Rudy Chapter 3: Once a Poopie Babbeh... (Hedgehog)

Rudy was having the bestest sleepytime picture. He was being hugged by his daddy, who was the bestest daddy, and getting all the bestest scratchies, and being called a good fluffy, which was nice. He was so warm in his new bed, with his blanky and cuddling his stuffy friend. How he loved hugging his stuffy friend, even though he had only had it for a few forevers. This was the best he had ever slept…Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

“SCREEEEE!” There was a wet plopping sound as Rudy made scaredy poopies. His eyes were wide with terror as his nestie rumbled, and that horrible sound was so scary! There must be a monster! "Peeeeep cheeeeep! Pwease nu get Wudy, scawy munstah! Am onwy widdew babbeh! PEEEEP!"

Rudy ran to the edge of his nestie, trying to climb up the side, but he was too short. He was still just a baby, it wasn’t his fault! He sobbed as the loud sound went on for soooo many forevers until he saw daddeh’s big strong arm reach over and defeat the mean glowy green monster, making it silent! He wanted to cheer for daddeh, but he was still so scardy!

“Huuu huuu…peep…daddeh sabe Wudy…su scawdies…sniff.” Snot ran out of his nostril as he sniffled, sitting back on his feces caked rump, his fur covered in it once again. His nestie didn’t smell pretty anymore, and even stuffy friend had gotten hit! Rudy ran over to Stuffy, hugging him despite the poopies. “Su sowwy fow bad poopies…cheep…pwease nu be saddies…dem am scawdie poopies fwom gween gwowy munstah!”

Suddenly Rudy felt himself getting upsies. Daddeh’s uppies! He was talking to Rudy, need to focus.

“…just the alarm clock Rudy. It helps Daddy wake up…jeeze…your poor kitty. I’ll have to give Kitty a bath.” Daddy carried Rudy into the scary bath place, and he shuddered.

“Daddeh…chirp…Wudy nu smew pwetty bu…nu wan baf gain…” Rudy was on the verge of crying again. Water was so scary, and bad for fluffies. He felt Daddeh stroke his back, whispering sweet words to him.

“Remember your last bath? It felt good didn’t it?”

Sniff…wewww…Wudy smeww pwetty afta…bu nu wike wawa, it am su scawy. Daddeh gib wicky cweans to gud fwuffy Wudy?” He looked up at daddeh with hopeful eyes.

Daddeh shook his head though, his head fluff all sticking up, which made Rudy want to giggle, or would if he wasn’t so scared of the coming water. “You have to be clean, or you will get sick. Come on, it will be quick, and then I’ll get Kitty clean for tonight when you go to bed. Can you be a brave fluffy for daddy?”

Can he be a brave fluffy?? He wasn’t sure…he had never really been brave before. His blue brother had always been the brave one. He wasn’t even sure what it meant, though he had a bit of an idea. He could be brave, for daddy. He nodded, setting his face, trying to hide how scared he was. “Wudy be gud, bwave fwuffy fow daddeh. Wudy wub daddeh.”

“I love you too buddy.” Rudy did his best to be brave, and for an eighteen day old foal, he did as best he could.

SMEK SMEK SMEK was the sound in the quiet, broken down farmhouse this morning after bath time. Rudy was once again drinking greedily from a dropper, cuddled up in John’s hand as he fed the foal formula. He found it so cute how he smacked and his little belly rounded out from all the milk. When it was done, the little brown foal looked like he was ready to take a long nap. John set Rudy down on the ground and grabbed his computer, sitting down on the couch.

“Wa daddeh doin?” Rudy asked, rocking up on his back legs and planting his front legs on the couch, standing up, but far too short to get up by himself.

“I’m looking into how to take care of you better. I’ve never had a fluffy before. You can explore the house if you want, just don’t go near the stairs and let me know if you need to use your litterbox.”

“Otay daddeh! Wudy gonna 'spwowe!” He waddled off, his gait ungainly still.

