Rosie : prologue part 1: by : Princessbitch4

This is the story of Rosie a mare who sadness and horror in her life. Her story begins with her mother snowball, she was a beautiful mare with a pure white coat and honey colored mane. Snowball was loved by her owners so much that they let her have a slightlt used dog bed on their front porch. That may have been a mistake on their part, because a lone smarty apeared. The smarty saw snowball decided he wanted her as his special friend. He gains her attention to him in the form of " pwetty mawe am fwuffy’s speshuw fwend nao. gib fwuffy speshuw huggies nao!" The mare turned her head to see the lavender and pink stallion. Snowball’s eyes wided as she remembers that her mummah warned her about smarties and their behavior. " Nu. snowbaww nu wan’ smawty speshuw fwend." She said running inside the house trying to get away from the mean smarty. Unfortunately the stallion followed her in. He cornered her in her own safe room. time skip 5 minutes later As he was giving her bad special huggies snowball’s owners came into her saferoom and saw what happened her.

Jem and Heidi were horrified by what happened to their sweet and kind fluffy. They saw the little bastard that did this and grabbed him by the his neck fluff. Jem did what most fluffy ownera would do to smarties and tortured the fluffy. Heidi went to snowball and took her to the vet immediately. timeskip 1 hour later snowball ended up pregnant. She was so sad, this was not the way she wanted babbies. Snowball did her normal routine of eating, potty time, play time then night time sleepy story.

The stallion however was partially pillowed and vocal cords removed. He was to watch his babies grow up without knowing who he was.

timeskip 2 months later snowball was huge like a watermelon and just about read to pop. Jem took the day off to spend time with and help her give birth. The lavender stallion behind the fluffy proof glass wall and overjoyed and angry. Overjoyed at the fact the babbies are here and angry that he can’t speak or interact with the monster humans to give them ’ sowwy poopies’ for giving him owies.

Snowball couldn’t move because she was so pregnant. She still has nightmares so she can’t be really be happy. Suddenly a pain bursts through her to her special place. She screams loudly yelling “Biggest poopies babbehs coming! mummah daddeh hewp snowbaww!” They rushed in and catch the first foal and cleaned him up and placed him on the tit. The foal was a purple Pegasus. The next on was red unicorn with the same honey colored mane as her mother, she got the other tit. The last two were boys, both were earth colored foals. They were pretty big newborns, but just like the first two they got there mother’s milk. Snowball was happy her babies were here, but she was so tired and so were they. They snuggled together and slept.

To be continued…