Si (nessie)


Sale un oso y adiós fluffy y solo queda el bebé popo XD


(terrible translation: by me)

little babies’ bestest momma found new big housie!
this is the best house for mom and babies! mom doesnt need the stupid special friend to take care of us!

(bebbeh on back) new house? bestest baby likes it alot!

(orange bebbeh) its very dark, momma, bebbeh afraid.

(green snitch bebbeh) little brothers dont leave mama!

blue bebbeh: stupid grass is a stupid nummi

teal bebbe: (edited) hhhmmmm babbeh need cwimb to am bestie babbeh. (thx fox!)


Hola/hello, el último sería más bien/ the last one is saying: hhhmmmm babbeh need cwimb to am bestie babbeh.


Odio al azulito


My Spanish is so rough, but im getting the hang of it. Theres so many great stories from Spanish language creators.

Mi español es muy difícil, pero lo estoy mejorando y aprendiendo. Hay tantas historias geniales de creadores en español.


Funny how the English speaking users here can use Google to translate a comic but the original writers won’t.


Ah, the fun part is to imagine what comes next

I wouldn’t even mind if they dumped the original Spanish when uploading. Like, Spanish that isn’t baby talk because that’s really hard to translate.


its a three part translation both directions. Spanish language fluffy enthusiasts have their own tropes and almost greek theatre style cast of characters. its a niche fandom inside the niche fandom inside the niche fandom.

My gf also suspects that the different Spanish language creators are incorporating their own dialects into the way fluffies speak, which is an added layer off frustrating while translating.

the spanish language creators dont owe us an easier to translate transcription, any more than english creators owe easier to google transcripts to them. really putting the ‘favor’ in por favor, lol.

and after thirty minutes of parsing what the dialogue says, its really good shit. :joy::sob:.


Lo unico malo es que hay pocos creadores en español recien se esta formado la comunidad en latinoamerica

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¡Pues sí! ¿No sería divertido si toda la comunidad se volviera bilingüe para facilitar asesinatos de animals de peluche juntos?

True! wouldn’t it be funny if a whole community became bilingual so we could murder stuffed animals together?


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It’s not exactly hard to tell where Google fucked it up. Also, DeepL and a dictionary does wonders. Most of these words are children level - remember, it’s fluffies - still childlike in Spanish!

Yeah, there’s some obvious stuff like l/w in English version of fluffy speak, and d/r and so one for Spanish.

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Me suena a que no van a salir de allí xD

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Mejor dejemoslo en fluffys XD espero pronto hayan mas artistas en español y podamos ser toda una comunidad unida

A little too late but for non-spanish speakers here you go:

Bestest fluffy mummah: Babbehs wook! Besses(bestest) mummah foun’ nyu, wawm, nesty!!! It am biiig too!

It am be besses housies fow babbehs an’ mummah!

Mummah nuu nee’ stupi’ speshul fwien to wuv babbehs.

Bestest babbeh: ohhh nyu housie? Besses babbeh wuvs!

Not-bestest babbeh: ohhh so scawedy, mummah, babeh nu wike nyu nesty…

Green colored babbeh: bwuddas! Nu go way fwom mummah!!

Teal babbeh: nee giv upsies to be bestest babbeh!!

Blue colored babbeh: ugwy gwassy nunmies, nu good nummies!!!

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