John watched him go, smiling. He would have to talk to him about John going back to work tomorrow, but that could come later. For now, he needed some more knowledge. He pulled up some websites, and grabbed his phone, pulling up Letty’s contact info. She had been so helpful at the store, hopefully she had meant it. Plus, she was pretty cute, maybe he would get a date out of it as well.

‘Hey, this is John, from Fluffmart last night. Hoping to pick your brain a bit, hope you are having a good day.’ He sent it and cringed. God he texted like an old man, and he wasn’t even old yet. While he waited on a response, he browsed the various forums about fluffies. Lucky for him, there were a ton of them. A lot of them were not what he was looking for, more about how to torture the poor things then take care of them. He also found out more how the law around them works in his state. You can’t just kill them in public, that was considered disturbing the peace, though doesn’t look like it is strictly enforced. Otherwise, what you did with them in private was your business. You couldn’t even be charged for animal abuse if you hurt or killed one that belonged to someone, property damage at the worst. He was starting to read more into this when his phone buzzed.

‘I remember, whats up dude?’

‘Well, I have been doing some reading, and I’m concerned about how the laws work. I know a lot of people don’t like fluffies, and I want to make sure Rudy is protected.’

‘Best advice is keep him home or with you at all times. There are play groups, and fluffy parks that can be good for socializing. Do your research first. Get him chipped as well. I know a good vet that does it and she is really good. She won’t do it unless you get him fixed too, unless you have a breeding license, which you don’t.’

‘Got it. I was already planning on getting him fixed. I’ll get an appointment if you’ll send a link. Btw, as a thank you for all your help, can I buy you a drink one night?’

He held his breath on that one, hoping for the best. Hopefully she didn’t think he was a creep.

‘Sure, but I’m gay, so be aware of that.’ She sent a laughing face with that one. He figured that wasn’t the worst answer. He didn’t really have any friends in Burkeville.

‘Yeah no problem, tomorrow night?’

‘Sounds like a plan, hit me up with the deets.’ She also sent over a link to the Burkeville animal clinic. On their front page it specified that they were fluffy friendly.

John smiled and set an appointment online for the following day. He had just confirmed it when he heard Rudy scream and come running out from under his chair, a trail of poop behind him. God…damn it.

“Otay daddeh! Wudy gonna 'spwowe!” The brown foal trotted around the big room in a circle a few times. He saw a large black rectangle that was high up on a stand. He liked shapes and ran over to it, hopping on his hind legs and trying to climb. He got about five inches off the ground before he lost his footing and tumbled to the ground. The impact hurt his rump! “Owies…peep!”

Shaking off this set back, he decided to explore something else. Daddeh was staring at his…ceww fone…whatever that was. He was smiling though and that made Rudy smile too! He wandered out of the big room to another big room. He knew this one! The big table was where daddeh had set him down his first night in his new housie! Feeling nostalgic, he ended up wandering into the kitchen, the tile floor cold on his hoofsies. This made him giggle as he clopped across, his hoof pads making soft thocks as he went. He looked at a big dark glassed door in front of him, and saw another fluffy looking back at him!

“Hewwo nyu fwiend! Babbeh am Wudy!” Rudy thought this fluffy was very pretty, with brown fluff like his! But his new friend kept talking while Rudy tried to talk, though he couldn’t hear it with his hear-places. The foal got frustrated trying to talk to the glass fluffy and huffed, turning his back on him.

He wandered out of the kitchen and had a moment of panic. How did he get back to daddeh?! He was lost! Then he turned in a circle and saw daddeh still sitting on the couch. He cheered and trotted back into the room. His legs were getting tired from all this excitement and he looked for somewhere cozy to lay down for a nice nap. He saw a big chair off to the side and wandered over. It was much too tall to climb on, but he could fit underneath. He got under and it was sort of dark, which he didn’t like, and was about to leave when he saw something move that caught his attention deeper in.

