Reborn in Metal pg 11 by Shadowstein


Sorry for making you guys wait so long for what basically amounted to filler (or fluff) content. I assure you the next page will be much more worth while and features more of Mortis and Arnold.


Filler is important, interested to see what’s next. Hang in there Lazarus


Love the mad scientist cackling and lightning effect , added the 6th panel its almost an aura on Jimmy its hilarious :joy:


ITS BACK!(sets off fireworks scaring half a dozen fluffies )

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Jimmy is essentially how my friends and I act around each other

It’s great to see you around again!

i love that they’re both cringe in there own ways and i love them so much for it <3

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(post deleted by author)

Thats actually a good way of putting it

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I cannot wait for more, but if im gonna be h9nest i prefer the longer wait with more content rather than a shorter wait for less content.