Rosie's story part 1 by : Princessbitch4

Snowball’s foals were old enough to eat soft kibble. They were playing outside which was entirely fluffproofed. Rosie the young little fluffy went inside to nap. When she made it inside the saferoom when a sudden noise startled the foal. She started crying and screaming because it frightened her. Rosie reluctantly followed the sound whimpering quietly. When the young unicorn got to the glass wall. She leaned forward towards the glass, when suddenly the smarty behind the glass barrier showed his face, she then proceeded to scream and shit herself. Rosie cried for her mummah and daddy.

Jem heard rosie scream from outside and ran to see what happened. He walked into the saferoom with snowball and the little ones trailing behind her. “Rosie sweetheart what’s wrong? Is that poop on the floor?” Jem questioned her. Rosie now calmer in her mother and brother’s hugs said" It was scawy munsta obah dewe daddeh. Wosie am sowwy fo’ makin’ bad poopies on dah fwoow." Jem looked to where pointed which was the glass wall.

Jem thought’ it wasn’t her fault that she was scared. It was that stupid shitrats fault.’ Jem went over to where the smarty was kept. Hauled him out and showed them. Snowball was gasping and held her babies close."This here is a smarty. Smarties are bad and this one hurt your mother just before you were born little ones. He hurt your mummah so badly that she had scary dreams for a long time.“Jem said to them. " Right Snowball?” Snowball wasn’t shaking as much but she still had fear in her eyes. " Daddeh am wite babbehs. That am bad fwuffie."Snowball agreed with Jem. Rosie and the others were stunned that there was a bad fluffy.

Later that day the smarty was taken back behind the glass wall. Heidi returned home around the same time. Jem told her what happened. “Oh dear, i suppose its time to get rid of him.” Heidi said thinking about the situation. Then suddenly Jem had an idea. " Hey my love i have an idea. Lets become breeders, that way we could safely make money and let our fluffies have babies in a good and controlled environment." He said excitedly. Heidi was taken back ’ what went through his mind for that?.. Nevermind it doesn’t matter because once he puts his mind to something he wants to do, he does it.’

“Sure why not. Im sure our fluffballs will be happy to have new friends.” Heidi said agreeing with her husband. “But where are we gonna get enough space and fluffies for that honey?” Jem just smirked and said " You remember my parents old barn in the countryside right? My parents contacted me the other day and asked me if i wanted it. I told them yeah i did." He told his wife with such joy.

To be continued…

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