Moving further in under the chair in search of what it was. Then he saw it, a strange creature with too many leggies on it! Rudy tried to be brave like daddeh had told him, slowly approaching. "He…hewwo nyu fwiend? Chirp! " The creature didn’t move, and Rudy wondered if it was sleeping. He had just decided maybe he didn’t want to be under here when it moved. It turned, way too many eyes staring at him! It started running on all those legs and Rudy couldn’t help but run! He turned and scrabbled, trying to find traction for a moment, almost tripping on his own legs.

“SCREE! DADDEH! SABE BABBEH FWOM LEGGIE MUNSTAH!” A trail of scardie poopies followed behind him as he ran, fear making his eyes bulge as tears welled up in his eyes. He saw daddeh stand up and he ran to his leg, hugging on to it and pointing a hoof at the chair. “Weggie munstah gonna get Wudy! Peep cheep! Daddeh sabe Wudy!”

“Okay okay, you’re okay buddy. Now you need another bath though…going to have to figure out how to keep this from happening.”

Oh poopies…

John spends the rest of the morning playing with Rudy after giving him a bath. He puts Rudy in his foal box for a nap as he gets a phone call. Rudy is so cute as he snuggles under his blanket, suckling his hoof as he begins to coo in his sleep. He looks at his phone and sees the caller ID: Larry Henderson. Fuck, it was his boss.

He answered the call after a few rings. “Hey Larry, what’s up?”

Larry’s voice on the other end of the call was annoyed and short as always. “McCoy, where the hell are you? Michelle said you left early yesterday, and haven’t been seen all day.”

“I had some personal things come up, but I will be back tomorrow…”

Larry made a shushing sound. “No, you’ll come in right away if you want to keep your job. This off time wasn’t cleared ahead of time. Consider it denied. Get your ass here now!”

John hung the phone up without answering, weighing his options. He could not go, and probably wouldn’t be fired. Though, he figured Larry would just take it out on Michelle then, and she definitely didn’t deserve that. He sighed and went into his bedroom, quietly getting his things together to go to work so as not to wake the sleeping foal. After he had everything gathered he would mix some formula and set it up in Rudy’s foal box that he had crafted from a delivery box. He gently stroked the brown foals back to wake him slowly.

Eventually, Rudy’s eyes opened and he looked up at John, blinking slowly. “Waa…? Chirp! Why daddeh wakies Wudy? Nu donsie wit nappies.”

John picked him up and held him close to his chest. Rudy’s little legs did their best to wrap around John’s body, giving the best huggies he could. “I have to go to work. Do you know what that means?”

Rudy thought for a moment, his head cocking to the side. “Wudy nu know wut dat mean daddeh. Wut am wowk?”

“Work is a place I have to go and do things that are not fun. They give me money, which is how I get your milk and toys and the house we live in. Does that make sense?”

“Yus, daddeh gib Wudy bestest housie and toysies eba! Wub daddeh! Wudy gunna gu to wowk wit 'ou?”

John felt his smile falter. “No buddy, you have to stay here. I will be back later, and I’ll play with you before bed time.”

Rudy’s excitement at the prospect of going somewhere new melted almost instantly. His bottom lip quivered, tears welling in his eyes. “Bu…bu…but nu wan daddeh to weab Wudy. Wudy wub 'ou. Peep! Nu weab Wudy, pweeeze daddeh!” He hugged tightly to John, his body shuddering.

John rubbed his back before pulling him off and holding the foal at eye level with him, gently cradling his bottom in his hand. “Now now, I need you to be a brave boy for me. Can you do that Rudy?”

