Scrubbing Micro’s Extreme brand laundry stain pretreatment. - Interactive Infomercial - By Lothmar

Scrubbing Micro’s Extreme brand laundry stain pretreatment.
(inspired by chat of micro micro etc fluffies.)

“Hi im Dan Rather-Knott. You ever been told not to waste food? Me too. So in an effort to reduce food waste we here at Hasbio have created, ‘Scrubbing Micros~ EXTREME’.” The person in the interview adds holding up a small hand held tube as a closeup of the label and some animation plays.

“Enjoy all your favorite but highly staining foods without a care.” They add setting down the tube on the table and unwrapping a meatball sub as they take a bite and Marinara dribbles onto it. After chewing and swallowing they then turn as a glass of wine is brought out. “Or even your favorite red wines.” They add taking a deep sip as some dribbles down onto their collar and they lift their shirt with their other hand to wipe the trail off their neck.

“And of course, for dessert a Cannoli.” The host adds as if indicating the logical Italian theme as he takes a bite and gets a few dribbles on the lower part of their shirt and then wipes their mouth with the middle.

They then signal the assistant who brings over two boxes of clothing. One with clean clothes of varying nature and delicacy as they begin to use the remnants of the food to provide similar stains to each. “In order to aid our demonstration, we prepared some day-old shirts with similar stains.” They add as the assistant opens the second box and pulls out three various sets of clothing of identical to the fresh stains.

“Now lets get started.” The host adds picking up the small tube again. “Just pop the cap.” They add breaking the seal and letting it breath for a few seconds. “And apply to the stain.” They add twisting the base as a blue nutrigel colored substance is lifted upward and they begin to gently rub it across the various stains.

“Now look up at your monitors to see our Scrubbing micros in action.” The host adds as they turn their back on the audience and look up at the screen behind them as a specialty camera with multiple lenses focuses in from above as it zooms in on the clothing beneath.
In a picture and picture set up an asterix on the screen indicates *The following content has been slowed down for proper observation. * Meanwhile on the main display you watch as the stains vanish of the course of several minutes.

On the picture and picture set up you see tiny fluffies moving along great planes of fabric and thread. Many laugh and play but a good portion in any scene can be seen consuming the mountains of food before them. Scene by scene skips forward in time lapse though and things look slightly more gruesome as the Scrubbing micro’s have consumed almost all of the stains and the nutrient detergent and have become more desperate. The host casts his gaze upward and gives a ‘cut’ motion indicating to cut the feed as the fluffy society has devolved into mostly raiding and cannibalism due to food shortages. The picture in picture vanishes and the stains are gone.

“Wasn’t that amazing, now we just throw these in the wash.” The host adds as the studio audience begins to murmur slightly as the clothes are put in the washer.

“Questions from the audience?” The host adds looking and then gestures. “You there.” As the camera focuses in on them.

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What happens to the fluffies’ um…waste ? Won’t that stain my husband’s shirts too ?


“That’s a good question. The answer is thankfully no. You see this level of micro is considered disposable with a hyper metabolism designed to keep them eating until the stain is gone. This and a lack of an anus leads to an incredibly short life span due to its size and any minimal waste that is produced builds up in their system until the fluffy perishes and is replaced by subsequent generations.” He adds skipping over the fact that as food becomes scarce these corpses are devoured first before living cannibalism is resorted to, the bodies held preserved in the nutrigel detergent. “Any that might survive are drowned in the washing cycle.”


-When they eat nutrigel mixed with alcohol stains, can you observe their following drunk parties?

ooc - will you write a story about a short life of a herd of those nano fluffies?


“We can indeed. Unfortunately not everyone has a camera microscope set up like we do.” He pauses putting his finger to his ear for a moment. “Unfortunately my teams telling me we cant show clips due to age rating on the program.” Drunken fluffies tend to be very accident prone and horny fluffies.

ooc - Nah, started feeling lazy / maybe sick part way through which is why I didn’t go into way more details on the fluffies themselves. Maybe one day but open permission granted to write such a concept. killererik1234 is also writing a ‘smol’ story it seems from the reddit comments so you might have that to look forward. :slight_smile:


So they just starve to death? Or could they get on to my food?


-what about none food stains like paint stain or oil?


“So long as you’re not applying the substance directly to the food or eating where you’re doing laundry you should be fine. It would take them far too long to migrate to another food source. Maybe if it was within a foot or so of the stain~” Dan adds remembering a test where someone applied the compound to their sleeve and continued eating and a splinter herd went for the larger meal and they had to flood the test chamber and decontaminate the test subject.

They had discovered a few loose in the lab after examining the contents of the vacuum however they were all corpse remnants. Containment was holding, for now.

While it was interesting that they’d also consume dead skin, Hasbio would need to make sure to put a disclaimer for people to take a shower or bath if they were experiencing dry skin or itching after using the product.


“While their bodies are equipped to break down such things, we find non edible or toxic substance tend to take at least twice as long as they tend to not be a fan of the taste and premature life spans and limited litters.” He holds up his finger to his ear and indicates that they have a clip.

“Nu wike sticky nummies… Huuu huu~” One fluffy can be seen muscling their way through a glob of tar while a pair in the background are trying to save another by pulling on that fluffies back legs as their front half is submerged in it. They take bites of the detergent substance every few bits to help them break down the substance in their gut.


(Hell I kind of want this product IRL)


( You say that now, but wait till you accidentally apply it to something you’re wearing and familys start making nests in your empty pores, eating dead skin cells etc. Hopefully the dust mites will deal with them before they lurn to tunnel through your upper layers of skin like scabbies. )


(Have you seen the list of ingredients in industrial strength detergent? I will take my chances)


So hypotheticaly, lets say I wanted to get rid of a body, how much of this stuff would I need?

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“This brand is for laundry purposes only.“

“For a large-scale disposal task like that we recommend our Compost Micros Extreme. This series has been genetically engineered with a kill switch to prevent ecological devastation to nearby plant life. Simply plant the perimeter fencing and turn it on and the Compost micros will get to work consuming everything they can inside their world. And when the job is done you hold the reset button down on the perimeter stakes and all Compost Micros within one hundred feet Collapse in on themselves into biodegradable pellets. Just one spray is all you need due to self propagation but additional spritzes will speed up the processing time.”

They proceed to show a video demonstration of a post butchered hog as they squirt a spray bottle a few times around it and then exit the area. The various remains are then observed in fast motion as the bones are picked clean over the course of a few hours. After which the video zooms in on the starving herds of Compost micros at the midst of turning on each other as the signal is sent out and they begin to panic as their bodies reverberate and their limbs and heads collapse into their body which simply topples over into a pellet shaped nugget.

“They will be unable to handle certain material like bone without a little assistance. But if you’re willing to crack them enough or soften them they’d probably finish the job.”

“Stay tuned in the coming month for the unveiling of our Scrubbing micro Septic seafluffy edition.”


My dog tends to eat things with nutrigel. Is this dangerous for him?

Can I use this to clean my fluffy’s behind after a particularly bad case of diaherra?

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Will this be made into a tooth paste?

Can I use this with stuffed animals my fluffy used as enfie toys?

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Only if your dog has an aversion to fluffy meat or the scrubbing micros had previously cleaned something that may be hazardous to your animal to start with such as oil stains. This product was designed for clothing primarily and the wash is there to kill off the micros after. Therefor if accidentally or purposefully exposed to animals it is suggested giving them a bath after as failure to do so may cause dry or itchy skin or irritation following exposure as the scrubbing micros are likely subsisting off dead skin and food particles in your pets coat. If issues continue, please consult a Hasbio vet for further treatment (extermination).

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Maybe not this formula but a similar concept is under development for oral health and to clear toxic poop from the lower intestines of fluffies. After testing we will consider adapting the formula for human trials.

Ineed this will function as a pre-deep treatment for Enfie toys. simply apply to the exterior, or swab a bit onto a que tip and induce to the interior. If the enfie toy is non washable we suggest placing the toy in an air tight ziplock bag. The scrubbing mircos will eventually use up their minimal oxygen after finishing their cleaning job. Leave overnight if you want to be extra certain.