Rainshed [ By Paincil ]

“And it looks like the storm is still making its way through the city, folks! You can expect the rain to keep on coming for the next few days but come next week we’ll finally have a bit of a break before more showers!” That was what could be heard on every television set in the neighborhood as the weatherman gave the forecast which hadn’t changed in nearly a week now.

The city streets were overflowing with rainwater, the dense gray storm clouds pelting the earth with a heavy deluge that caused most to stay indoors unless they work, school, or had to make a stop down at the shops for essentials. And yet, despite the poor weather conditions, two brave souls were making their way through the harsh rain and chilling winds that accompanied it - a male and female fluffy

The mare was cold and tired, the rainwater soaked into her stained yellow fur which made it dense and heavy, and her bloated pregnant stomach made it so that she could hardly even move without dragging it and her swollen teets across the pavement. Her tiny wings flapped furiously to try and elevate her off the ground so that she could protect her unborn young but it was all for not.

The father of the unborn brood fared no better, due to giving all of his scraps to his lover, he was much weaker and just as slow, though as a boon for his selfless acts, his fluff was no longer as thick and thus didn’t weigh him down nearly as much, but the grip of the cold was much stronger on him as a result.

For most ferals, they would be in their dumpsters and cardboard boxes to protect themselves from the elements. However with how harsh the storms had gotten, the couple’s home was swept away in the wind. and in a desperate bid for survival, they tried going door to door in hopes that they would be taken in. From one house to the next, they made their way to the front door and told the people living there of their plight, though little did they know that their gambit would cost them dearly.

The first house they went to was owned by a portly elderly man whom stood in the doorway hunched over looking down at the two poor lost souls “Pwease…nice mistah…fwuffy am soon mummah…Nee wawm housie an nummies…” The mare pleads, barely able to get the words out through her chattering teeth, though the old man would only solemnly shake his head “I’m sorry you two, but my wife and I already own three fluffies of our own and don’t have room for any more. Try asking the lady next door, I know that she has a son that has been wanting a fluffy for quite some time now. My thoughts and prayers go out to you two.” The old man says, watching the two leave his porch before closing the door.

The second house was owned by a single mother whom was raising her young, special needs son that hid behind her leg as she came to answer the door “Pwease…be neu mummah fwuffie speciaw fwien am soon mummah…nee wawm housie an nummies…” the stallion begged, prompting the young boy to try and pick them up only to be stopped by his mother “Markus, you already have a fluffy, remember? The little blue colt you got for your birthday yesterday? We can’t take care of any more fluffies right now. Maybe the two of you can ask Mr. Thatcher if you can stay in his toolshed for a bit, I’m sure he won’t mind” The woman says, trying to put the worries of both the fluffies and her son at ease before gingerly closing the door on them and the son watching them walk to the next house over from the window

The third house was owned by a middle aged man whom worked as a plumber for well over 30 years now and had just gotten off work as made apparent by him still being in a soaking wet uniform when he came to answer the door “Nice mistah…be neu daddeh?..Fwuffie am soon mummah…Hab su many cowdie an tummy owies…Nu wan babbehs tu hab fowebah sweepies…hewp…” The mare whines, though unlike the other two houses, the owner of this one was not nearly as compassionate or understanding.

Ever since the day he started his job, he’d get constant calls to homes with backed up sinks, toilets, baths, and more. Sometimes it was a broken pipe, whilst others it was a blockage caused by hair and human waste. While his job was not always pleasant, he knew very well just what he was getting into, but the one thing he hated more than anything was fluffies. Their hair was harder to remove from drains, their shit smelled worse than a human’s, and the number of times he’d have to crawl under the house and remove seafluffy corpses from the pipes of ignorant people whom thought that they could just be flushed away like any other dead fish were far too many than he would like to mention.

Needless to say, he wasn’t exactly keen on helping them, and hearing that one was a mother only meant that she would be bringing more hellspawns into the world and make his job that much harder. Without a word, the man reached over to his side and grabbed hold of a hefty orange pipe wrench from his personal toolbox. In a single fluid motion, he pulled his hand back and brought it down onto the stallion’s back, shattering its spine and immobilizing it.

Not wanting to suffer the same fate as her partner, the mare let out a loud scree before bolting off to the left and around the side of the house, hoping that if she was out of sight then the ‘monster’ would soon forget about her. Sadly, her partner was not as fortunate as with him now crippled, the man was free to do what he pleased with the feral whom was dragged into the house

The mare had very little time to mourn the loss of her partner as she waddled as quickly as she could across the driveway and between the fence and the house. Thankfully, he was more than satisfied with just one fluffy and he figured that the weather would take care of her soon enough, though he couldn’t be more wrong as she managed not only to escape him but also find shelter in his own backyard.

What she had found was an old tool shed that belonged to the home’s previous owner before ending up neglected by the current one. The wood was rotted and worn, the front right corner of the structure having been sinking into the ground for more than a few years, and the glass in the singular window being shattered along with the door having fallen off its hinges which allowed the elements to get in and wear away at the shed from the inside out.

To the plumber and the rest of the neighborhood, the thing was an eyesore which they didn’t complain about since nature was doing a pretty good job tearing it down, but to the mare it was a sanctuary for her and her children. Without any hesitation, she made her way into the shed and scuttled beneath a nearby workbench where she finally broke down both physically and emotionally, letting out soft wails of agony in between dowing lungfuls of air until finally passing out an hour later.

The night came and went, and with the dawn of a new day, the mare awoke on the rotted wooden floor of the shed “Speciaw Fwien?” She asked in a hushed voice, hoping that he had managed to somehow escape and make his way back to her only for reality to set in and her realizing her situation.

With a heavy heart, she stuck her head out of the doorway and munched on the ample amounts of grass, her head becoming soaked whilst her body managed to stay fairly dry. When she was done eating, she went back under the table, emptied her bladder and bowels, and sat near the entrance in the hope of spotting her special friend.

For nearly a week, this was her routine and with each passing day she only became fatter and fatter as her foals developed until eventually she was unable to move from the underside of the workbench thanks to her size. Despite her best efforts to move her legs either by coaxing them or moving them herself, she was immobilized completely without any food to eat or a special friend to bring her some.

Hours turned to days, her stomach badgered her to fill it and with her legs not working she grew more and more desperate by calling out to anyone whom may be listening to come help her and save her babies by giving her food. In that time, she had grown weaker as well, the harsh cold threatening to take her life and yet she persisted for the sake of her young.

Finally, after three whole days without food or water, someone had heard her call and answered, a tall dark figure was making their way across their yard thanks to the rain having finally stopped. The mare was elated, thinking that someone was finally going to save her from all of this, that this person would give her a warm house, good food, and a safe place to raise her young. But, once she saw who it was, her optimism quickly turned to fear as she was finally able to make out the figure now standing in the doorway - it was the plumber.

A look of disgust and anger crossed the man’s face as he gazed down at the gargantuan mound of shit that had formed behind the heavily pregnant mare, never in all his years has he seen such a massive pile of waste, and the smell of it mixed with the musty air of the shed and the mold made for a stench so foul he considered just burning the thing to the ground if it were not for the fact that it was so close to the forest and that he had other plans in mind for the mare which he was slowly beginning to recognize.

With a hand over his mouth and nose, the man made his way into the shed and towards the mare whom at this point was flailing wildly in a desperate bid to try and run whilst her eyes wildly darted around the room for some kind of exit that wasn’t currently being blocked. Of course, all of that effort was entirely futile as she was grabbed by her mane and slowly dragged out of the shed with splinters embedding themselves into her stomach and breasts “Nu gib owies tu soon mummah! Tummie owies am bad fo’ bebbahs!”

With the combined pain in her head and stomach region and fear of what was going to happen to her and her foals forced her body to eject her foals out of her body in a last ditch effort to save them much like how a cockroach would. With a cry of ‘BIGGEST POOPIES!’, the mare’s foals were delivered into the world one after the other chirping and peeping in a desperate bid to locate their mother whom was currently being dragged away from them.

However, the premature birth and the fact that the plumber did not stop his trek to his home only made the mare even more hysterical “NUUHUU HUU HUU! NU TAKE MUMMAH FWOM BEBBAHS! BEBBAHS NEE’ MUMMAH! NEE’ MIWKIES AN’ WICKIE CWEANIES AN’ WUB!” She cries out, only to be ignored as she is finally taken into the house, picked up like a trash bag, and thrown into a utility closet next to a broom and vacuum.

The mare was far too weak to do anything except cry, the lack of food and the labor of childbirth having left her practically knocking on death’s doorstep but the desire to save her children provided her the strength of body and will to keep breathing. She didn’t know how long she was in the closet, time lost all meaning to her in what was basically the pitch black dark until finally the door opened revealing the plumber with his arms full of the mare’s chirpy foals.

