sea fluffies living in a pool part 1 (by Ms_Random)

watching some you tuber clean dirt pools when this idea hit me

part 2 link


The question is if they can clean enough algae faster than their shit causes blooms of it.



uh neat fact.

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The chlorine will probably burn their eyes out of their sockets.


If she’s got a salt water based pool though, they might be fine.

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Doubtful. I think those types of pools are more expensive.

In the first panel, it looks like the water has tadpoles in it though, so perhaps this person just can’t afford to maintain a pool.

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it’s a he not a she . . .

there no chlorine left in the pool as their tadpoles in the pool

their a breed of fluffy at use to fresh water, this breed of sea-fluffy are like gold-fish.

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Isn’t it the pee mixing with the chlorine that burns eyes?
quick less than a minute later edit: Also, that pool probably hasn’t been used in a while…