whats been going on with - turning on each screen as the security feed shows the safe areas such as med bay bowl fluffy pond/ woodland daycare and the normal daycare - so far nothing bad … but hey - noticing a purple fluffy waving to camera as her handler smiled - heh jo is always the cute one who does that - leaning back in the chair and chanung feeds from the safe part of the lab to the restricted part - not then - watching each feed as each room showed the lastest herd that was let in through the labs air ducts into the bad areas - hm … go figure a !@#$%ing smarty and his herd … - watching the feed still as they enter a dark room - hey boss what ya … oh … - a tech walked up behind me - they uh enter that room didn’t they - nodding to the tech - yep … the one with out resident draaks - watching the video’s love feed as the herd stops - SCREEEE !!! - each fluffy that was in the room begins to try and run only to be swallowed by the darkness as a pair of white eyes looked at the camera then holds up what looks to be a white board - enjoying the show ~ - the draaks each one grabbing a toughie and smarty leader by their limps started to tear each one apart as the only ones who were left in the herd was 5 mares and 9 foals - man they do love their choice of preys don’t they - sighs as other feeds showed candy the residents bitch mare being used a breeding pal on one while the other showed bestest babys stuck in a caged while their mothers are forced to watch them freeze to death on the roof during the cold winter - yep … anyway hows the rest of the lab doing ? - not turning away from the screens - oh same old same old … shipments are getting ready to be sent out like some of the foals are going to good homes the less desirable colors are doing their the best as farm hands and nurses - the tech adjust her glasses seeing one screen showing bitch mares hanging from the milkie places each one being a different color and above water - so how long til the mares are removed from the dark room ? - watching th screen still as the restricted area feeds switch back - give them about 5 more minutes… really want them broken