Seppe’s new friend by (that1hugboxer)

You are Seppe . Mumma has a surprise for you . You close your eyes eagerly waiting for the reveal.

“Alright Meleğim you can open your eyes now!”
(Meleğim means “my angel” a Turkish term of endearment typically used towards a child.)

Standing before you is curry colored fluffy. She has purple eyes and a chocolate brown mane/tail.

“Seppe this is Ayperi . She’s going to be your friend.”

“Hewwo Aypewi , Seppe hab biggest hawt happies. Seppe shawe toysies an bwocksies an gib hugies tu new fwiend!”

Ayperi slinks back as you make eye contact and hides behind mumma sefa.

Mumma bends down and softly speaks to Ayperi as she gently strokes her fluff.

“Shh. It’s ok. Seppe is just a little excited right now. He didn’t mean to scare you.”

An idea pops in your head.

“Wen Seppie am scawed seppe huggie stuffy toysie.”

You run over to your toy bin and get a stuffy toy.

Ayperi looks at you with disbelief as
You trot over and drop your toy at her hooves.

“Mr gowiwah am seppe favewit stuffy toysie. It am Aypewi toysie now.”

Ayperi pokes the toy gorilla with her hoof as if to make sure it’s actually real.

“Aypewi can weawy hab dis !?”

“Ob couwse !”

“Bumpeh fwuffy wike Aypewi?! Bumpeh fwuffy nu be meansie tu Apewi ?!”

Tears began to trickle down Ayperi’s face though she didn’t understand why. As far as Ayperi knew people and fluffies only cried when they were sad , but in this moment she was happy. Confused by her own emotions Ayperi did the only thing she could think of, she hugs you tightly and lets out a series of happy chirps.

This was Ayperi’s first happy memory. Amidst all the neglect and bullying she suffered at the hands of her own parents and siblings , she never considered herself deserving of anything more. Ayperi had never had a kind word spoken to her by another fluffy. The concept of anyone other than a human caring about her was completely alien.


Ok, yeah, Seppe is the best possible fluffy. I love his parents, too. :sparkling_heart: