Re-Attached [By BFM101]

I’ve mentioned before that the BFM-Verse doesn’t allow for limb reattachment. This is purely for the sake of being cruel but I figured I’d give an in-universe reason as well.

Just to be even crueller.

The stallion quivered in the darkness, cold piss lingering on his belly. He had been so happy just a few moments ago, he was a big Fluffy now and had said a long but welcome goodbye to his mummah as he was taken by the nice mistah in the white coat and given a name.

Tee-Ess Four-Five.

He didn’t know what it meant, but it was his name and he was happy for it. But now he was scared, utterly terrified of this endless black void that stained his vision. TS-45 could still move his head, still wiggle his legs, so as far as he could tell he was still awake, and a small part of his recognised that he could still FEEL his eyes in his head as they moved around, but he still couldn’t see.

“Hewwo?” He called out into the void. “Daddeh? Pwease hewp Fwuffy, see-pwaces no wowk, nu wike dawkies, gib biggesh scawdies.”

Suddenly there was a noise, a twisted, evil laughter that replaced the cold piss on TS-45’s belly with a freshly warm puddle.

“Who dewe? Pwease nu huwt Tee-Ess Fouw-Fibe, am onwy wittew Fwuffy.”

The laughter slowly got louder as heavy footsteps approached him, TS-45 looked around the emptiness of his world, he desperately wanted to run for safety but without even knowing where he was he was frozen in place due to indecision.

The footsteps stopped, TS-45 could feel his tiny heart threatening the break his chest as he wondered where this unseen monster had gone. Then everything happened at once.

He felt a course, hard hand grab onto his front left leg.

He felt a swift, sharp slice carve through blood and bone.

Then he no longer felt his left leg.


In his panicked state TS-45 couldn’t tell where the monster was anymore, there was a clatter of footsteps and moving furniture but it was all too much to comprehend. Then he heard the wonderful noise of the door opening and his daddy’s voice.

“Get away from my Fluffy monster.”

More clattering feet, more slamming and banging, but eventually there was silence, and TS-45 felt his daddeh’s hand softly stroke his back.

“It’s ok TS-45, the monster’s gone. You’re safe now.”

TS-45 felt something being pulled off his head, and with the blindfold removed he could now see that he was still in the safety of Dr Deimos Jackson’s lab, the sterile white walls contrasting against the colourful bleeps and blinks of the large computers gave TS-45 the familiarity he needed to calm himself down.

Although now with his adrenaline slowly melting away, he was starting to feel the space where his leg used to be.

“Huu, daddeh, munstah take Tee-Ess Fouw-Fibe’s weggie, nu cna wun ow pway gud nu mowe.”

Dr Jackson looked down at the stump where TS-45’s left leg used to be, already the blood was starting to clot and heal over. He then picked up the severed appendage, left haphazardly on the table.

“I might be able to help you TS-45, if you let me give you little hurties, I can sew your leg back onto your body.”

TS-45 sniffled but looked up with wonder and excitement. “Sow? Wike how daddeh du wiv nu-Fwuff mendies?”

“That’s right, but you do remember how sharp the sewing needle looked right? I’ll have to use that to hurt you, but if you can be a brave Fluffy, daddy can reattach your leggie.”

“Huu, nu wan mowe huwties, bu Tee-Ess Fouw-Fibe be bwave fow daddeh.”

“That’s my boy, alright let me just put somethings away and then I’ll get you ready.”

Dr Jackson gave TS-45 a quick scritch before quickly turning to his desk to hang up his lab coat and put some items away into his drawer.

Chief of which was a blood-stained scalpel he didn’t want TS-45 to see.

The surgery was a long, painful experience for both Deimos and TS-45, with the stallion begging his daddy to stop hurting him every time the sewing needle pierced his delicate skin. But as promised, the limb was sewn back into place and TS-45 was a full Fluff again.

At least he should’ve been, but a little over a day later and he felt… off.

“Daddeh?” He called out from his play-pen in the corner of the lab. “Weggie feew fun-ee.”