Rudy sniffled, blinking fat tears out of his eyes to roll down his cheeks. That was when John noticed his cheeks and his body were starting to fill out, no longer looking one missed meal away from starving. “Otay…Wudy be big bwave fwuffy. Nu be bad babbeh…nu be poopie babbeh…”

John didn’t really know how to respond to that, but was happy he had seemed to get through to the foal. He set Rudy down and pointed to the bottle of milk. “I made you some milk. Don’t drink it all at once. Drink about half, and then the other half when you get hungry again. I should be home by then.” He ruffled the top of his head, making the fluff stick up a bit and his ears twitch.

Rudy didn’t say anything but just curled up on his bed, his tail tucking between his legs as he cuddled his blanket. He cried but tried to stay quiet, not wanting to make his daddy mad. John watched for a moment, shaking his head. He wasn’t sure if Rudy was actually upset, or if he was trying to manipulate him by being sad. He had read a lot of fluffies try this, especially as they grow up. He didn’t think that was the case here, but what did he know?

Rudy cried himself to sleep, napping until his tummy rumbled, reminding him he was hungry. He slowly crawled to his feet, his cloud blanket slipping off of him as he made his way over to his milk bottle. It was basically a hamster water bottle, and he didn’t like the look of the plastic spout as much as he did the nipple of the bottle his daddy gave him.

He sighed and drank from it glumly, not enjoying it as he had previously. When he was full, he burped and wandered around for a bit, settling himself in front of the small ball. Sitting on his rump, he batted it towards the cardboard wall of his box, watching as it hit and began to roll back towards him. This actually made him smile, a small giggle breaking across his face. He batted it again, harder, and again it rolled back. He giggled louder, clapping his hoofs together in glee. He did this for a few forevers until his tummy gurgled, and he felt the pressure. He needed to poop, but he was having so much fun. He decided daddy would understand, and pooped right there. The liquid feces pooled around his rump, soaking into his fluff and tail as he continued batting the ball.

Rudy didn’t play for much longer when he felt his bottom began to itch annoyingly. “Cheep Nu wike itchies…” He sniffed and smelled the poopies now that he wasn’t so distracted, and didn’t like that either. “Nu smeww pwetty…” He reached his front hooves out and began to drag himself across the floor, leaving a streak of brown behind him like a snail trail. He went all the way to his bed and turned, going back to the other end, trying to relieve the itching. He bumped his ball, making it roll through the shit and stick to them as they dried. Eventually he started just rolling on the ground, so uncomfortable and starting to cry, chirping and peeping pathetically.

Rudy looked around the nestie his daddy had made for him and felt ashamed. He really was a poopy baby. His old momma had been right…Rudy fell asleep sobbing in a pool of his own shit, waiting for John to come home. It had only been two hours…

Apologies for the long delay between entries. Had some family stuff to attend to and was pretty busy. Hope you all enjoy. -Hedgehog



This really illustrated part of why fluffies strike me as uncanny. They’re clearly sentient, and to some degree sapient, but they lack the self-awareness to recognise themselves in a mirror. Even human infants can normally do that around the time they learn to talk. It’s so bizarre, so fundamentally wrong, that a creature can speak and understand human language without understanding its own reflection.

Between that and all the poop, Rudy is damn lucky he’s cute.


Can’t tell if incontinent or just a fluffy.


There is no difference between the two. I wonder if you could constipate a fluffy?


I think it would kill a fluffy

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Cork ‘em, I guess.


I remember a story where they fed a bitch mare laxatives and corked the ass, which made her explode

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Nah, corks can come out. Real constipation has to be helped.

There’s always diapers.

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Really, I was amused that despite being malnourished thanks to neglect, Rudy still managed to take a dump on the guy’s car seat in chapter 2.


I think fluffies automatically keep one in the chamber. You know, for inconvenience.




Guess Rudy is going to have to wear a diaper until he stops being a poopy fluffy.


Physical activity helps circulate shit so him running for dear life after just laying around starving probably worked what was in his lower intestines the rest of the way out.


That’s possible. Then, I’m starting to think Hasbio plugged in the EasyPoop genes for either self defence or shits and giggles.

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