SHAME by FwuffySadist666

No, I’m just terrible at it, and could stand to learn. I’m a visual learner.


You know this gives me a good idea. Take the fluffy and pillow and shave it. Make sure it has no open wounds. Now you tie it to a stick like this but the fluffy is inside of a plastic bag or a little suit made to be about its size. So as you feed it and it grows the waste builds up in the bag all around it but it cant get out of the bag. You might even leave a little bit of stumps for its legs to watch it wiggle and writhe in the bag. The collar is tight but not too tight so it keeps the poop and some of the stink in. The fluffy grows up swimming in its own waste while fluffies mock it.


Awwww is fatty gonna cry? Well she’s getting exactly what she’s deserve for being such a brat.

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