“How so?” Deimos asked, looking over from his research.

“Wen Tee-Ess Fouw-Fibe put weggie on fwoow, it nu feew wike weggie on fwoow, it feew wike weggie stiww up bu Tee-Ess Fouw-Fibe nu can mobe weggie nu mowe. An weggie nu wook gud tuu, wook ugwy nyo.”

Deimos left his desk and went over to investigate, looking over TS-45’s wound, he saw that the skin below the suture marks was a dark yellow colour, contrasting clearly against TS-45’s light blue Fluff, whilst the skin above the suture marks was still as peachy and pink as ever, although some of the yellow as starting to creep over the suturing.

Deimos grabbed a pin from a nearby desk. “Alright TS-45, I’m going to prod you with this pin, just for a moment, I want you to tell me when you feel it.”

TS-45 whined at the idea of more hurties. “Huu, ok daddeh.”

Slowly and carefully, Deimos pressed the pin into TS-45’s leg, just about where the knee joint would be.

“Owwies, Tee-Ess Fouw-Fibe nu wike pointy-huwties.”

“I know, but I need to do this to help you.”

Deimos wiped away TS-45’s tears and pressed the pin into his leg again, lower down but still above the surturing.

“Owwies, nu wan mowe huwties daddeh, pwease.”

“It’s ok TS-45, just one more.”

This time, Deimos pressed the pin below the suturing, into the yellow skin, TS-45 gave absolutely no reaction. Deimos tried again, pricking another patch of yellow skin, once more there was no reaction from the Fluffy.

Deimos pondered for a moment before letting the stallion down and back into his pen.

“It shouldn’t be anything to worry about, probably just your body still getting better, if you feel anything change just let me now, until then try to rest up and relax.”

“Ok daddeh, Tee-Ess Fouw-Fibe wiww hab wewaxies.”

TS-45 lay down in his pen, still trying to work out why his leg couldn’t feel the ground, while Deimos returned to his desk and started writing up the new notes, occasionally looking up at TS-45 for more information.

3 days later, and TS-45 was worries, his leg hadn’t gotten any better, if anything it had gotten worse.

Now the whole leg was a sickly yellow colour, with blotches of purple and small dots of black, he couldn’t feel any of his leg now except for an ungodly heat pulsing off the limb and the occasional maddening itch that came and went without warning.

Worse still, there was a pungent, rotten orange pus that was seeping out of the suturing and making TS-45 vomit at the stench.

“Dddd…ddddaaa…dddeeehhhh.” TS-45’s teeth were chattering in a freeze while his body painfully sweated out the horrendous heat. “Wweegg…gggiiee ha…hab wwwwoooowww…ssstttteessshhhh smmmmmmmeeewwwieeesss.”

Deimos looked over TS-45’s leg, it was roasting to the touch, badly swollen and the putrid skin was cracked and bleeding, but other than the heat and the smell TS-45 wasn’t making any complaints about pain. To be sure, Deimos used the pin to prick into TS-45’s infected limb, the stallion said nothing but Deimos almost gagged at the stench of the blackened blood that dribbled out of the newly form hole.

On the plus side, the leg was no longer swollen.

“It’s… ugh, it’s still healing TS-45, you be brave for daddy and everything will be ok.”

“Ooooo…kkkkkkkk, daaddddddd…eeeeehhhh. TTttteeeeeee-eeeesssssssssss Fffffoooo…”

Deimos quickly interjected the chattering stallion. “Yeah, I know you will be, I’ll cook you up some sketti tonight to make you feel better.”

TS-45 happily nodded in anticipation, but Deimos could see he was still worried about his leg.

And for good reason, as four days later, a week since the initial amputation, TS-45 was in horrendous shape. His leg was now completely black, the blue Fluff surrounding it had long since fallen away, the skin was coarse and cracked, stained with pitch-black blood with small splotches of a darkened orange pus that stunk of absolute death.

The blackened skin had not only covered TS-45’s leg, but also his shoulder and a good portion of his chest, Deimos had done the pin test and not once had TS-45 said anything, the black skin was dead and rotted, every nerve having up and gone a long time ago.

