Samaels Fluffy guard (xnightx)

The fluffy guard built and designed by samael from his candidates in his experiments that are loyal to no one but samael and his family and won’t take orders from anyone at less samael says otherwise.
Vector-the firearm and support specialist has wide range of knowledge of every firearm created and has two custom 45. Acp gatlings in his legs and can change the caliber with modifications to provide long range support.
Raven-the espionage and intelligence expert with her detachable limbs she is able to grapple around wherever she wants and due to her innocent like behavior she can gather intel, capture prize targets, as well as assassinations and is still a very capable fighter.
Alpha 1- the leader of the fluffy guard and is only second to samael in terms of combat and intelligence he is equipped with to combat talons implants in his legs to call when ever he wants