Rimworld Fluffies?

I was wondering if the community would ever want to come up with a fluffy mod for “Rimworld”,

Hug boxers bring them unto a world where they get dragged off by the smallest of animals, or

Abusers have to fend off waves of Fluffies from eating their crops (It’s a thing that happens in

Rimworld) I’m surprised no one has ever come up with this Idea and I hope the community likes

the sound of this as a mod.

Rimworld is a survival/colony game where your colonists have to survive several conditions on

that planet and surrounding factions that may or may not try to kill you. There are diseases and

creatures that will attack you or are outright dangerous to attack, such as boomalopes and


I propose the Fluffy mod, for all your abuser needs (In a world unhospitable to the fluffies) You

can cook them, cut off limbs, and take organs from them possibly, or farm them for fluffy meat

however hungry you are.


As a mod for ?
We don’t exactly have many fluffy games as is.

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As a mod for rimworld as stated in the first sentence


Might help if you expand this request a bit.
Not everybody knows about Rimworld.

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Thank you friend

God I was just talking about this. I love RimWorld and trying to keep them alive in such a dangerous would sounds fun as hell

I just have to learn to make a mod!


I’m thinking of paying a friend to make a mod

Theres a mod thats very similar to what he does, but unless theres a guy skilled in C# we wont be

using that code

that and we may need a artist for the sprite work

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Maybe put together a gofundme or other crowdfunding type thing to get a sprite artist and a programmer/modder to make this. It sounds like a really cool idea and it will be a lot easier to achieve than making an entire game by scratch.

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Im just bring up game mechanics of the game and the mods that may accomplish things that Im not skilled enough to do, no way in hell am I saying Im coding a game lol