Requests? (Chebanx)

Hey, I feel like being creative tonight. Lately I’ve been posting characters other than just Brownie n Door, and thats been fun, so I wanna do more of that.

You can request pretty much whatever (box, theme, prompt, etc) just be aware I probably won’t draw your ocs, just never something I’ve been comfortable with. Feel free to still suggest them tho, maybe they’ll inspire me!


Draw a kitsune fluffy ?
like Rambo here

or like these adoptables

A masochistic fluffy ejaculating while being strangled much to the horror and disgust of his abuser


Could be worse.
The abuser could be really in to it.
And they have this weird creepy relation with their fluffy.


Fluffy sucking it’s own dick in front of house guests.

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Sea-fluffy please :heart: I bet you can do a good one,since your anatomy is always so smooth.

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I’d like to see more fully colored art of Doorknob since there is so little of it.

Maybe a nice little drawing of Doorknob as a baby?
Maybe even with her mummah Bella?


Also, other things you could draw…

  • Fluffy interacting with an actual animal ( horse, cat, dog,…)

  • Fluffy seeing themselves in the mirror for the first time and their reaction to it

  • Fluffy eating ice cream too fast and getting brain freeze

  • Anything holiday themed ( don’t know if you celebrate Christmas or something else so )


Figures you would.
Kitsune fluffies for me and sea fluffies for thee.

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A fluffy aboslutely packed in warm clothes (like, 3 sweaters, 5 jackets, a big ol scarf, and boots.) Ready to face the snow! (Its cold over here so its the inspo lmao)


That would be adorable!

First idea that comes to mind is the Human Centipede- but with fluffies! Maybe not with ‘bad colors’…maybe with the more desirable ones, or smartys?

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Horrifically interesting

Death by croquet mallet and/or balls

Do you mean death by balls or ball smashing

Fluffy Stalker from Monolith with flag of his faction.
Scenery: half industrial half swamp. Gas anomaly on the horizon.

Im gonna be honest I have no idea what any of that means

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Yeah I’m sorry what the hell am I looking at lol

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Wiki about game series called Stalker. Monolith guys wear nice camo.