Saximaphone’s Fluffy RP (Part 16)

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“Pwease bestes daddeh! Pwease take Tubbeh out of sowwie boxie! Tubbeh wan huggies an wub fwom daddeh gain! Tubbeh wiw be gud fwuffy!” Tubby pleads as I open up the box. Thinking he’s learned something, at least temporarily, I take up out.

“Did you learn anything Tubby?” I ask.

“T-Tubbeh weawn dat d-daddeh am stoopi daddeh! Daddeh gib sowwie boxie tu bestes Tubbeh!” he barks up at me again, attempting to give sorry poopies, but failing due to not eating in a while.

I frown down at him, “Do you need to spend more time in there?”

He immediately changes his tone, afraid of going back in the dark alone, “N-nu wike sowwy boxie! Tubbeh be gud fwuffy! Tubbeh be bestes babbeh fo daddeh!”

I smile and pet his little head, “That’s better.”

“Daddeh? Can Tubbeh hab Wiw’ Poopie nao?” he asks, getting a bit excited.

“No you can’t, Tubby. You used Lil’ Poopie to get the other babies in trouble. You were not using your toy properly, so he’s been put in the box with the other toys. Tomorrow is Sketti Day, and you can choose what toys to come back into the room then.”

Tubby gets visibly angry, “D-dummeh daddeh!” he pipes, but stops as soon as he sees my disapproving face. He quiets down a bit as I take him to the safe room.

I come back and see the utter chaos in the safe room. Cheese, Lemon and Hastur are cowering in the bed, which is now covered in scaredy-poopies and peepees. Truffle is very upset and is now yelling at poor squishy about being a wingy-pointy, while Eros tries to give Squishy some very unwanted huggies to feel better. Poor Squishy can’t escape and has no idea what the older poopie munstah is talking about.

I put the still very angry Tubby on the ground while I think of how I can fix this. I knew it would cause a commotion, but I didn’t really think about what I would do after the damage was done… I need to start thinking these experiments through better.

As I’m thinking I see Tubby run right up to the big bottle, only to have the upset Truffle standing in his way.

“Go 'way dummeh poopie! Bestes babbeh nee miwkies nao!” He shouts as he gives her a useless shove.
Truffle turns around, still panicking and shouts at Tubby, “Nu am poopie! Am bwown pointy-wingy babbeh! Nu am munstah! Nu am poopie!”

Tubby tries to shove her again, not budging her at all seeing as she’s almost twice his size, “Nu cawe! Dummeh daddeh put Tubbeh in sowwie boxie! Tubbeh nu wike stoopi dawkie boxie! Tubbeh hab nu nummies ow toysies an now Tubbeh am ANGY!” he puts his whole weight into a push, still doing nothing, “GO 'WAY STOOPI POOPIE! NU WAN DUMMEH POOPIE!”

Truffle, crying and confused, runs for the safety of the bed, causing the other three babies to panic and run away. Truffle is followed by Eros and Wimpy who give her some much-needed huggies as their efforts with Squishy are not working.
Satisfied with his assertion of dominance, Tubby latches onto the bottle and drinks heavily, getting as much as he can until he’s ready to burst. The other fluffies approach him and get to talking.

“T-Tubbeh scawe 'way big munstah fwuffy!” Exclaims Squishy, and the other foals start to chat about how brave Tubby must be, and how he will protect them from the big scary munstahs. Meanwhile, Tubby doesn’t even notice them as he greedily gulps down milkies.
By the time he’s finished he’s bombarded by hugs and praises! “Tubbeh am bwaves babbeh! Tubbeh am bestes! Tubbeh keep hewd safe! Tubbeh am hewo!”

Tubby is a bit confused, having no context of what happened earlier, but he eagerly soaks up the attention. Finally they were coming around and treating him like the bestes babbeh he is!


Afterwards I clean up the aftermath of chocolate and excrement, explaining to the scared babies that it wasn’t a real foal, and that it was made of nummies. I’m not sure if they understood completely, but they seemed to be less upset at least.

For the rest of the day, even leading into the morning, two ‘camps’ have formed amoung the babies.

The next day is Sketti Day, and I give all the babies chocolate and strawberry milk (still don’t know how healthy that is for growing foals), a mushed burger for wimpy (again, no idea how healthy that is), and sketti for the two older ones. This comes out of the stuff already left over, so I only needed to buy a burger.

Burger: $1.89 Remaining Funds: $850.95

“Okay babies, I’m glad that you enjoyed all your treats! Now it’s time to change the toys around! If you have a toy you want to play with, let me know now and I will keep it in the safe room. The other toys will be returned to the box and I will take out new ones!” I explain, eager to finally use my dumb random chart, “Each fluffy can only choose one toy, okay?”

Looking through the box, I decide I will have one toy from my list per fluffy, plus an additional two for variety.

Tubby has been bothering me about Lil’ Poopie for the last two days, so naturally he blurts out his request immediately while the others think theirs over.

[Interactive portion! What toys do the fluffies want to keep? How does the behaviour change over the next few weeks? I’ll need to get some more supplies soon. Give me any kind of events you want!]


i dunno, you find a pair of boltcutters in the mail?

Truffle doesn’t ask for a toy, she doesn’t even want to play. For a day and a half, she sleeps, and mopes. She doesn’t understand why squishy won’t talk to her, why Tubby is allowed to call her poopie, why everyone is suddenly nice to him and mean to her. He’s the one who got everyone in trouble, all she did was eat some chocolate. Chocolate that daddy gave them. And now everyone except Whimpy and Eros are mad at her. She is still terrified of the coming punishment for telling everyone that she was a wingie pointy. Eros does his best to try and comfort her, but after a day of not interacting he gives up and plays with Whimpy. He still checks on her, but he doesn’t know what else to do to help. Huggies didn’t work and that is the extent of fluffy psychological care.

Finally, after two days, she approaches you. “Dadah, Twuffwle nee tawkies wiff ou. Am su sawy. Nu mean tu tew oda fwuffies bout hown. Nu dat Twuffwe desewb sowy boxie, but… Wy oda fwuffies nu wub Twuffwe nu mo?” She pleads further. “Pwees punish Twuffwe. If Twuffwe gu tu sowy boxie, wiw oda fwuffies wub Twuffwe gain?” Then she bursts into tears.

(uuh forgot the toys, trying to reminder them what they were using and what they didn’t have out yet) first one ask for toy mouse, one ask for a ball, one ask for blocks, one toy car, the blind one ask for musical sounding toy, one ask for action figure. last one ask for teddy bear. (close enough)

random event, you look online and there a daycare/class for fluffy at teaches them how to be friendly with other munstah. some who teaches how to be a good smartie, all by adult fluffies under the watchful eyes of the owners and staffs. the price can range to 50 for adult fluffies, and 15 for young ones. their were a 15% off for groups fluffies of more then 5, no bigger then a 10