A weary smile crossed the mare’s muzzle as a faint sense of relief washed over her. Her foals were safe, she had managed to keep them safe through thick and thin, and now she could gaze upon the fruits of her labor. She was even allowed to see them as she was plucked from the closet and held just a few inches away from them, her front hooves instinctively reaching out to them

“Dun wowwy bebbahs, mummah am-” but before she could finish, she was dropped onto the cold, hard cement of the man’s garage, breaking her hind left leg due to landing on it. A pained scree sounded from the mother, causing the other foals to panic as they chirped for their mother only to have them be placed on the ground on the opposite side of the garage

“You know, people always complain about the mess fluffies make. Knocking over things, not using a litter box, that sort of thing. But that’s nothing compared to what I’ve seen. You’re nasty little creatures, your hair gets everywhere, your shit smells worse, and every time you cause problems I have to come and clean it up only for the same problem to happen a month later. So you know what? Instead of cleaning a mess, today I’m gonna make one.” He says, picking up a small pink winged foal by its hind leg.

The tiny foal let out a series of frantic peeps to alert their mother of their distress, the pain in their leg being fairly brief before it was let go and the foal plummeted to the ground below where it died near-instantly on impact. Naturally, the mother was in full-blown panic mode once again after witnessing the foals death, it trying to drag its own body across the cold, hard cement using her front legs.

“You said your babies need to eat, yeah? I’ve got something for them to eat” The plumber snickers as he plucks a sky blue unicorn by the scruff of its neck from the small litter of what is now only four living foals which were now huddled together and peeping loudly with the exception of the blue unicorn whom seemed actually quite happy as it assumed it was being carried by its mother.

Both them and the plumber head over to a small workbench that was in full view of the mother as he pulls out a small tube of silicone caulking and pops the top off “Come here little one, I have ‘milk’ for you” He says, trying his best to mimic the mother’s voice before shoving the tip of the tube in its mouth and squeezing a small dollop of sealant down their throat.

Immediately, the effects of the caulking took effect on the foal whom doubled over in pain and began trying to either cough up or poop out the toxic substance only for blood to come out of both ends. With no proper nourishment from their mother or any kind of immune system, the fluffy foal suffered a slow and horrifying death via poisoning.

With three foals left and the mother still crawling across the room, another was plucked from the litter and set on the table next to their dead brother. The mother wanted to plead with her captor to let her and her young go, but exhaustion had rendered her unable to do so, instead focusing her efforts on trying to save her last two babies from certain death.

The third foal, a plump green earthie, was left alone for a total of one whole minute as the plumber vanished into his home only to return with a bottle of generic brand hot sauce. With a wicked grin, he pinned the foal on its back with his thumb and pinched the foal’s jaw until it shattered. With their mouth no longer able to close, the man began pouring in the spicy liquid and immediately the foal felt the sting of the sauce on their tongue and in their throat.

The foal sputtered and gasped as more and more sauce was dumped onto them, it getting through their closed eyes and burning them just like their insides. At this point they were drowning in the stuff, all of their internal organs being set ablaze with agony as they struggled to call for their mama, resulting in them passing on due to a lack of oxygen.

The death fourth and fifth foal were a bit quicker and more simple than their siblings thanks to the plumber not wanting to have to clean up too big of a mess and the fact that the mother was now finally starting to fade thanks to the bloodloss from their leg. The two were ripped apart from each other’s grasp with the fourth foal being placed in the icebox of the garage’s fridge and the fifth being taken over to the mother

“You want your baby back? It’s the very last one” The plumber asks tauntingly, dangling the foal by its head above their mother “Pwease…gib bebbah backsies…mummah be gud mummah fo’ bebbahs…” She says weakly, now barely even to keep her eyes open as the adrenaline in her system has all but worn off. “Okay, here you go then. Make sure to enjoy your last meal” He snarls before forcing the foal into the mother’s mouth and clasping his hand over it. Tears streamed down the mare’s cheeks as they felt their baby wriggle around in their mouth, crying to be let out with the mother being unable. Still, she remained defiant, refusing to bite down on her last living foal for a solid two minutes before the plumber did the job for her by slowly tilting her head back and allowing the foal to fall down her throat. He event went as far to chase it down with some water via the garage sink which he put onto full blast after forcing the thing into her mouth.

All that was left now was the mare whom had finally broken with the death of her last baby, despite all she had been through to save them, all the loss, pain, and suffering, it was ultimately for not. Finally, her body could take no more and she finally went to go join her family in the world beyond.



Delectable abuse my good man. Have a good night.



Look, if you start thinking, the neighbors sent those shitrats straight to certain death, they must have known about their work xD


Very entertaining read, just wish the chirpies’ torment was more prolonged.


I am not going to lie to you, I was running out of steam with the last two and sat on this for like two days before going ‘fuck it’ and posting.

I tried to compensate with the neat picture of the shed

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