Ricky's Fun Fluffy Surgery Channel: Titsplosion (by recreationalsadist)

Dr. Ricky Guerra accidentally recorded the first party of what he was saying.

“-Communists will either be put to work or thrown out of helicopters once I’m in charge.”

He turns to the camera, not realizing viewers heard about his communist-elimination plans.

“Hi! Today’s surgery was very simple: I took a mare who just gave birth and sealed her teats.”

He motions to a lime green earthie mare with a blue mane.

“Say hi to everyone, Burst.”

Burst happily waved a hoof.

“Hewwo! Can Buwst pwease habe babbehs nao, babbehs need Mummah Buwst’s miwkies!”

Ricky nodded.


He put Burst’s foals in front of her.

Burst cooed and picked up two of her foals, placing them at her teats.

“Mummah wubs babbehs, babbehs wub Mummah, dwink aww da miwkies, gwow up big and stwong! Huh, wai babbehs nu dwink Buwst’s miwkies? Am sumting wong?”

Burst’s foals were incapable of drinking since Burst’s teats had been sealed.

Burst put her front hooves down by her teats.

“Huu, Buwst’s miwky-pwaces nu feew pwetty.”

Burst’s teats rapidly swelled up with milk until they took up the majority of her body.

Then Burst exploded like an overfilled balloon, spattering everything in the room with blood and milk. Burst’s foals blinked, then began trying to lick up the milk, uncaring of the fact that their mother had just exploded and died because they were too young to realize what happened.

Ricky got out from behind the protective shield he’d ducked behind and winked.

“100% of my surgeries can be replicated if you’ve got the necessary tools and experience.”

He points at the camera and flashes a brilliant smile while stomping on Burst’s foals.

“Give me the power and I will eliminate the communists and become a dictator! Remember to like, subscribe, and donate to the multiple websites I collect money from. You exist to give me money and power, I care nothing for anybody except myself, use code ‘Titsplosion’ to save-”

The rest of the video isn’t important.


Yep, I can name a few officials he could pass for.

He should have let the foals starve.


He has my vote.

“As a fellow man of medicine, I was only able to play god with fluffies, but even then that was heavily frowned upon. Thanks to Dr. Ricky Guerra, I will now be able to perform my recreational surgical procedures on those extremist hugboxers, who are the reason why everything’s gone to shit!”

Vote Dr. Ricky Guerra for Office 20XX - “I’m a red flag, and I’m proud of it!”