Scooter goes Cyberbullying (EzPete)

Edit: I originally put this in contro because it includes sexual harrasment and suicide. The fluffy’s owner is a teenager which got a little uncomfortable when I started thinking about implications as I wrote this.

Probably doesn’t need to be contro but I am leaving this disclaimer.

A rather long entry from me taking up about 10 pages in Word.

Inspiration came from this community topic and loosely from Ace’s In App Purchases which is a personal favorite of mine.

Scooter was a rambunctious little red colt. He had a glossy black mane and tail, and his horn, white as bone poked right through it. He was a present to congratulate his mummah Trisha for graduating middle school. Something she asked for in elementary school but had all but forgotten by the time she got him.

He bothered his mummah to no end constantly trying to climb into her dresser to pull out clothing, knocking over the trashcan by her desk to rip up paper, and chewing up any toy he could from rendering the foam blocks into small chunks and tearing all the fluff out of his stuffy friends.

His mummah couldn’t monitor him constantly because of preparations for freshman year and putting a yucky taste spray on everything didn’t work since he would just find something else to chew on. A nuisance more than a reward, Scooter was taken to the vet where he was found to have a high play drive and was under stimulated.

They had experimented with fluffcare early on in the hope that would reduce his pent-up adolescent energy, but after injuring another fluffy playing huggy tag, he learned what a sorry stick was the hard way and was banned from returning.

They threatened to have Scooter fixed which worked for a little but in the long run it caused him to act out even more since it made him think about having wumps and needing a special friend when he grew up. He entered a catatonic wan die loop when they drove him to go to the vet and that was enough for them to change their mind.

Still, he was too destructive to be left alone and Trisha decided to keep him in a sorry box while she wasn’t home. Trisha’s parents chided her to spend more time with him, but she was just too busy.

Arriving home from school one day she took a state-issued tablet from her backpack and tucked it away on her bookshelf, she already had a nice tablet and didn’t need the outdated one the school provided.

She let Scooter out of the sorry box, and he immediately ran to the litter box. “Dank yuu mummah! Skootah make bestest poopies!” He exclaimed. For all his rebelliousness, he did follow all the other rules and wanted his mummah to love him. It was just that he liked to play too hard and there wasn’t enough to play with.

“Maybeh mummah pway wit Skootah nao?” he asked sheepishly. His legs ached from being cooped up in the box all day and he really needed to run around to get some happy feelings.

“Not now, I’m busy with homework. Just play with your ball.” She sighed. The ball was a reinforced rubber and with no edges to bite onto, it was the only toy he hadn’t destroyed. This kept him distracted as she worked through some science homework on her tablet.

But there was only so much even a fluffy could push a ball to one end of a room and back before they grew bored. He ran over to Trisha and began tugging on her pant leg. “Mummah, nu mowe pway bwite bocks games! Pway wit Skootah pwease! Wub mummah suu mannies! Wan Pway!”

She looked down at her tablet. She supposed a fluffy couldn’t tell the difference between clicking through brightly colored diagrams and a game. Still, that gave her an idea, and she grabbed the school tablet off the shelf and checked the app store. Sure enough, there was a “FluffyOS” app which acted just like a normal tablet setup but with easy-to-use fluffy controls.

It had everything: FluffTube, a drawing app, games, a camera app with fluffy friendly filters, a video calling app and even a messenger service for fluffies. She didn’t look more into it and clicked download. It took less than a minute before chiming to indicate the download was done. It required a quick sign up, acknowledging a TOS and app guidelines which she ignored, and a user photo. She snapped a photo of Scooter and then set the tablet down in front of him.

She tapped a button and a complete overlay of fluffy friendly images popped up on screen. “Look Scooter. Now you can play games just like mommah.” She said matter-of-factly before returning to her homework.

“Weawy? Scootah hab bestest mummah ebah!” he exclaimed before diving into the app. He clicked on the drawing app first, a crude crayon drawing of a fluffy and began tapping his hoof on the screen to change colors and draw his bestest mummah hugging him.

