Raising Rainbow Ch. 4 (FluffyChimera)

Jitters had followed the instructions on how to put together the foal pen. It was surprisingly simpler than he’d imagined. When it was finished, he noted how much it looked like a human toddler’s play pen, just smaller.

Setting down a pee pad along with the foal and one of it’s soft blankets inside, he watched as the alicorn sniffed around at it’s new enclosure.

“Welcome to your new home, I guess…”

The alicorn peeped and continued to sniff about. Feeling secure in that the foal would be okay for a minute, Jitters got up to sort out the rest of the supplies Loretta had given him. He’d made sure to keep out the baby books to study once he’d had everything in order.

Outside, the rainstorm had been gradually rolling closer, sending a drizzle of rain down in cold, wet sheets. Winds howled, shaking the trees enough to make the upper branches sway to and fro. Any animals had long since gone into hiding to take shelter from the oncoming storm. Jitters had never really minded the rain, however he was never really a fan of thunder. The sudden, loud noises always set him on edge.

He’d just finished putting aside the remaining foal supplies when a sudden flash of light illuminated his bedroom window, shortly followed by a deafening crack of thunder that practically shook the house around him. Jitters felt his heart leap in his chest, jolted by the rush of adrenaline in response to the terrifying noise.


The lights suddenly went out. The foal was screeching in terror. Jitters stumbled through the dark, reaching for his bed. If he could find his phone, he could use it’s flashlight.

“It’s okay! I-It’s okay! It’s just the storm. Probably tripped the breaker o-or… Or knocked out the power grid for a little… We’ll be okay.” He says, more so to himself rather than the alicorn. His hands feel around, his phone wasn’t there. Where did he leave it? He frantically tries to remember.

It’s hard to think over the foal’s crying. The kitchen? No… The had it when he called Loretta, but that was hours ago. He remembers scrolling through fluffy care sites, most were Hasbio adverts disguised as care guides or abuser forums with more elaborate ways to torture the biotoys in a ‘caring’ manner. None of which were helpful to him in any meaningful way. Then he remembered setting his phone down on the coffee table when Loretta came over to deliver the care package! It must still be there!

“Okay… Okay! I’m gonna be right back, alright? Just sit tight, and I’ll be right back!”

The foal continues to peep out pathetic sobs from it’s pen.

Carefully, Jitters started to move for his doorway. His eyes were already starting to adjust to the dim light of his room. He stumbles towards the living room to search for his phone.

You are a foal. Your Daddeh has made you a new big nestie, and while it smelled nice, your joy was short lived. A big, boomy monster roared and made it very, very dark. You were terrified of the horrible sound, and you heard your Daddeh shout, making you even more scared. Was he fighting the boomy monster? Would the boomy monster eat him? You didn’t know.

You hear something moving around, your Daddeh speaks. He sounds scared. If he was scared, that must mean he was in danger, and you were in danger too.You cry, begging for comfort, for him to save you and be safe from the boomy monster.

He speaks again, and says he’ll be back. Does that mean he’s leaving?! He can’t leave! You need him! Babbehs aren’t supposed to be alone in the dark!! You squeak and peep and cry as hard as you can to convince him to come back, but he doesn’t. you hear him leave.

You are terrified. The boomy monster roars again, and in a panic you crawl as fast as you can to try to run away from it. Your tiny, featherless wingies flapping as hard as the can to make you go faster. Flecks of scaredy poopies spurt out of your poopie place as you fart whilst trying to flee.

You squirm across your pen, and you find your blanket. It smells like Mummah. You try your hardest to hide in it, your clumsy little hooves making you slip as you nuzzle your way into the soft cloth.

The boomy monster roars again, the whole world shaking at the sound.

You had to run. You had to hide from the monster. You pathetically manage to squirm halfway under the blanket, your body trembling in fear. The only comfort you have is Mummah’s smell enveloping you. You wish she was here. You wish she could protect you. You wish Daddeh didn’t leave you all alone in the dark.

You hear something approaching, you fear that it’s the monster. You do your best to not be seen. If you can’t see the monster, it can’t see you!

“Hey, I’m back, found my phone! Got something else for you too!” Daddeh’s voice says.

You feel relief washing away some of your dread, until you feel something grab you around your back end. You shriek in fear as you’re pulled away from your soft sanctuary and lifted up. A bright light flashes around you, making you feel even more disoriented.

“Hey, hey! Easy! I got you, it’s just me!”

