Sam's Review: Octamare (Levy_ain_Thaun)

So… SHITRAT Inc. Send me a Octamare for review since i am “Trusted Breeder” and its nice from them but i have trust isues with Mare so lets Review it

First, Package comes with Mare and some sort of syringe that you inject to breed her as instructions say, so i did this and instructions say that i shoud wait for like 4 days, but Ad said that i should wait from 4 to 6 weeks, but i belive that she was already prepared for pregnancy. While injecting seed into her she screamed “WOWSTES SPECHUW PWEACE HUWTIES EBA!!” wich annoyed me… She stopped crying when i gave her some kibble. And 4 days later she gave birth up to 35 Foals, wich is a lot for regular Mare, and guest what? her ‘miwkies’ were removed so she wasnt able to feed her entire litter, so i gave them to mares that i already have…

6 weeks later and she gave a birth to 39 foals and… Just Explodes, and i know, ad mentioned that Octamares can die from “Fluffsplosion” but they didnt mentioed that foals might… sigh “go Fireworks” wich means, that after Fluffsplosion foal might start scream like they have a most painfull special huggies, then they start shitting blood and go flying, util they explode like a damn fireworks… What a Damn mess

Quick Symmary: Not only Mare dies after second use but also her offspring, and if so happens that one of foals has rare colloring, foal explodes like a firework. But on positive side, product works as intended but it has issues that need to be fixed (Plus false advertising)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

So for now Sam has to clean up mass after Fluffsplosion and Firefoals… See ya next time and lets pray that Burts-Mare wont malfunction


Name in title. Short entry.

Product review format is funny and I haven’t seen a fluffsplosion in a while.


Now I need to know what a fluffsplosion sounds like.