TS-45 barely moved now, aside from the complete lack of working muscles in his dead leg making running or even walking a chore, the spread towards his chest had infected his lungs, the stallion had been coughing up blood for almost 12 hours now.

“Daaaaaddddddeeeeehhhhh?” He croaked out, his throat too pained to use properly. “Waaaaiiiiii duuu Fwuuffffffyyyyyyyy hab wooooowwwwssssstteeeessshhhh huuuuwwwwwwttttiiiiiieeess?”

Delirium had hit him hard, TS-45 barely remembered his own name anymore, often time he would just stare out into the distance, as though his body had gone into sleep-mode to conserve the little energy he had left.

“You’ll get better soon enough TS-45, I promise you.”

“Buuuuu Fwwuufffyyyy nuuuu wwaaaaannnnn huuuuuuuwwwwwtttiiiieeesss nuuuu moooowwwweeeee. Ebbbbbeeeewwwwyyyyyyyffffiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg haaaaabbbbbbb huwwwwtttiiieeeesssss.”

Every drawn out syllable felt like it was taking everything TS-45 had to sound out, the Fluffy coughed, splattering black blood onto the floor of his pen. Instinctively he went to wipe it away like a good Fluffy, only for the cracked skin on his left leg to tear open, exposing tissue and bone to the open air.

TS-45 looked down at his mangled leg, his frazzled mind not fully comprehending that this violent image was his own limb and yet there was no pain associated with the sickening sight. With a heaby head, he looked up at Deimos.


“Just rest for now TS-45, you’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.”

“Ooookkkkkkkaaaayyyyy. Fwwuuuuufffyyyy haaaabbb guuuuuuddddd swwweeeee…zzzzzzzzz.”

TS-45 was out like a light, crashing onto his right side and leaving his decayed left leg out in the open air. Deimos gave it a quick once over, the suturing was almost completely dissolved and seemed to be the only thing holding the leg in place, the rancid pus had eaten away at whatever healing had taken place, if any had taken place at all.

Deimos watched the stallion’s laboured breathing as he fought a restless sleep. At the rate the black skin was spreading, he suspected TS-45 would have his face covered within four days and be completely blinded in five.

Provided he lived that long of course.

“This is Dr Deimos Jackson, head researcher on the Fluffy Limb Programme. Test Subject 45 perished in the early hours of this morning, cause of death was toxic shock brought about through necrosis and blood poisoning. Necrosis entered the subject’s system via his amputated limb, this is clearly evident in Notes 2A through 5G, but as for how it spread so quickly… my working theory is that Fluffy’s natural speedy healing worked against it, because the body was able to clot blood vessels and close off nerve ending so quickly, when the limb was reattached there was nothing for it to bond with, thus creating the necrosis through lack of circulation and contact with live-tissue.”

Deimos stopped his tape-recorder to take a drink of water, he spied TS-45’s corpse in the corner and turned away from the horrid sight.

“Test Subject 45 survived 11 days following initial amputation, this follows the trend of previous test subjects lasting between 9 and 13 days. Given Subject 45’s age there is a possibility that his smaller stature allowed for the necrosis to spread faster, at the same time his more active system could’ve fight the disease for longer than an older Fluffy. More research is required before conclusion can be reached. Will upload full report to File Number 45 along with progression pictures and autopsy report. Dr Deimos Jackson, signing off.”

Deimos stopped the recording and put down the tape. He finished up his notes on the computer and sent a notice to the morgue for a clean-up detail. With everything set, Deimos stood up from his chair and left the room, ignoring the pained expression frozen onto TS-45’s dead face.

Deimos was tired, but still in the mood for more testing. Figuring that the first few bonding days with a new Fluffy would help him relax, Deimos headed for the Subject Room to find his next experiment. Once inside, Deimos remember how noisy the place was, rows upon rows of Fluffy foals of varying ages, all within small glass container with just enough room to sleep and play but not much else. Most of them were crying to be taken to a better home, some were crying to see their mother’s again.

