Sharing a Bite by Mikahorsie

Here we see a rare interaction. a Moopsy sharing a meal with a peculiar species …

All while the fluffy SCREEE


When i first saw a Moopsy from Lower Decks an albino Jellenhimer was all I saw.


It would have to be leucistic since it has black eyes.

I thought of this guy: /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Hell, this image qualifies as Jellenheimer levels of creepy face. kyuubee mahou shoujo madoka magica | - Anime Wallpapers

Aww, How romantic <3

And then they mated and from their unholy union spawned a new race of creatures destined to become the terrors in the night that feral mares told stories of when they needed to scare unruly foals straight. And among hugboxers and abusers alike the enigmatic beings quickly entered the realm of urban legends.

Aww… So romantic. :heart: