Sketti Mummah? (by Booperino)


Translator: (“And remember fluffies, if the mares don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!”)


That took an interesting turn. I love it

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Or simply “fwuffies am fo’ huggies an’ wub!”

It’s quite obvious (even for a fluffy, unless they have some psychological flaw/are abused into doing so) that getting eaten/hurt/raped is not a good thing. Moreso, because being eaten and raped both include getting hurt, so even if they didn’t know the exact definition, they’d still know it’s bad.

If you don’t go down the “programming” route, it might simply be instinct. Just like eels know that they have to go fuck off in the ocean at some point, despite never having seen it, fluffies know that they are supposedly for hugs and love, babies even moreso due to their fragility and cuteness.


But isn’t instinct just natural brain programming? :troll:



So cute! I always thought a cold-blooded reptile would enjoy a warm hug-happy fluffy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If snakes are sketti munstahs and I’ve seen spiders be weggy munstahs, I presume a centipede would be a weggy-sketti munstah - would my ferrets be meowy-sketti munstahs (catsnakes)?

Ohhhh i love sketti mama and her little Hiss!!