[Redacted] report 2 by (that1hugboxer)

This is a continuation of [Redacted] report 1 by (that1hugboxer)

As we delved deeper into the tunnels we found an impossibly large “room”

It had its own sky, its own sun, its own moon and stars, it’s own day and night cycles.

Just what the Hell were these Hasbio scientists doing down here?

Aside from the tunnel leading in the “room” went on seemingly forever in all other directions.

Something was in the “room” with us something almost entirely invisible aside from their eyes. We could not see their bodies but we certainly felt them pounce upon us. We felt teeth sink into our flesh but we were not harmed in any way physically.

It was as if we were being mauled alive by invisible hounds yet we could not die . One of us made the mistake of trying to view them through night vision goggles. He dared not describe the hounds true appearance yet he stated it was not displayed in night vision but in regular colors. As we trekked forward. We came upon a towering manor constructed of warped creaking wood styled like a late Victorian era estate.

As your team enters the manor. The walls were packed floor to ceiling in a wide assortment things . Each of you saw different things. Toys, furniture, glassware, memorabilia, things you had seen in your childhood, things you had wanted but never got around to actually owning. One of the crew recognized a science fair metal that they would have won if their competition hadn’t sabotaged their project. For you it was a remote control paddle boat that had been lost when your sister took it out to the river without asking you.

As your team climbed the stairs the floor creaked and bowed but never gave way. The second floor was filled with sentimental things like the movie tickets from your first ever date, there was a blackboard with phone numbers you had forgotten, the truck that one of the team members had rebuilt with their grandfather.

The third floor held things you and your team had dreamed of. A Rolex watch commemorating 45 years of service to the community. A degree in a field that one of your teammates had only just dabbled with the idea of pursuing.

The fourth floor was much larger than any of the previous floors combined. The hounds were back only this time they were far more aggressive with several attacking each of you at once.

Your team had no other choice but to retreat.

The hounds followed you down the other floors and into the “room” even following you back into the tunnels.

Their growls and barks echoed throughout the winding catacombs. As you finally reached the surface you could still hear them panting and scratching at the metal door behind you. Your team did not sign up for this , you were called in to remove hazardous materials such as uranium glass not whatever the Hell that was. The Harper valley hazmat team is not qualified to handle this site.


I really want to know more about this place. It sounds oddly familiar.

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I’ve seen it before In in a nightmare.

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Sounds about right. I really want to see one of the hounds.

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I plan on revealing their true forms in the end

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They went through the looking glass.

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Ooh, nice!

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