Deimos ignored them all until he found a cute little purple filly, not long weaned off her mother’s milk, she sucked her hoof in fear as Deimos’ shadow loomed over her. Cautiously the filly turned round to greet her new visitor.

“Hewwo? Be babbeh’s nyu daddeh?”

“That depends. Are you a good Fluffy?”

The filly turned and excitedly shook her legs. “Yeh, babbeh am vewy gud, awways make gud-poopies and neba be meanie.”

Deimos’ eyes darted to her flailing limbs, with TS-45 making it 11 days with only one amputated limbs would that time be halved if a subject were to lose two limbs?

He figured it be worth the effort to try.

“Sure, I’ll be your new daddeh, I’ll even give you a new name.”

The filly gasped. “Namesie fow babbeh? Pwease daddeh, babbeh weawwy wan namesie.”

Deimos reached into the glass pen and picked the filly up, carrying her out and holding her against his chest, she cuddled him tightly and cooed at his soft scratches.

“Your new name shall be TS-46, and you’re going to be a big help to daddy.”


Deimos is fun.
Unlike Josef and Ricky he actually DOES abuse fluffies for science.


may be off topic But the way you write Domestic Flufflies / Bitch mares and Smarties remind me of my pug, Always barking at so noise that happens and starts barking if you leave her alone for 5 minutes.

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I imagined Fluffies were designed to always be talking, due to their new status as bio-toys they needed a more direct way to keep in contact with their owner and let them know if anything was wrong, whilst also delivering the Hasbio Trademark ‘Fwuffy Wub Yu’ good feeling.

Of course this was back when they were still a toy, now released as broken ferals, Fluffies have to vocalise every thought in their head because they don’t know how to shut up.


I want to see more of this man’s experiments. :heart:


Wow basically just tests and more tests for curiosity and medical stuff and fluffies are just test subjects, funny they too dumb to know the worst happen to their body. :man_facepalming::sweat_smile:

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Deimos is related to another character I’ve already introduced, there’s a chance we’ll see him again

So, with the reattachment failing because of a fluffies’ healing rate and likely an increased decay rate of their bodies, would it be possible (though very expensive, time consuming, and still likely to fail) to reattach a limb, in your universe, if the healing/scarring area were to be cut away while each nerve/vein/artery/tendon were individually reconnected if given that the severing were recent enough and the limb was properly preserved to varying degrees of “success”?

Yes, I know I’m being unnecessarily excessive, but it is an itch in the back of my mind that needs scratching. Lol

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Theoretically yes but the healing factor works on both the Fluffy and the severed limb, you’d need two surgeons working in tandem on each wounded area plus potentially a third surgeon to reattach the limb as soon as possible.

Plus Fluffy anesthesia doesn’t exist so you’ll need another body or two to hold the Fluffy down while it’s limb is sewn back on with little time for care or patience, as well as another body on top of that to keep scardies poopies at bay.

The tiny window for success, amount of bodies involved, amount of constant and clear communication and high potential for infection regardless means that any possibility isn’t worth the time, cost or effort to even try.

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Completely understand, the keyword was “possible” and that doesn’t mean probable. :grinning:

Thanks for humoring me.

Now it makes me want to read a story were the fluffy wants it leg back and has to endure a “successful” reattach and all the pain and horror involved only for it to lose a different leg and be presented with the same option again.

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“Well TS-72, it’s taken a lot of time and tears, but we’ve successfully reattached your leg.”

“YAY, Tee-Ess Seben-Twu hab weggie bak, hab biggesh heawt happis an…”

“72 watch out for the ed…”





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And thus the first pillowfluff was born

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And thus the first self-imposed, happy/content pillowfluff was bor…created?


I wonder if they tried fresh donors’ legs?
pillow a few smarties or brats to donate leggies to fluffies in need to get some crazy Frankenstein look!

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Same issue, unless you have the bodies to have everything done as quick as possible - with even more bodies to handle two Fluffies and two lots of scardie poops - then, in the BFM-Verse at least, limb attachment won’t work.