The final product was a red blob on top of a tan blob with a splash of color to indicate her clothes. He was distracted for hours trying to figure out all the fine details and even ignored dinner. Eventually he was satisfied with his work and showed mummah.

“That’s great Scooter, mommah needs to go to sleep now.” She said, taking the tablet from him and plugging it in. She turned off the light and went to bed. Only now did Scooter realize he was hungry as he struggled to find his food in the dark and then go lay down in his bed. He dreamt of his drawing and of hugging his mummah.

The next morning, Trisha asked Scooter if he would behave if she let him play with the tablet. He agreed and she reminded him that if he chewed anything up or made a mess he would go back in the box and not get to use the tablet anymore. It was a scary ultimatum, and he had no other choice than to agree.

With that, she left for school with the fluffy app open on the tablet. He clicked on the drawing app and his picture from yesterday came up. He wanted to draw another picture, but he didn’t want to lose this masterpiece. If the save icon had been explained to him, maybe he would have continued.

instead he hit the back button and opened FluffTube, it was essentially third party uploaded FluffTV episodes on demand, fortunately all free, and he spent way too much time watching random clips of foals playing huggy tag, or ball, or blockies, or hide and peep.

He eventually clicked on a video of a mare which involved explaining how to be a good mummah and sharing milkies with all babies. “Good mummahs wet spechow fwens hewp wit bebbehs! Spechow fwen gib bebbehs huggies an wub!” His mind went back to the threats of losing his wumps and he clicked away.

The next video was a fluffy explaining how to play ball tag. He quickly grew confused as did most of the fluffies in the video and tried to back out to search for another video. The app was cheap however and due to an error, the only video he could click on now was the ball tag video which he had no interest in.

This would have resulted in an outburst in a few minutes as he got distressed and began to run around but he had managed to spend the whole day watching videos with only half his breakfast eaten. Trish walked in at that moment having just gotten out of school and scared Scooter by hitting him with the door.

He made scaredy pees as his full bladder from not using the litter box voided. “Screeee owies! huhuhuu” he cried. Trisha apologized for hurting him as she carried him to the sink to rinse his fluff and dry him off. She was use to him being in the sorry box and didn’t expect him to be near the door. She played with him out of guilt until he was all tuckered out before going to do her homework going back to sleep.

The next day she gave him the tablet yet again as, besides his piddle from being scared, he had been well behaved with it and didn’t need the sorry box.

He opened the camera app and began taking photos with different filters, one gave him a flower crown, one made the background Skettiland, one put various fluffTV stars in the frame with him, you get the gist.

This went on for hours until he finally found a pegasus filter. Not an issue, except that he was already a unicorn. He pressed the button and red wings sprung out from his back in the camera view.

“Munstah!” he backpedaled leaving a trail of scaredy poops and pees behind him at the sight of an alicorn on the screen. Even if was him, he didn’t like the idea of being a munstah.

He hid in the corner crying to himself for a while before eventually realizing mummah would punish him for making a mess by sticking him in the sorry box and taking away the bright box. Not that he wanted it anymore with his scary “munstah” experience. But he still didn’t want the sorry box.

begrudgingly, he approached the tablet and was able to lick up his mess without seeing the monster on the screen. He hated every moment of it but got it done before mummah got home. She opened the door slowly and found him curled up on his bed sobbing. She plugged the tablet in and fed him canned skettis to cheer him up.

The next day she set the Tablet out again. “Nuu! Nu wan! Dewe am Munstah in da bocks!” Trisha was confused and opened the app, the camera was still open, and a pair of wings sprouted from her back.

“Scooter it’s just a camera. You aren’t a monst-” She realized what he must have seen and backed out of the camera app. “Let’s just not use the camera. Ok?”

He sniffed. “Otay…” and she set the tablet down in front of him again before leaving for school again.

The Flufftube and drawing apps were useless now, and he was scared of the camera. He tried the video calling app and clicked on various pictures of fluffies to call.

