Scarlet Rot (By TG-89)

I was replaying Elden Ring last night, and happened to have fluffies on the mind when I bumped into Decaying Ekzykes.

I mean hey, I’m sure having your skin melting off and your organs slowly dissolving sucks pretty bad, but I guess it’s still one step above having your soul violated for all eternity by the dung eater. Chin up, buddy!


Can you imagine? The Dung Eater would hate it but i’d bet that just hearing his name poopie babbehs would create a cult around him.


I wonder how a fluffy body react to the curse. The chaos it’d bring while in the middle of a herd.

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Burnie seeing skettis fingers

Lmao, imagining the way fluffies would interact with the world of elden ring is hilarious. Especially those who can talk.

looks more like “when day Brakes”