Royal Purple by (that1hugboxer)

For the first time ever you feel safe, the voice of new mumma is calm , soothing, gentle and above all else kind. From the moment you were born life had been nothing but misery. Old mumma made you eat last ,the milk was always barely enough to keep you alive. Old Mumma made you sleep on the outside of the fluff pile. Then came the day old mumma traded you to a mean smarty who gave the worstis hurties to your poopie place. Your see places were still closed but you ran blindly your malnourished body in agonizing pain with every step. And then when all your strength was gone and you collapsed from exhaustion.someone found you . They gently picked you up and put you somewhere warm. You could hear the smarty who hurt you crying and begging for a long time as he was tossed back and forth in what you now know was a truck bed. New Mumma gives you as much milk as you need. She hugs you and cleans you and sings to you every day. A long time passes and your tummy and body no longer hurt or feel weak. The pain in your poopie place goes away in due time. Then after a little while longer your see places finally open. Your first sight after adjusting to the light is New Mumma .

She is slender, her skin fair, her eyes a soft blue, golden blonde hair that reached the middle of her back. She wore a white sleeveless sundress that stopped just below her knees . Her nose was small with a cluster of freckles on its rounded tip. Her small thin lips only slightly darker than the rest of her face. She had slightly bushy blonde eyebrows a little lighter in color than the hair on her head.

“Hello little one.” She said softly.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

“You are going to need a name.” She thinks for a moment before it comes to her.

“Oo what about Atilla!?”

You wag your little tail in excitement.

“Then it’s settled. From now on your name is Atilla.”

It was during your first bath that you saw your reflection in the mirror. Solid purple with a bulbous ,lopsided head,misshapen hooves and a crooked tail. You were startled to tears by your own appearance. Is this why old mumma made you eat last? Why you were forced to sleep on the outside of the fluff pile? Why mumma traded you to that awful smarty? And yet… new mumma wasn’t scared of you. She loved you regardless of how you looked.

“My sweet Attila don’t worry Mumma
Zoey will get you all cleaned up and afterwards I’ll give you lots of hugs and kisses.”

The wahwah was scary but the promises of hugs and kisses from Mumma helped put you somewhat at ease. And as promised once new mumma was finished she hugged ,kissed and even read you a story. Halfway through the story you feel your eyelids getting heavy, and moments later you fall into a deep sleep.


It would be interesting to know what happened to the smarty.


Oh I have an entire story dedicated to his (the mean smarty’s) fate .Fluffnoccio by (that1hugboxer)

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Aww the ugly fluffling​:duck::swan:

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