First was a blue Pegasus. “Stoopid dummeh! Make Tiwke woose gamesie!” Tyke hung up from the other end immediately.

Next was a pink filly half his age. “Mummah says nu tawk tu big stwange stawwions!” The call ended.

Next was a tan mare who looked surprised to see Scooter. “Hewwo fwen!” Scooter yelled. The mare began walking over the screen. “Hewwo? Am dat am yuu tummeh bebbehs?” she cried. Her milkie places dragged across the camera before her special place came into frame. He nipples dragged across the call end button and the video stopped.

Finaly he called a brown earthie. “Hewwo Seww! Fwuffeh namesie am Eye-Are-Us! Yuu owe Eye-Are-Us five skettis! Seww hewwo! Seww!” Scooter hung up now, he wasn’t giving a filthy poopy fluff any of his skettis.

This was no fun at all, except for the mare. He backed out and opened up the games tab, why hadn’t he tried this to begin? There were so many options, and he was able to occupy himself the whole day. The games even paused and reminded fluffies to use the litter box if they played one too long.

He played matchies where you matched colors on cards, a special two in a row version of tick-tac-toe for fluffies, something resembling the jumping game on chrome for when the internet was down except that you didn’t have to restart when you crashed, and sorry hoofsies where you beat up a dummy by tapping the screen repeatedly.

Trisha returned home as before and played with Scooter before doing her homework again. She was in a much better mood now that she didn’t have to clean up his messes or deal with post sorry box tantrums, and he hadn’t managed to damage the tablet at all. This had been the best idea ever.

The next day was Saturday and Trisha played with scooter in the backyard before letting him watch FluffTV on the big tv in the living room. On Sunday she sat down with him, and they played together on the app, she cleared the error in the FluffTube app and showed him how to save pictures in the drawing app. She tried explaining the filters in the photo app but that was beyond Scooters ability to understand.

Come Monday she had to return to school and left Scooter with the app. He jumped from app to app occupying himself constantly. Still there was one app he hadn’t clicked on yet. The messaging app. As he opened it he saw an exclamation point letting him know he had a new message. He clicked on it and a picture of a purple earthie mare popped up with a voice message. “Hewwo nyu fwen? Be spechow fwen an gib Junipew spechow huggies?” it played.

An icon popped up for him to respond. “Uhh, Skootah wan spechow huggies buh how am Skootah make spechow huggies fwuu bwite bocks?”

He clicked send and with no immediate response he forgot immediately and began clicking on other fluffies to send messages. “Hewwo! Be nyu fwen?” he sent to most of them.

He clicked on a picture of pretty white pegasus mare with a red mane and felt a stirring in his wumps. “Hewwo pwetty mawe? Name am Scootah! Be spechow fwen?” He clicked send.

He saw a new message from Juniper. “Fwuffeh guu tu fwuff pawk an wook fow Junipew!”

This continued back and forth with her promising the bestest special hugs and the bestest tummy babies for them to raise.

Eventually he got another message from the white and red mare. “Mawee nu wan be spechow fwen wit dummeh scootah!” This broke his heart a little even if Juniper had already promised to be his special friend.

“Dummeh mawe! Scootah gib bestest enfies an make bestest tummeh bebbehs!” he hit send and went back to messaging Juniper until mummah got home. “Mummah! Mummah! Scootah hab bestest nyu fwen! Name am Junipew! Can Skootah gu tu fwuffpawk tu pway wit fwen?”

Trisha laughed at this and said they could go this Saturday at lunch time. Scooter went to the tablet and sent Juniper another message “Mummah am say Skootah gu tu fwuff pawk on satuwdeh at wunchtime! Am dat otay?” before going to eat dinner.

Juniper sent him a message before bed “Daddeh say Sat-uh-deh wunchtime am otay! See Spechow fwen at pawk!”

The week progressed normally with Scooter playing games, watching videos, messaging Juniper, and even messaging other new friends.

Saturday came, and Scooter was so excited he was finally going to meet Juniper and have special hugs. Of course, they kept that part secret from their mummahs and daddehs but he could barely contain both his excitement and wumps as he bounced around the back seat of the car while Trisha drove him on her learners permit.

When he got there, he looked all over for her. After a few hours of running around searching for her he got dejected. He saw one purple fluffy, but it was a stallion. Where was she? She promised she would be there. He felt so betrayed.

He ran back to his mummah with tears in his eyes. “Skootah nu find fwen! Hab biggest heawt huwties!” As he sobbed and hugged her leg, a yellow mare noticed his tears and slowly approached them.

“Hewwo! Pwetteh fwuffeh nee huggies tu make heawt huwties gu aweh?”

Skooter was to engrossed in his self-pity to notice. “Mummah? Can Skootah gu home nao?” Trisha tried to no avail to direct him towards the mare who was trying to console him before finally agreeing to take him home. He sulked in the back seat of the car the whole ride home and he went to bed immediately skipping dinner entirely. He had no appetite.

the next morning he saw a new message from Juniper. “Wewe am spechow fwen? Nu am see at pawk? Junipew wook ebewywewe! Junipew hab suu many heawt huwties!”

How dare she? He looked everywhere; she couldn’t have been there. She stood him up and had the gall to lie about it. “Dummeh mawe! Nu am twue! Skootah wook ebeweywewe an yuu nu am dewe! Hatchu! Hatchu!”

Unbeknownst to both of them, they were 3 states apart and had gone to different parks. When Juniper received his message she would become inconsolable. She had in fact looked everywhere and felt betrayed by him as well. The nail in the coffin was him saying he hated her which made her so distraught she drowned herself in her water bowl.

Scooter stayed away from the Tablet the rest of the weekend but remained in a state between sad and angry. He spent all his yard time tearing up grass and crushing flowers in the yard. Trisha tried to console him, but she understood childhood heartbreak as well as anyone.

Monday came, and she gave him the choice of tablet or sorry box. He begrudgingly took the tablet and begun playing games and watching videos. His ennui kept him from spending too much time on them. In addition, he was very sexual pent up as an unfixed stallion who had spent a week looking forward to special huggies.

he went over to the message app and dismissed a message which would be Juniper’s suicide note. He scrolled through looking for other mares. He found Mary, “Hewwo dummeh mawe! Wan bestest enfies?” He kept scrolling and started messaging other pretty mares similar messages.

They responded telling him to stop but that only made him more aggressive. “Dummeh mawe nu tawk! Onwy talkie pwace enfies! Take bestest nunu stick!” and the like. He got riled up and horny sending these messages over and over. His nunu stick was half out.

He went over to the video call app and started calling random mares. “Hewwo?” They would ask. Only to be met with his nunu stick and wumps in full frame and more vugar language. They would all hang up immediately and it made him even angrier.

Trisha was too busy with homework when she got home to notice he had gotten more aggressive. The next 3 days she gave him the tablet and left for school. He would immediately began calling mares and showing them his nunu stick and humping the screen.

The sound of a mare screaming at the sight was enough to get his rocks off. He shouted “Guud Feews!” as he glazed the screen. It made it hard to call another mare to harass so he had to lick it clean. This continued for several hours, and he was exhausted by the time Trisha came home. She plugged the tablet in, none the wiser and though Scooter was feeling better. He ate dinner and immediately fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Friday came, and she handed him the tablet as usual before leaving. Scooter clicked on the video call app but was met with a big red X. He dismissed it and tried to click again. X. Again and again he was met by the same message. One he couldn’t read but which read the same every time.

He got frustrated and backed out after too many attempts to count. At least 7. Navigating to FluffTube he clicked and got the same results. Drawing! Messaging! Games! He was locked out.

“Dummeh bwite bocks! Wet Skootah pway ow get sowwy poopies!” He pulled out the nuclear option. He waited a few seconds before attempting a button again. X. That really put him over the edge. He turned around and let out a stream of wet smelly poopies all over the screen. It got everywhere, the seams on the screen, the charge port, even the hard buttons on the edge.

He began trotting around content that he asserted his authority and looked for something to do without the tablet. The ball was the obvious answer but that only kept him occupied for at most an hour. He then looked around more. He was expecting to get more good feels and having been cucked by an EULA, he was enraged.

He went over to the trash can and kicked it over. It was full of paper scraps, and he started ripping them apart immediately. Notebook scraps littered the entire room like confetti. As he dragged them around some trailed in his poop and spread around the floor.

When the pieces were too small for him to tear up any more, he looked for the next thing. He didn’t have any other toys to rip up. He looked at mummahs dresser and tried to pry his way into the bottom drawer.

After a long time he managed to get it open and drag her socks around, stretching them and getting them mixed in with the poop streaks and paper scraps. None of this satisfied the urges in his wumps though.

He looked for anything to relieve that. He went over to the closet and began pushing on the door until it slid sideways. Inside were all of mummah’s shoes, including a pair of uggs. He thought they looked like a poopie colored mare’s behind if you squinted hard enough.

He dragged one out of the closet and mounted it. “Dummeh mawe? Wan bad spechow huggies?” Humping furiously, he continued to fantasize of screaming mares while talking dirty to the shoes. He dismounted with a “Guud Feews!” and repeated the process with the other shoe and went to take a nap.

He was awoken to the sound of Trisha yelling “What The Hell Scooter!?” He flopped out of bed in terror and tried to run and hide but was stopped by a kick to his side before he was scooped up and dropped in the sorry box. It was even more cramped then he remembered as he had grown a bit since he was last inside it.

“Mummah! Skootah am sowwy! Bwite Bocks am bwoken! Nu wisten tu Skootah! Skootah am suu sowwy!” He managed to let out before the lid was slapped in his face and his muffled huhus inside continued.

Trisha spent an hour cleaning everything up and wiping down the tablet. She had to shut it off and wash it in the sink to get the charging ports clean. Fortunately, it was waterproof, and she would power it up tomorrow. Her Uggs were ruined and there was no way to get the stains out, so they made it straight into the trash.

She went back to the sorry box and opened the lid. “Skootah Sowwy Mumm-” smack a sorry stick crossed his muzzle.

“Scooter. That mess was unacceptable. No dinner tonight and you are sleeping in this box.” She sternly laid down his consequences and shut the lid before he could respond. She left to eat dinner and by the time she came back, Scooter had cried himself to sleep.

The next day was Saturday. She left Scooter in the box and ignored his cries. Listening to music as she caught up on the homework she hadn’t done yesterday. By noon she started to feel guilty.

This had been a problem before, and she had left him unsupervised with the tablet. It wasn’t his fault it had broken, and he had already had problems with it last week.

She grabbed him out of the box and apologized to him while taking him to the sink for a bath.

“Dank yuu mummah! Skootah wub smeww gud fwuff! Nu mean tu make wowstest messies!”

She plopped him down on the couch and retrieved the tablet. Turning it on she went to figure out why it had broken. Either it had died, or the app needed updating she was sure.

She powered the tablet on and navigated to the FluffOS app. Everything seemed fine so far. “Scooter, mommah fixed the tablet. Look!” she said as she tapped one of the apps. An X popped up on the screen.

REASON: Sexual Harassment of Other Users

She gasped. This was obviously a mistake, how could a fluffy even sexually harass another fluffy on an app that played videos and games… and a camera.

She quickly checked her email and found a ban notification in her spam folder. There was a detailed log of offenses logged with screenshots of his offending behavior and recordings of his rape threats sent to dozens of random mares.

She was livid. Scooter was such a bad fluffy. She showed the email to her mom, and they agreed to fix Scooter.

