Shadowfax labs fluf vac by shadowraiden23

Shadow walked into the med bay carrying the labs lastest item - oh hey everyone i barely notice ya there - he yawns a bit - didn’t uh sleep well since … having to deal with a threat to the labs from a fomer employee… - he hands the over to Melissa and leaves the room -

Melissa watched as shadow left - okay item number 56 the fluff vac or abort-a-foal … really guys - she shook her head - is a modified vacuum that has a speical function… of a built in incubator that can house up to 10 foals depending on the mare - Melissa walked over to the mare who is strapped down to table - this was our good fluffy marble… but she broke more than one rule so now she gets to have no babies - her cheerful smile disappear and was replaced by one anger - marble here had hurt her special friend and treated her bestest like a king but now she’s lost any and all chances - the mare glares at Melissa

Not even 5 minutes a tube was shoved into special place - now since marble it strap down it safe to turn on - Melissa flicks a switch and the vacuum sucks out 8 foals fully developed despite marble please to keep them in her tummy - though i told you no - she smacked the mare across her face as the vacuum stops - now we recommend having the mares laying down and strapped down mostly for safety measures but if your a abuser … then why the F@#$% do ya own a fluffy ? - Melissa sighs - any way this mare is gonna be pilled hanged and forced to watch her bestest babeh freeze in the wind tunnel ~ … any way see ya layer


Experiment idea, how much trauma can a fluffy take before they regress to a chirpy baby and for how long will the regression last? An hour, a day, or the rest of the fluffy’s life.

Another idea, milk be gone, give it to a mother fluffy or soon mama so they stop producing or never produce milk. Does a mare have a favorite and is negligent to her other foals give her some and her realize that she can’t even do the most important thing she has to do, FEED HER BABYS.

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I’ll consider theses ones