“Skettieland está, donde tu estas” Chapter 2 (ENG/ESP)—Original story written by Frantti Davila Heredia — Translated by Larur——Adaptation and Art: Inshi.

English version, Chapter 2

Version Español, Capitulo 2

Chapter 1 Here
Capitulo 1 Aquí

Story created by Frantti Davila Heredia published in the fluffyposteo community in Spanish
the original story is available only in Spanish Here

Project in progress

Historia creada por Frantti Davila Heredia publicada en la comunidad de fluffyposteo en español
la historia original esta disponible solo en español Aquí

Proyecto en progreso


Beautiful, I love the Salt Bae reference. Also, is that a jellenheimer?


Absolutely phenomenal


So brutal. I love your work.

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Can’t for chapter 3. That bitch mare was so defiant, even after losing her legs and being whipped serval times. Well, I wish him and the remaining foals the best.


nothing says brotherly love as immediately torturing and destroying hald of the fluffies he brings you due to unresolved anger and ptsd.


Wow a blood eagle that guy must of done some reading

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At least he’s taking care of the remaining foals.

To be fair, the brother gave him a bitch mare, smarty, and spoiled foal. If anything, the brother is an asshole for giving him maladjusted fluffies to begin with.


This is the most metal thing I’ve seen in a while.


I hope the illustrator and Larur keep working on this, it’s a great three-way effort.


Nice story.

Also the mare and the stupid foal get what they deserves.

Imagine the best survived some how ( I wouldn’t have a fucking clue how ) and comes back without a memory and can talk like a person

I know it’s almost a year later now but I really hope this will be continued at some point.


I love it when bad mares and the favorite baby get punished.

Muy buena obra de arte me encanta tus comics me pasaré por tu patreon a donar!

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Me encanta tu trabajo bro XD

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Part 3 is going to be epic if the first 2 are anything to go by

Fucking blood eagle. This is amazing!

Arte puro y duro