Scooter was terrified as he sat in a sorry box in the backseat of the car as they drove him to lose his wumps. In all honestly Trisha didn’t want him anymore at all and voiced it quietly as they drove to the vet.

Mom told Scooter he wasn’t going to the vet after all, and he began to celebrate.

“Yay! Skootah nu wose wumps! Nee wumps fow spechow fwen! Fwuffeh am gu homesies! Wub Mummah suu manies!”

They stopped in front of an old building that was once a library. Fairview Fluffy Shelter. Trisha carried Scooter to the once book return chute, now fluffy surrender chute.

“Dis nu am home? Wewe am Scootah mummah?” She silently opened the chute and dropped him in.

“Nu weave Skootah mummah! Skootah wub mummah! Skootah be gud fwuffeh! Scootah pwomise! Nu! Nu! Nu weab Skootah!” His cries became more desperate as the door closed on him.

He slid down a steel slide into a basket and was processed quickly by the staff inside. They ignored his crying as was common with every surrender. He got shots, a cold, bath, and was neutered. After that, he was despondent and mute. Laying silently in his cage.

One day a man came in with the yellow mare from the park, they were looking for a new housemate for her as she was rather lonely. She recognized Scooter and tried to get his attention, but he ignored her. Eventually they decided to adopt a colt that was only a few weeks old.

A month later, due to an Unadoptable Temperament, Scooter was put down.


Glad Scooter got what was coming to him.


What an incel. Stupid Scooter.




I definitely don’t think something like this belongs in controversial unless those things happened to a human.

Especially considering how hilarious the suicide method Juniper used was.


Human was handling an object unknowingly covered in fluffy cum residue.

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Yeah but that’s just old-fashioned gross. Not really controversial.


Minor note, this behavior wouldnt have developed if he was negligently given a tablet as a babysitter. Tons of kids with ADHD are given electronic devices and exposed to the toxicity of the internet and develop terrible personalities and crippling porn addictions.

There was recently an article that the average IQ in the US has dropped 15 points since 1990 and unrestricted screen time is certainly a major contribution to that.


Fair. Then, I’ve got ADHD and have been online since 1996. I actually find porn distasteful.

But I see what you mean.

Doesn’t mean Scooter wasn’t an incel (something very much created by the Internet.)

Keep in mind that porn addicts existed before the Internet. A guy I knew back in college was very proud to say that all he knew of sex he learned from porn.


Incels existed before the internet. But the social isolation of the internet has helped expand the phenomenon.

Scooter did deserve to be put down in the end but he was very much a product of his environment, neglect by paternal figures


Should’ve named him Christian chandler

Well, I’d argue said cleaning is still preferable to @rapidshipper 's “Stuffed Bread” :disapprove: LOL~


Scooter is a badass.


An interesting story! I’m going to diverge from the other comments a bit and state the real issue here, as is typical, is actually the parents who treated getting a pet for their child as one would giving them a toy- there was no apparent discussion about responsibilities and even when it was obvious early on that the fluffy wasn’t fitting into the young lady’s lifestyle the parents did not offer to rehome Scooter. The parents also failed to properly neuter Scooter early on and that obviously contributed to the situation escalating as it did.

So essentially rather than giving Trisha guidance on the importance of pet ownership and also of the necessity of establishing rules and boundaries, they just dumped the fluffy in her lap and assumed all would work out. Just like she did with the tablet for Scooter, as it turns out. The obvious parallel of parents doing the same with their children ( whether the ‘babysitter’ is a television, computer, phone, tablet, neural interfaced implant etc- )


I think you meant ‘a cold bath’ but its also funny to imagine them deliberately sneezing on the abandoned fluffy as an extra ‘screw you’ to the little jerk.


Emphasis mine.
Notice how, even after socialising with a mare, he persists in using “enfies” instead of “special hugs”. Truely, the crimson rape monster has awakened!

At least there was not the worst case scenario: him contacting humans with less of a grasp of reality than a fluffy ( unlikely, indeed, if it were not for the Net ). The Man / Colt Love Society, say.