Sad world of Alleyway Fluffies (FluffBooru ID: 47544) (Artist: Titanfluff)


Saw this on youtube with voice dub, kinda sad and its winter that family will freeze to death without the stallion. :pensive:


Reminder that killing FluffControl isn’t a crime in most states.


I would imagine he would get fired or at least a slap on the wrist if he brought a fluffy crying about its family into a shelter.
It would mean he left a group of feral fluffies with the ability to breed in the wild.


Oh, I’m just reminding Hugboxers that stand your ground laws are so insane that as long as the other person isn’t someone important like a police officer or a conservative blogger, you can get off scott free for putting fifteen in their back.


No shitty mare, your special friend gonna die. Just like you and your foals.


What a wide world, this is the first time I’ve seen a person who’s fine with vermin shitting up the streets

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It’s sad but ya know the life cycle of fluffies :pensive:

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Honestly, if the stallion is saying his family needs him, it make more sense to let him go.

That way you can follow him to his best and grab the whole lot.


This is really well constructed and has a wonderful depth to it. Feels like it took a while to design a composition like this.

Old classic, combining sadbox and unintentional abuse in in one tragicomic package! :laughing:

Man: where are they my daughter wants a fluffy family and I don’t have the green for it

Fluffy: down dhere

Man: Welp it’s the colors she like good enough

3 hours later

Man: oh sweetie I’m have a surprise for you

Daughter: what is it dad

Man: a fluffy family with all the earthy colors you like

Daughter; yay thanks you

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Not this time, mare. Not this time.

Oh, lots of detail.