Sketches and a question ... [Art by: Le_Saturna]

Hewwo! SO… I’m not specially talkative, but I really want to share the announcement of a couple of comics. And I want to ask…

Is too weird/bad use character development for a fluffy story or human oc???

I really want to do it, but I feel a little insecure about that…


There is no way in which it is weird or bad. Actually, it is very welcome. We’ll be glad to see what you will create.

Btw, your art is really cool and pretty.


Do whatever you wish, there’s not suppose to be any limitations to your creativity here; as long as it’s fluffy related and not against the rules.

If you can write it well, people’s complaints can only be subjective. If it’s written poorly, most people aren’t dicks and offer advice. And if people are being rude or mean, the community in general will tell them to get lost.

Don’t be worried or insecure, enjoy the community to its fullest by doing what makes you happy!


this community has no compass. it literally is chaotic neutral.


The site is an accepting bundle of chaos. Do what you wanna do! Go ham! If you’re not vegetarian, eat ham as well!


You’re more than welcome to.

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Eliminate neutral, this place is just chaos everywhere

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My goodness, with your style?! I’d love to see that! I’m curious what you’re gonna write :smiley:

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