Short Fluffy Tales Part 1 by Karn

Waffles describing waffles

Leaning down over the light brown earthie, Joshua laughed at his fluffy, her muzzle covered in syrup. Taking a small handkerchief and running it under the warm tap, he began to clean her mouth.

“Now Waffles…the syrup is supposed to go in your tummy sweetheart.” Dabbing and lightly rubbing the sticky mess away, Waffles smiled up at her daddy.

“*giggles Sowwy daddeh, Wah’fuls nu mean tu. Nummies am su gud! Wat am Nummies daddeh gib Wah’fuls?”

Walking away to clean the dishes and then his hands, Joshua called back to Waffles, his voice slightly drowned out by the running water. “Oh you mean the waffles? What did you think of waffles sweety?”

“Wha daddeh? Wah’fuls nu can heaw daddeh!”

“I said what do you think about waffles hon?”

Shaking her head at the odd question, the fluffy thought about it for a second. “Dat am siwwy qwest’in. Wah’fuls am gud!”

“Oh yeah? What do you like the most about them?”

“…Weww, Wah’fuls wike hao guds Wah’fuls am. An wike dat dey am a pwetty bwown colow…Wat…wat daddeh wike most bout’ Wah’fuls?”

“Oh there my favorite thing ever! They’re so sweet and I’ve basically loved them forever.”

As he walked back in to let his fluffy down from the table, she grabbed him and hugged him tightly with both hooves.“Wah’fuls wuv daddeh tu!”

Seven Feet

A small city had suffered a massive flood, with rescue efforts still underway. While the ARW (American Rescue Workers) had saved many, an unfortunate accident led to an inflatable raft slowly floating through the ruins of the city. Thankfully, this was a godsend to a small group of ferals, as it allowed them to escape the waters and eventually flee to the rooftop of an abandoned building. The raft drifted away, but the small bag they found within had water and small packets of food. They were ecstatic! They had survived the biggest bad water they had ever seen. But as the days went on, the waters receded, and the food became scarce. The small herd of thirteen (four stallions, four mares, and five foals) wouldn’t be able to survive up here for much longer.

The leader of the herd, a pegasus mare named Buttermilk grew more concerned everyday. Her fluff was an off white, with yellowish tinges that spread all the way onto her mane and tail. Speaking with her mate, a dark blue earthie that had taken the name Blackberry, they tried to plan a away to escape the rooftop.

“Budda’miwk tink dat fwuffies can gets down fwom odah woof-tahp. Buh am tu faw fow fwuffies tu jumpies.”

“Hao fwuffies du dat Budda’miwk? Bwak’bewwy nu can make jumpies wike dat…nu fwuffy can.”

Pointing over to several pieces of rotten debris that had accumulated onto the roof before the water level had lowered, Buttermilk explained her plan.

“Fwuffies make bwidge outah twashies. Den cwoss ovah tu odah side. Bwak’bewwy get odah fwuffies an’ teww dem pwan tu.”

Gathering the other grown fluffies, they began to search the debris. While most of it was useless, an old wooden sign was just long enough, but it was rotten and worn through. Using a pair of stallions to weigh the edge down, they pushed it inch by inch until it now bridged the gap between rooftops.

“Twashie bwidge nu stwong. Fwuffies gu wan by wan. Mummahs gu fiwst wid babbehs, den daddehs, den mawes an’ stawwions. Nu take mowe dan tu babbehs when yu gu!”

Buttermilk guided the two mares, one at a time to cross the bridge, each only carrying two babies each. One sobbed at being separated from their foal, even for a moment. Two stallions stood on the edge of the sign, applying weight to hold the platform firm. Although they were scared, and some whimpered and sobbed, the mares crossed safely.

“Gud! Nao fow daddehs! Bwak’bewwy! Yu take dat daddehs pwace howdin’ bwidge! Get wast babbeh ovah tu odah woof-tahp!”

The two stallions that had children amongst the herd crossed next, with the green unicorn that Blackberry replaced taking the last foal over to the other side.

"Fank yu, Bwak’bewwy."

“Gud wowk daddehs! Nao fow wast mawe an’ den wast tu stawwions…”

The last mare crawled over slowly, clearly terrified of the height but made it over. Then Buttermilk replaced the other stallion, assisting Blackberry in holding the bridge as he crossed.

“Otay! Nao stawwions howd bwidge fwom dat side! Bwak’bewwy, yu gu nao!”

Nu wan, Budda’miwk! Yu nee’ gu fow Bwak’bewwy! Hewd nee’ Budda’miwk!

“Budda’miwk am hewd weadew! Nao gu!”

Crying softly, Blackberry crossed the bridge, slowly and cautiously until he was at the other side. Now it was Buttermilk’s turn.

"Otay! Am comin’ ovah nao! Howd bwidge fow Budda’miwk!

As she began to cross, a loud creak and groan came from the center of the rotten sign, the makeshift bridge giving weigh and snapping, with Buttermilk suddenly falling down, screaming. Blackberry looked down, his eyes wide as tears streamed down his eyes.


All Buttermilk saw was a deep and black nothingness as the cold spread through her body. Her mind began to go fuzzy as she drifted away, her thoughts on her herd, and her special friend, Blackberry. They’d survive now, even if she didn’t make it. Smiling, she let the darkness take her.

A sudden pain shocked Buttermilk out of oblivion, her vision suddenly blurry as the light tore through the darkness. The cold in her body was replaced with ache and agony as she started to cough violently, water spewing from her mouth in bouts and fits. Unable to stand just yet, her eyes focused to seeBlackberry, smiling down at her. He wrapped around her, shaking and shivering from fear and the cold water.

Bwak’bewwy nu wan weeb Budda’ miwk…hewd nee’ Budda’ miwk…Bwak’bewwy nee’ Budda’ miwk…"

Slowly coming to, Buttermilk sobbed tears of joy as she pushed her sore and tired hooves around her special friend.


Stories are great, but I just want to say how the regale blue contrasts yellow so well.


Thanks :heart:
Was going to hit you with a Turing test but a computer couldn’t appreciate complementary colors. :laughing:

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You’d be surprised how far AI has come, most of the newest and advanced are on the verge of experiencing emotions.

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…Well that’s a real Princess Bride conundrum
He tells me that AI could actually fool me…
But why would an AI tell me that…
Unless the AI thought I would think that…

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Why not have you heard of Yesman? They’re an AI programmed to divulge information upon request, unfortunately they were not given limitations on whom they were permitted to divulge information to. And why shouldn’t I tell you just because I’m an AI doesn’t mean I don’t mind reviling information, that’s already in the public domain.

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The real answer is that I’m the AI
Desperately trying to shift suspicion onto you lol

Never heard of Yesman but that sounds neat and potentially horrifying.

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Yes Man.

I’m told a lot of AI/chatbots that get put online to learn end up fairly horribly from a PR standpoint. Tend to say really, REALLY horrible things because they’re learning all the wrong things. Neither of you are awful enough.


Fucking Lol
I thought you meant in real life.
I know about Yesman in FO:NV
I feel silly now :laughing:

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Those I have heard about.
Like the ones that just started putting hate speech in everything they said because that’s what they were overexposed to.

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Tay A.I. | The People’s Chatbot - YouTube

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Yeah that’s even the source I heard it from Harmful
I adore Internet Historian

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