Reborn in Metal pg 1-2 by Shadowstein


Holy shit look who is back.


Brütal. Love it.

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i posted on reddit first but the attention i got when i posted the second page left me… “wanting”. I was wondering if most of the fandom had migrated to and look at this! people are commenting already!


The community is in a bit of remiss at the moment, but i’m sure things will pick back up again.
Especially now its dark and cold outside.
Besides fluffies are in your blood and you can’t shake em.
They always drag you back in.


Just in time for Halloween! Welcome back! :slight_smile:

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Where the fuck have you been with the best fluffies to ever grace this fandom!?

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Return of the king

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Everybody seems to gloss over the fact that Demento’s real name is Craig.


It's the Craig-a-thon. - YouTube

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THOUGHT YOU DIED!! Wooo! Glad your back!!!


Oh mortis! :scream:

Wow a terminator fluffy :flushed:

Good to see you back!

Excited screeching

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yay mortis


(Is this darkside Fixer and Snakefood?)

Hell yeah, I love these three guys. So many great stories, but saving Waz was amazing. Great to see more.

Just to clarify, he only calls himself waz becaus Lazarus is to troublesome for the young fluffy’s tongue.

Hahaha, I guess his zombie fluffy gonna die again.

Dude, he cant die even if you killed him…