Rosie And Blue Part 7 By MuffMan


I did not expect them to survive that.
Well done.


Pretty sure this is part 6? Eh fuck it, counting is hard.


Am done guys…

Ha! Nah, i still have a shit ton to post.
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Not at all dude.
I appreciate the help.

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Holy shit, I thought his arms were blown the fuck off that purple foal.

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I remember this classic. Oddly i kinda wanted to see these two get out ok.

The struggle continues!

The lil purple foal is so cute! I am also surprised they survived that. Also fluffies really don’t like water, but I’ve never thought of why. Maybe they’re more likely to suffer from hypothermia then a normal animal? Like when some domesticated rabbits get soaked they can go into shock and even slip into hypothermia if they aren’t dried off.


They hate water because they drown incredibly easy


Did they seriously survive? Well, there are many headcanons where it is explained that despite being fragile, they have a lot of resistance, although normally they should drown, curious. The same personally the fluffys should know how to swim almost all animals instinctively know how to float and swim except the family of monkeys

Hello Muff!
hey, is it possible that you have an image with better resolution?
I want to translate it for the Hispanic community.

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Do you mean the full pic with a better res?
Or just that panel?

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the full picture, if it’s not too much trouble.
is that after all the translation process it looks like a 144p video.

Fantastic, cant wait to see more

Sooner or later, they too shall perish.

ya really hate to see it.