Savior Complex Part 1 (By: Jem Mace)

This was just me fucking around on MSPaint when I should’ve been working, but I ended up drawing some more panels on paper. I’ll post them later.


Kids-pick up bats counting down-
Mama-Nuuu pwease nu hwrt mama an babbehs am gud mamma an de gud babbehs-
Kids-starts smashing foals slowly one by one-
Mama crys and begs-BABBEHS NUUUUUUU
kid-breaks mamas legs with bat and start batting practice with foals


That’s pretty poggers

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Bye bye :wave: mare and babies…

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Hahahaha they gonna have a short life the stupid mare and her foals.

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Maybe they will be nice to it. That’s not going to happen, but it’s nice to think about.


Unlikely, the post is tagged as abuse so these kids are probably going to be random psycopath material.


now these kids have the right encouragement to keep practicing a little more.

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Judging by the title I assume one of the boys is gonna save one of the foals (probably the poopie) because of his savior complex but he isn’t going to love him/ care for him because he doesn’t need saving anymore.

Or it could go in the classic abuse the fluffy with a mask on (bonus points if groucho marx mask) and save it (without a mask) later from the monster routine.

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Good boys: “We should take them to a responsible fluffherder where these fluffies can grow healthy and strong and contribute to the local economy!”

Also good boys: “Let’s kill the lot because they’re an invasive species and their deaths will be hilarious!”

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