RL fluffcake (by forgot)

I tried to eat him but he kept chirping, should I throw him to the trash?


Time to go back in the sorry cupcake box


Just wait till it sleeps at night.
Sneakiest midnight snack so far.


Royal icing forced down their throat

It’s the end of the day at the fluffy bakery that you work at. The produce that has not sold needs to be cleared away. You turn to look at the twenty or so fluffy cupcakes, their little faces poking out from the side of the icing with little smiley faces, all looking up at you “Where aww da odah mummahs and daddehs go?”

They don’t understand why all the people have stopped coming, how could they? They were only baked today, and they won’t be good to sell tomorrow, so they have to go in the trash. At least that’s what your dickhead boss says, he won’t let you give them away to the homeless, sell them at a discount near the end of the day or even just take them home for yourself.

So wordlessly you scoop all of the unfortunate unsold fluffy cupcakes into a bowl and carry them out back, picking up the bottle of bleach on the way. Upon opening the bin out back you can see some of the fluffy cupcakes from yesterday, you look for a moment and spy just the one still somewhat alive, a single eye looking up at you, they make no sound, the rest of their face a mess of soggy pastry.

The fluffy cupcakes in the bowl however are peeping and chirping, complaining about how being smooshed together in the bowl is making them less pretty. This stops for a moment as you tip them into the bin, they bounce around reaching their final resting points amongst the detritus, before the peeping, chirping and complaining gets louder.

You need this job unfortunately, otherwise you wouldn’t be unscrewing the top of the bleach, you sadly say “sorry little guys” as you pour a good two cups of bleach over the new additions to make them inedible, a fate worse than death to any bread fluffy. You can hear them huu-huu’ing over their fate as you close the bin and walk away.


Artisan Crafts Damn, I didn’t realize that was a legit category. And with bread fluff? That sir is glorious!

Ace and AmbitiousLeather8309 will probably be nagging me until I post some, heh.

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