You pant heavily, screaming in terror, struggling in your Daddeh’s grasp before you feel yourself being placed back down. This time on top of the soft blanket. You sob, shaking like a leaf as the boomy monster growls overhead.

“Damn, didn’t mean to scare you…” Your Daddeh sighs, and puts something next to you. It’s soft, and smells kind of like him, but not.

“This is Bramble McWamble, he’s gonna help protect you from anything scary, okay? He’s a good friend.”

You cling to ‘Bramble’, immediately finding comfort in hugging him. You realize that Bramble is a stuffy friend. Your sobs die down as you nuzzle your new friend. You feel your Daddeh pet your fluff and tuck you into your nestie.

Jitters had found his phone, and using the flashlight was able to check the breaker and find something he’d figure would comfort the crying foal. An old plush monster toy he’d gotten from a claw machine years ago that he’d kept perched on his computer desk. It was originally kept on a large key chain, but when the key ring had broken, he kept it on the desk as a cute decoration.

He’d hoped the alicorn would’ve calmed down when he attempted to pick it up, but it appeared to be more scared than he realized. Poor thing. At least he had the sense to place it on the pee pad before the lights went out. The tiny mess would have to wait for now, he’d clean it easily in the morning.

His phone was at 15% battery. He couldn’t keep it on all night. So he turned off the light and set it on his night stand. Another roll of thunder drones outside.

Seeing the foal cling to the plush toy as it trembled, he sighed. What could he do to keep it from freaking out at the storm? He thinks back to when he was a kid, remembering a faint memory of his mom singing him to sleep.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I’ll miss you
So please don’t take my sunshine away…"

He tiredly sings, stroking the foal’s head and back in a soothing rhythm. It seems to work pretty well. The alicorn yawns, it’s peeps replaced with a soft coo.

"The other night dear, when I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms,
but when I woke up, you were not with me
So I just laid my head down and cried…"

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I’ll miss you
So please don’t take my sunshine away…"

Daddeh sang to you. It was different from Mummah’s songs, a little sadder, but comforting all the same. You snuggled your stuffy friend, and took in the smell of Mummah on your blanket nestie, and felt as Daddeh pet your fluff.

The boomy monster growled, but you were too tired to care.

You were safe with Daddeh and Bramble. You were loved.

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That stuffy doll is cute glad the alicorn manage to have a comfort companion and the song that calm him down cute .

Side note Jitters , get a backup flashlight or lamp somewhere in such situation…


People are usually the ones that wind their animals up the worst with their own fear reactions! This alicorn is going to be a fucking wreck from Jitters’ well-meaning but anxious energy.

I love how pathetic you draw foals. The featherless chicken wings, massive bawling toothless mouth, sealed eyes… it’s perfection. Love your work so much!




The pressure keeps piling on, but it looks like Jitters and his little buddy are finally starting to find their footing.


Huh, Jitters barely even gave the foal a heart attack this time! I feel like things are going to get a whole lot worse.


Sometimes with all that hard work, it really pays off


The use of the word “pathetic” here makes me uncomfortable. It reminds me to much of those videos of people “rescuing” kittens and puppies that they totally didn’t put in harm’s way themselves, and they even have the gall to mock them with words like that.


It’s cute, not pathetic.


A little huggy monster.


This is in your head, mate, you’re affixing real world sadism to a fictional creature and my reaction to it. Please don’t overthink it like that, especially if it’s something that upsets you.


nteresting, although I’m suspecting that that shitrat has some kind of albinism xD

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God that sounds both expensive as fuck and a pain in the ass to take care of.

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Huh, I would expected to the lil cheerping mess die of hypothermia or a heart attack yet here we have our favorite mess of a nerd proving us wrong and keeping this one alive. Great work with the story and the illustrations so far, cheers


Okay, Jitters. Good instinct on the singing. You are not a complete dingus after all. Good form.


The comment you’re responding to was directed at the author.

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At least Jitters is getting somewhat better at taking care of the foal. Doing so during a thunderstorm and with no power must be nerve wracking.


Let’s go! I am 100% team Jitters and i’m glad he’s doing his best.

Side not, how did the foal know it was dark if it hasn’t opened it’s eyes yet? Or is it just going off the light passing through it’s eyelids?


light passing through it lids, even though the foal’s eyes are not developed yet it can still see light though the lids

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I feel for Jitters ’cause I’m no fan of thunderstorms either but at least I’ve got a flashlight nearby at all times if needed. Then again I tend to hide under the covers & have the cat (who is not afraid of the noises) try to comfort me. :sweat_smile: